Who Touched My Tail!

Chapter 3

1.3 – Ah, the disobedient pet has disturbed the general

The time for the imperial examination soon arrived, and numerous students gathered at the entrance of the examination hall. Xue Ling’s inn was not far from the examination point, he leaned against the window and was pulled by Xiao Qing to look at a young man clad in green clothes.

The buildings were not high, and Xue ling had good eyesight, so he clearly saw the young man’s face.

If we really want to talk about appearance, Duan Xuyang can only be regarded as pretty and delicate, but as he stands there proudly erect like a bamboo, slightly raised mouth with a smile, it is easy to make people feel good looking at him. He was surrounded by a group of people, laughing and boisterous, it seems that this period of painstaking management networking has paid off, he is mixing in very well.

This is a person who does not reveal his inner thoughts, and very good at life on the surface. Or, because he is the protagonist, he can always be better than others with the same amount of effort and luck.

Xiao Qing’s face is full of anxiety, wanting to go down and argue with him, but was held back by Xue Ling. “Gongzi?!” Xiao Qing could not understand: “He was so well dressed, and there were so many people around him! Those were all supposed to be Gongzi’s!”

Xue Ling smiled and said, “Who it belongs to, it’s enough that we know, and he knows. What are you in a hurry to do now?”

Xiao Qing looked at Xue Ling puzzled. He could understand his gongzi a little before, but since he became seriously ill, he seems to understand him less and less.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter, the gongzi is still the gongzi, as long as he is the same person, no matter what he becomes, he can accept it. And this version of gongzi is much better than the frail and gloomy due to disease gongzi from before.

It’s just that temperament seems to be worse… Always wanting to play tricks on him or something…

“Does gongzi want to wait?”

“Discussing with him won’t prove anything, and now the exam is about to start, what is there to discuss? All we have to do is find the general.” Xue Ling straightened out his clothes, turned around and sat down, took a leisurely sip of tea before adding, “It’s starting. We’ll go down after he goes in.”

Xiao Qing nodded and looked down at Duan Xuyang. His eyes were filled with disgust.

Returning kindness with ingratitude, using gongzi’s identity, really shameless.

Xue ling slowly drinks his tea, occasionally having some snacks, not bothering to look at the leading character downstairs at all.

In order to get enough energy to retrieve his tail, Xue Ling did not actually plan to go slowly according to the plot. Making it so that the protagonist has no room to run as early as possible, is his true style of doing things..

The time of imperial examination is fixed. Only when the entrance time is about to end, does Xue Ling unhurriedly make his way downstairs, causing the assistant shopkeeper looks at him strangely. After all, the students in the shop have all rushed to enter, and this one is the most leisurely.

Compared with the previous students who had books in their hands every day, this one seemed really relaxed.

This fictional world’s imperial examination should refer to the ancient imperial examination system of State Z. All the people are in a closed space, staying there for three days until they have finished their papers.

Xiao Qing prepared a lot of food for Xue Ling, which were inspected one by one when hhe entered the examination hall. Xue Ling was searched all over in order to confirm that there was no suspicion of cheating before he was let into the examination hall.

Xue Ling knew the examination topic as early as when he checked the plot, and there were already some article ideas in his mind. The original owner was a young genius. He took the test for talent at a young age, with the ability to continue rising up. If his body hadn’t been really bad, he would already been moving up in the world.

The protagonist’s articles were all written by him, but because he was not satisfied, were ultimately burned. The young man’s character was also strange, burning any of his works that he did not like, so the amount of writings left behind was pitiful, and because he does not like to publicize, the people who know his poems and articles are very few.

Thinking to here, it should be the result of the world’s way of automatically dealing with the plot to complete it.

The protagonist was his companion and fellow scholar, his study partner, a few years older than him, and has already become an adult. He takes the exam two years later than the young master. His literary talent is not bad, and he has a close relationship with the young master. In fact, at the beginning, he did not mean to replace the young master. He came to Beijing under the name of the young master to protect his own safety, and also because he did not want the friends on the road to despise him.

The moment he really took the place of the young master, was when the general mistook him for the young master. He hesitated, but found that the general did not know the young master at all, nor had he ever seen the young master’s face, so he put himself in the young master’s place.

After all, he’s gay and had a lot of intentions towards the general.

There are many bugs in this plot. For example, when the general was young, he was rescued by the Duan family and gave Duan family his token. But when he got the token back, he did not ask people to check Duan family’s affairs. Instead, he took in Duan Xuyang directly. Duan Qian’s parents died with grievances, but that was only a factor to highlight Duan Xuyang’s kindness in the original story. In order to overthrow the prime minister, Duan Xuyang mentioned Duan Qian’s parents in the later stage of the plot. Duan Xuyang said that he had suffered humiliation and was almost made into a study companion, and in order to wash away his parents’ grievances, the general willingly lent a hand, thus emerging as a key figure to topple the prime minister, preventing a rebellion, and gaining the trust of the emperor, finally leading to the two’s beautiful, charmed life.

It can be seen that Duan family’s issues is a foreshadowing of the plot in the author’s writing, and it is also paving way for the plot. The young master ultimately died without understanding at all, not having gained anything, yet still not having any grievances, it’s really amazing.

Xue Ling isn’t bothered with mending the loopholes in the author’s plot. He now needs to follows his own plan, obediently taking the three day exam, and then wait for the announcement of successful candidates.

Half a month after the announcement, a palace examination will be arranged, which is what Xue Ling has been waiting for.

With the plot in hand, Xue Ling naturally knows what article Duan Xuyang wrote. He wrote the same article as him, but the difference is, Xue Ling’s article has deeper insights. One only needs to take a look at it to know his point of view, and in the end, the various ways and means listed are much more cultured than Duan Xuyang’s article which only refers to the original manuscript.

Their two articles are identical; eventually there will be problems. Xue Ling is not sure whether the emperor will solve the problem before the palace examination, or change to other ways after he discovers the issue. Anyway, as long as the cheating and plagiarism is caught, Duan Xuyang’s future path will have been cut in half.

Even if the general helps, he will never be able to mix in the world of officials in this life. Once this matter comes out, his talent and reputation will be completely destroyed. The only thing he will be able to do is rely on the general’s help to do business with his modern transmigration ideas.

Xue Ling did not intend to break his fortune-making road for the moment, because he did not know what the general’s intentions were.

Because the money brought by the two people is only being spent and not being made, Xiao Qing is wracking his brains over the usage of silver. Seeing him always walking around with an aggrieved face, Xue Ling thought for a long time, then drew several pictures and wrote several poems, letting Xiao Qing take them out for sale.

Xiao Qing was a bit dumbfounded at his paintings and poems. Although his gongzi was also very amazing before, such hands-on efforts were really very strange. After all, looking at his age and experience, although quite talented, he was always unsatisfied, so every painting is burnt. Looking at gongzi’s work now, it seems like everything is different.

“Gongzi, how did your writing change…”

Xue Ling’s movements paused, laughingly saying, “Those who are reborn from Nirvana are always grateful for their awakening. You not understanding this is normal.”

Xiao Qing seems to hazily understand something, but it does not prevent him from worshipping his gongzi more and more deeply.

So a wave of calligraphy and painting was set off in the capital.

Xiao Qing hung out the calligraphy and paintings according to his gongzi’s instructions, with no mention of pricing anywhere. After hanging the works on the roadside for three days, an old man went down to the road and passed through the place. He was amazed to the heavens, and after paying a lot of money to buy piece of calligraphy, the stall became extremely popular.

Xiao Qing is only responsible for looking after the stall, telling anyone who comes to ask that the paintings are from his gongzi, who ordered him to sell them for money. He doesn’t know anything else.

If you ask him who his gongzi is, he will not answer, if you ask the price of painting and calligraphy, he also does not answer, if you are rude, he will silently pack up the collection of painting and calligraphy, close the stall, and leave.

Many people followed him to try and find out who his gongzi was, but in the end, could find out nothing.

Xue Ling painted five paintings. Under his orders, they were put into the hands of two princes, the elders of two families, and the people of the General’s Palace. The news about this mysterious stall that persisted for half a month was finally diluted and suppressed by the news of the imperial examination announcement.

In the General’s Palace, in the general’s study, the Deputy General was a little puzzled, asking his general, “General, what is the mystery of this painting? You bought it and observed it for so many days. What on earth do you see?”

This dynasty’s general, who has never been defeated since he was thirteen years old, is named Cong Hui and called the God of War. Right now, he is staring at the painting attentively, hearing his deputy general’s words, he glanced over, finally spitting out two words, “Boorish fellow.”

He is called the God of war, but the general is not a big man, at least not the same as a deputy general who looks very ferocious. He was tall, handsome, thin and powerful, like a bow that has been pulled taught. Because he is at home, he was not wearing armor, but instead a black robe, very convenient to describe, and very comfortable to wear.

Cong Hui is the hero of this book and the author’s deep love. He has all the advantages, being proficient in playing chess, painting and calligraphy. He has also written one or two articles, and many people praise him. Although his main job is killing and fighting, the author seems to have put all the skills he can think of on him. And then added on some more loveable points.

So the general, is like most main character gongs, saying very little, but able to penetrate the hearts of the people. When he talks about love, he speaks deeply. Although he seldom speaks, every word is like an oath.

In recent days, the general has been handling military affairs every day. Other than that, the only thing he likes most is to lock himself in his study and enjoy the painting he has collected. He can look at it for an afternoon, but because he seldom opens his mouth, no one knows why he really cares about it.

In fact, it is nothing more than simply appreciating the painting. The deeper he looks at it, the more curious he is about the painter. He sent a lot of people to investigate, but didn’t receive any news, this makes him even more surprised and curious.

As the most stable person in this book, General Cong Hui should have no curiosity such things, but his heart was really tickled by the painting, the little part of him that loves talent constantly coming out to make mischief.

This curiosity reached its peak when a little fox was thrown at him by the newly appointed number one scholar of the examinations while he was riding his horse across the street.

Well, he was riding his horse across the market, and the unusually beautiful and delicate number one scholar threw a little fox at him.

According to the number one scholar’s own words, it should be: “Ah, the disobedient pet has disturbed the general.”

The little fox was held up by the scruff of his neck, a red-clothed figure that was supporting his cheek in his hand lowered his eyebrows and looked down, that pair of fox eyes gave off a bewitching glow, brightly gorgeous red lips matched with his red scholar’s clothing, made his originally white skin even more glittering and translucent.

The general’s heart and soul was moved.

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