Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 2

1.2 – This calculating look… is it still our Gongzi?

“Approximately where in timeline are we now?” Despite extreme dislike of the system’s appearance, Xue Ling’s priority is still his tails, so for things like his tasks, he still has to complete them well.

“Uh…” The system wrapped arms around its head at the foot of the bed, looked it up and said timidly, “The bad news is that your jade token has been handed over to the protagonist. The good news is that he has just left. If you hurry now, you can go to the capital to expose him before the imperial examination begins.”

Xue Ling stretched out his palm and stared at his five pale fingers. Probably due to writing all the time, the fingers have calluses. It seemed that the original owner had an inexplicable attachment to studying and the imperial examination. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s good news or bad news, there is something that can be done at every time period. This story is so full of plot holes, there are many places where we can catch a ‘bug’.”

The system pulled its ears and looked over at Xue Ling. Seeing his slightly upturned lips, it trembled a little without knowing why.

Inexplicably, it wants to light candles for the protagonist that they haven’t yet met.

“Speaking of which…” The system raises some strange questions. “Host, are you surprised? This is a *** novel. The two protagonists are both men… ”

“Have seen a lot, don’t feel anything.” Xue Ling obviously didn’t want to talk about it at all. He put the fox next to his pillow and lay down directly. “Although physical fitness has been improved, this body is still very bad, we should take full advantage of any resting opportunity.”

“Eh!” The system is very puzzled. “Host, why aren’t you thinking about how to deal with the protagonist? Once he is brought to the general’s golden thigh, you will not be able to beat him with your little body!”

“This is not a fight, use your brain.” For a long time he had no body, even sleeping makes Xue Ling feel very good. “He is now holding the identity of a young master, mixing well and prospering. To attack some people, we must first let them stand high.”

“Oh… So host you are raising the difficulty for yourself?”

“Let’s take it as it goes.” Xue Ling stretched. “Anyway, the protagonist’s name is not real, and his ability is not that good, as long as anyone checks they will know what’s going on, I don’t want to waste this brainpower.”

“…” The system found itself speechless.

This is not right, host, isn’t your attitude too casual? Who are we dealing with?!

Xue Ling turned over, narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Anyway, it will take me a long time to get my body cultivated again. Now that I have this free body. I want to enjoy it first.”

System: “…”

Such a host… Can you really accomplish the task?!

When the boy opened the door the next morning to help his young master wash, he saw a young man who was ready to go. He was a little muddled for a while and didn’t know what was going on at all. From young, the young master always gets up late because of his body. He sleeps more in the daytime and has insomnia at night, so he will sleep later in the morning.

The little apprentice always told himself to do well every day, but today he feels very frustrated.

He lowered his head and called out, “Little Master.”

The young master’s in extraordinary good spirits today, the blue clothes that had not been worn for a long time were on his body, unusually elegant, just slightly looked at him made the little bookboy blush. “How did you get up so early? And didn’t even wait for me to help freshen up.”

Soon after Xue Ling got up, he took a look at this young master’s body. He found that it was unexpectedly good.

After all, this is the child of a literary family, at the first sight he gives people the feeling of a small white face, coupled with weak and delicate appearance, just standing there looks exactly like a small white lotus, or a pure, naturally harmless type.

Unfortunately, his eyes were out of tune with this cowardly look. Fox eyes are a little narrower than a phoenix’s, but strangely, his eyes were not small. There was a small mole in the corners of his eyes, curly eyelashes, when slightly hooded, it is simply irresistible.

Xue Ling touched the blurry bronze mirror and stared at the reflection, asking the system. “What’s with these eyes and mole?”

The system followed in looking at his face, and though it had been seen by the time the host woke up yesterday, it still felt that it was very amazing. “This is the decision of the Ten Directions World, in order to prevent the host from getting lost in the world, after all, you are living as another person, it is easy to become a stranger. This is your eyes and your mole… ”

“What about the people in this world? Anyone who has seen this body before will wonder if I have changed my eyes? ”

“They will not perceive it.” The system is still confident on this point. Although they are faced with the son of luck, as the protagonist of a low-level world, he has not broken the bonds of the Ten Directions World, so the Ten Directions World can make changes the people of this world will not be aware of. “But you cannot be too seriously OOC…”

The two were still talking, when the little book boy pushed the door open and came in.

Xue Ling stretched out his hand and touched his eyes. He turned and looked at the little book boy. “Xiao Qing, tidy up, let’s go to the capital.”

“Ah!” The little bookboy’s hand that was holding breakfast shook a little. He immediately put his things aside and trotted his disapproving face towards Xue Ling. “Young master! Your body just got better, you need to rest well. Ah Xu has already gone to the capital. He will bring the general to pick up the young master! ”

Xue Ling shook his hand off his sleeve and sighed softly, “Xiao Qing, I’m not a young master anymore.”

The little bookboy was just blaming himself for his actions, and his face flushed at the words: “Even if the old man and his wife are gone, in the eyes of Xiao Qing, the young master is the young master! ”

Xue Ling finally knew why Xiao Qing ultimately died. Such a silly child should live in ease and comfort, and have his own life.

Xue Ling reached out and patted Xiao Qing on the head. For the sake of your loyalty to the original owner of this body, I’ll bring you along.

“I am no longer a young master who has nothing to do but read every day.” Xue Ling’s face was serious. When he looks down slightly, that type of weak and fragile look makes others can’t help but hold the whole world in front of him to make him not be so sad. “Having been so sick, I understand that any thing I wish to do, is better done by myself. Waiting here for the general, if the general did not come, wouldn’t I miss the imperial examination?”

The little book boy was shocked silly by his words, he did not know how to refute it.

It’s reasonable for the young master to say so… There seems to be nothing wrong with it.

“Xiao Qing, from now on, address me as gongzi.” Xue Ling opened the door, and the sun outside came in. This dull room seems to have regained a new life. “I am no longer a young master who has been sheltered from the wind and rain. Everything in Duan family will be dealt with by me in the future.”

Duan Qian, the original body owner, was always modest and respectful. But Xue Ling is not a modest person, he was born with a showy character. Perhaps it was because of this attention drawing behaviour that he would be reduced to such a level, but obviously Xue Ling does not feel that it is wrong.

Xiao Qing was somewhat brainwashed by the words of their young master. He nodded his head and said, “Yes! Gongzi! I’ll go pack up! ”

Xue Ling gave Xiao Qing a deep look. In fact, if one really is a person that has been associating together for a long time, Xue Ling’s character change can be seen at a glance, but after all, he is a backstage cannon fodder. If the whole world revolved and changed around his abnormality, even larger changes would be taken for granted.

After asking Xiao Qing to take out the remaining silver, Xue Ling checked the bill, he had been sick, and had been drinking medicines were originally been brewed at home. He had not yet been sick to the level of needing to see a doctor again, so the trip to the capital will be different from the original Duan Qian’s penniless walk.

This body’s health is not good, not suitable for riding, so Xue Ling crossed out any plans to ride, and had the system calculate the time. If he buys a good carriage and travelled day and night, they can arrive in time for the exam.

As long as he can enter the exam room, with this body’s level of education, Xue Ling believes that he will be able to do well, so it is better to spend the money when it should be spent.

After packing up the baggage, he had Xiao Qing buy a good carriage and prepare some simple cheap dry food. Xue Ling then embarked on the road to the capital.

When he was young, he spent time living in ancient times. He was a rare genius who could change appearance at a young age. When he was idle, he often went exploring the streets, and so he knew some things about the ancient living environment, and he felt no pressure adapting.

But the little bookboy was frightened all the way, fearing that such an uninterrupted day and night journey would fatigue his gongzi’s body.

Although not broken, but when they arrived at the capital, Xue Ling really feel exhausted in body, and needed to recover.

Because the imperial examinations were approaching, there were many people coming and going in and out of the capital. Xue Ling and Xiao Qing found an inn to live in randomly, and they had no intention to catch anyone’s eye before the imperial examinations.

Xiao Qing wondered why his gongzi didn’t go to the General’s Palace, but when they were sitting in the lobby waiting for Xue Ling to eat, they heard some gossip.

It is said that in the General’s Palace recently came in a beautiful young man, elegant and polished, he wrote an astonishing saga, and has been awarded a grand secretary’s prize.

The pub and ordinary inns are absolutely good places to hear news. Xue Ling just sat down and collected all the information he wanted to know while Xiao Qing’s face gradually turned black. Finally he just closed the door of the room and said to Xue Ling, “Gongzi, why are you holding me back? The man they are talking about is A Xu! Did you read that poem just now? Didn’t you write it last year? You don’t feel that it was well written, so you told A Xu to burn it! How can it be A Xu’s poem now? ”

Xue Ling was a little disapproving. He even used it as an example to Xiao Qing: “Xiao Qing, you see, if we hadn’t come to the capital and were still waiting for the general to bring us here, we probably wouldn’t know anything.”

Xiao Qing was so angry at his gongzi’s attitude that he almost laughed. He blushed, and finally only said, “Duan Xuyang that guy! What does he think he is! ”

Duan Xuyang is one of the protagonists of this book, or to be precise, he is the shou of the novel. Although the name seems a little ordinary, but it is a good description of his sunny appearance, coupled with his the novel’s description of him as a little poplar, readers still liked the name.

On the contrary, Xue Ling strongly dislikes it. “Uh huh, he’s not any thing. Don’t be angry, Xiao Qing.”

Recently, his gongzi’s character has changed a lot, not always cold all day or with a face filled with grief. He is often smiling at him, and the little boy is bolder, daring to talk to Xue Ling. “Gongzi, let’s go to the general and expose Duan Xuyang this asshole! ”

Xue Ling patted his head and said, “let’s leave it for the time being.”

Xiao Qing could not hold back this anger. He looked at Xue Ling and his eyes were red. “Gongzi…”

Xue Ling pinched his little round face and said with a helpless face: “How do you want me to expose it?” After all, they grew up together, and I see him as a brother, and it’s not just him that’s affected when it’s time to go out and expose him.”

Xiao Qing’s mind is suddenly clear, understanding Xue Ling’s meaning. “Then gongzi will go after the exam. I don’t believe in exams, he can also copy things from gongzi! ”

Xue Ling laughed deeply, and the Xiao Qing that was just about to say that his gongzi was soft-hearted saw his smile and hesitated. The words that were about to come out were taken back.

If he were to be considered soft hearted, then that would be more strange.

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