Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 15

2.7 - Mr. Owens, it's great to see you again

Xue Ling had never cared much about the passage of time, but watching the little tot that originally only reached up to his thighs grow up little by little, now reaching his waist, he suddenly understood what it meant to say that time flies.

But the speed at which Wen Mo is growing up is markedly different from the development of his speech…

Over the past two years, regardless of wind or rain, Xue Ling has taken Wen Mo to a psychiatrist’s clinic once every two weeks. Wen Mo’s resistance to the outside world has gradually decreased with the treatment and his family's care. Although he still likes to immerse himself wholly in music and block out the world, at least he has no problems communicating with others.

It’s just he really does not to talk.

At first, the doctor made it clear that his symptoms were somewhat serious, suggesting that Xue Ling pay particular attention to him. It was best if he could accompany him every day and provide him with him a sense of security so that he would not become even more disgusted with the world and continue to close in on himself.

Although Xue Ling was busy with starting a business and making money, he still took time to accompany him, leading to the discovery of Wen Mo's musical talent.

Compared with his mother’s talent for painting, he seemed to be more suitable for music. Through music, he can smoothly convey his difficult to express feelings to the people around him.

Wen Xiuting cried for a long time after listening to one of his songs, and Xue Ling had to spend most of a day to coax her before she calmed down. But this incident also finally allowed her to put down her worries about her son.

Now, to their relief, the child was like a miniature adult. He looked incredibly cute as he sat primly on the sofa reading music scores.

“Little Mo.” Doctor Walter pulled back her long blond hair and said softly to the boy that was sitting on the couch waiting for his uncle, “Your uncle said he’ll be delayed. Something came up, so he asked you to wait a while here first.” She gave off a gentle feeling when she smiled, lowering the defenses of the children who come here for treatment, but this advantage has never been useful with Wen Mo. If you want to see this miniature adult smile, it's more effective to tease his uncle than to tease him. “Would you like something to eat? I have some small pastries here.”

Wen Mo’s eyes moved away from his music score. Today was the day for his scheduled psychotherapy session. His uncle had to leave because of unexpected circumstances after he brought him over, and he has been waiting here since. “I’ll just keep waiting. You don’t need to worry about me, Dr. Walter.”

Doctor Walter shrugged her shoulders, “Okay little one, since you insist. I’ll keep the delicious pastries for the little girl.”

Because her appointment schedule was full, there will soon be another little guest here, and she won't have time to look out for this child.

But, she knew that she didn’t need to worry. He would be fine as long as she gave him a place to sit down. Based on her two years' acquaintance with Wen Mo, he was not very close to anyone except his uncle.

Even his biological mother always seemed a little restrained around him.

This child could really take care of himself.

The clinic is located in a garden-style villa. The doorbell rang just as Dr. Walter was setting out the snacks.

She had just poured a glass of juice when the assistant brought in the guests.

In fact, this little child has no psychological problems, but her family was worried because she is too clever and well behaved. So, they sent her over every now and then for a session just in case.

Dr. Walter was always happy to entertain her as the child was truly lovely. Every time the little princess came, she would make some cakes one day ahead of and prepare afternoon tea.

Today, they were punctual as usual. Doctor Walter had a smile on her lips as she went to greet the child, but unexpectedly found herself looking at a serious, imposing face.

Her movements stilled for a second, smile disappearing, and she politely greeted “Mr. Owens, long time no see.”

Mr. Cole Owens nodded, then patted the little girl asleep in his arms. “Elaine was out late last night with her uncle and didn't want to wake up from her afternoon nap, so I sent her over directly.”

Doctor Walter's lips twitched, thinking that he too was soft hearted, unwilling towake her up and bringing her over in his arms. “That’s all right. We just chat every time she comes, it's fine to let her rest a little longer.”

Cole’s eyes moved and fell on Wen Mo who was sitting there quietly reading.

Dr. Walter invited him to sit and explained, “Something came up with the boy’s uncle and he’ll pick him up later, so he's here to wait a while.”

Hearing voices, Wen Mo raised his head briefly to look at the man sitting next to him. His eyes were indifferent, though his expression was mild. He wrinkled his brows slightly, seeming to not appreciate others coming near unprovoked.

Mr. Cole was aware of his resistance and quietly moved a little further away, giving him more personal space.

He is just like his uncle, if he gets just a little closer he will be unhappy, frowning and disdainful.

A small head popped out of his arms.

The little girl latched onto his arm, blinked her big black eyes and looked at the little boy that was not far away from her. When she met with black eyes that looked like hers, she seemed surprised, but still gave him a smile.

She was a lovely little girl, very young at just three or four years old, wearing a light purple skirt, black shoulder length hair, face soft, when she smiles, there are two cute dimples in the corners of her mouth. Her best feature are her eyes, watery, dark, like the pupils of a cat, if she was a little older, the corners of her eyes were wider..

She probably would look a lot like a certain person.

Wen Mo subconsciously returned the little girl's smile, thoughts somewhat distracted as he wonders why she looks so familiar…

Seeing his smile, the little girl’s eyes lit up, struggling to get down from the man's arms and tugging on his hand. “Dear Cole, can you let me down to talk to this big brother?"

Cole had been watching their movements all this time. He wordlessly looked at Wen Mo, bowed his head and kissed the little girl on the forehead before putting her down. "Fine, go play.”

Xue Ling is driving over to pick up his little nephew. Earlier, he had rushed back to the company because of a technical failure. At a red light, he received a phone call from his sister.

Pulling over, Xue Ling took out the phone and called her back, rubbing his forehead in a tired gesture, “Sister, did you need me for something?”

“Little Yuan, did you pick up Xiao Mo? I just came back from the supermarket. Let’s eat at home tonight." Wen Xiuting’s voice came over the phone, her smile obvious. Two years has been enough for her to get over her failed marriage and fall in love again.

Recently, she has met a new boyfriend, and they seem very sweet together. She had previously mentioned that she wanted to bring him home to meet Xue Ling – it sounds like tonight is the night.

“Sounds good, do you need me to bring anything back?”

“No, I’ve bought it all.”

“Okay, is sister going to give me and Xiao Mo a surprise?”

He missed the faint blush that appeared on Wen Xiuting's face at these words. “If you’ve already guessed, how can it be a surprise?”

“Although it’s been more than a year since you two have formally been together, it’s still the first time I'm meeting him. I should prepare properly. It wouldn't be good if I let my sister lose face."

“It doesn’t matter. He wouldn't care either.” Wen Xiuting stopped talking, as if someone was speaking to her on the side. After a while, her voice came back. “The good news is that since his brother and niece are also in Country M today, our two families can also meet formally.”

Xue Ling was silent for a moment before making a sound of acknowledgement.

Dr. Walter's clinic was in the suburbs. Xue Ling arrived at 3 p.m., two hours late. He unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car, discovering that there was another car in the garage – an expensive one that seemed somewhat familiar.

Remembering the plans for a cooperation that were finalized this morning, Xue Ling felt a bit battered and abused. He patted his forehead, deeply feeling that life was really very difficult.

Although he has lived for a long time, it is his first time running a company on his own. From choosing what industry to develop in, to recruiting, he had to struggle constantly from the startup phase through many ups and downs. Now, he has reached a point where he can discuss cooperation plans with international conglomerates.

As long as the capital injection goes smoothly, the future of his company will be bright, and his plan of returning to their home country to destroy Xu Yongyi can naturally begin.

Loosening his tie, Xue Ling rang the doorbell, somewhat distracted as he thought about why such a big company would give this opportunity to a small one like his…

Although it was obvious that the other party had been watching him for two years, he had never understood what why. Xue Ling always found that he somehow could not see through that person's intentions.

The assistant opened the door and Xue Ling greeted her with a smile, making her blush and even lose her balance a bit as she walked forward.

Although she is a familiar with this guest, she can’t help being weak-kneed whenever he lifts his eyes and smiles at her, wanting to kneel down and lick his boots! (〒_〒)

How could anyone look so good! It's criminal!

It was winter, but the interior was cozy and warm. When Xue Ling passed through the entrance, he heard laughter in the room and felt a touch of surprise that the children who came to see Dr. Walter could laugh so happily.

He thought that they would all be like his own Wen Mo, acting quiet and serious like a little adult all day long. He really doesn't know where he got it from.

Entering the living room, Xue Ling narrowed his eyes.

There was a thick rug on the floor. Wen Mo was seated in the middle, accompanying a little girl to play with a helpless look on his face. The little girl used one hand to place a cup of tea in Wen Mo's hand while the other hand held a cookie directly to Wen Mo's mouth, smiling as she asked, “Elder brother, do you really not like it? It's very delicious and sweet."

Elaine is just like her adoptive father and loves sweet things. Fortunately, they are strict at home and only let her have a small amount every day. She couldn’t understand how anyone could not like sweets at all.

Wen Mo simply did not like sweet things…

Really didn't like them…

His face was stiff, but he didn't dare to reject the little girl out of fear that he would make her cry because of his negative words. For a while, he was really at a loss. His face was still a bit dignified, as if that piece of cookie was **.

The man’s voice was very low and even, speaking to the little girl, “Honey, just because you like it doesn't mean that elder brother will like it. You can’t force others to like the same thing as you do, it’s very impolite.”

The little girl nodded, looked up and saw Xue Ling standing at the door of the living room.

That pair of big black eyes shone brightly.

“Cole!” She exclaimed in some surprise, “It's a beautiful big elder brother! Just like me!"

Her words were a bit unclear, but Xue Ling knew exactly what she meant.

The little girl in front of him is very similar to him in appearance. If he hadn’t been very clear about this body's original owner's life story and his own actions these past years, he would have wondered whether it was his flesh and blood.

He can be absolutely certain that this is not his daughter, but that means…

Xue Ling shifted his eyes to the man sitting on the sofa.

He was still dressed up in the same suit he wore to their meeting this morning, hair combed back neatly. Every movement could have come out of a gentleman’s textbook and could only be described 'noble' and 'upper class'.

It’s just…

Xue Ling opened his mouth to say, “Mr. Owens, it's great to see you again.”

The man’s eyes seemed very casual as they turned in his direction. He nodded slightly and replied, “Hello.”

Merry Christmas!

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