Womanizing Mage

Chapter 1: Prelude to The Passing Through

Chapter 1 Prelude to The Passing Through (another world).

Translated by Rancer_Kwon

Edited by tsc_gotl

Right now I don’t have a clear summary for the series yet. I’ll prolly have it set up around the end of this week together with chapter 2.

The night has fallen. The gloomy sky is without a star. The storm refuses to stop roaring and with sand covering the sky. The black clouds looks like they covered the entire world.

A shadow of a person staggering along bursts into the border of a primitive forest in Yunnan. Suddenly, the figure appears to be hindered by something for a moment before it slips and falls down to the ground in a sorry figure.

A silver colored lightning streaks across the horizon illuminating the pale colour of the figure’s face. The man is about a little over thirty years old, his military-styled haircut is now covered in dirt and grass. He has a thick and long eyebrows, and a long scar from the outer corner of his eye with an inclined slash all the way to his chin. These features adds a look of brutality and cruelty to his visage.

He struggles to crawl back up as blood drips down from the wound on his chest, drop by drop. This causes his clothes to be dyed in a dark red colour.

“Just come out! Why are you people from the Dragon Group keeps hiding your heads but exposing your tails?” The figure powerlessly leans against the side of the big tree as he ridicules them in a voice that sounds like a sonorous and powerful bell.

He has barely finished his sentence when seven shadows, without any words or communication, suddenly appears out of nowhere in the vicinity to safely surround him, effectively blocking any possible escape routes.

“Long Yi, turn around and return back. Do not continue to make mistakes.” A voice that does not resemble either male or female echoes in the air causing others to be unable to stop themselves from feeling fear…

“Return there? Am I even able to return there? How can I return? Long Wu, you should be even clearer than me about what orders that has been passed down by the higher ups.” Long Yi gives off a loud lonely laugh.

“Long Yi, you can do it. I will try our very best to beg for leniency for you in front of the higher ups.” Long Wu says in a helpless tone.

“To beg for leniency. Hahaha! I, Long Yi, do not need such a thing. You must be delusional to think that I will have my hands tied and wait to be captured.” As Long Yi is leaning against the tree, his momentum of qi is nevertheless gradually rising to its peak.

“Long Yi, don’t tell me that you really want to oppose the country?” Long Wu sternly asks.

“What is wrong with me taking revenge for Long Qi? Yet, what is so wrong about me for I have killed the *** Prime Minister? Long Qi has served the country and done countless merits, but what has the country given her? There is no way she should be sacrificed in vain just like that, do you people even understand this?” The moment when Long Yi spoke of Long Qi, dejection and painful feeling pass through his sad eyes.

Long Wu looks at Long Yi as if he is looking at a wounded beast roaring, his hands unconsciously trembles, and his lips quivers only once before stopping. He then heartlessly gives the gesture to signal the attack.

The thunderclap crackles from afar. The accumulation of the rainwater has finally flown down to the earth in torrents (GOTL: God bless dem dedicated seeders)… The Dragon Group is China’s most mysterious organisation, with all of its member being masters of their crafts and fighting techniques, including even people with special powers and talents. Long Yi is the only one in the group to have the ability to use Spiritual Powers based on the ancient writings of China, and he, as the greatest master of this power, is the strongest person of the organization. By ordinary means, it is impossible for Long Wu along with another six members of the Dragon Group to defeat Long Yi. However, the Dragon Group and hundreds of hitmen that ** has been dispatched to kill Long Yi for the last three months or so. The long cat-and-mouse chase has started to wear Long Yi’s tired soul and body down, after going through large and small scale fights for a few hundred times. His body has already suffered from grave wounds, so right now, how can he fight against the great geniuses of the Dragon Group, with Long Wu as their leaders?

Long Yi looks at the seven reflections of people flying toward him with their qi momentum raised to the maximum. Yet, in his mind, he are having flashbacks of every little details about seven of them growing up together since childhood. When they were young, the seven of them have been adopted by the country. They were put through all sorts of inhuman types of training to only reveal their talents, and then they entered the Dragon Group. Long Qi (Number 7) is the only female in their group, proficient in assassination and computing. She has grown up fresh and pure, gentle and beautiful, she is the angel in their six minds. Even though it has not been openly said, yet everyone knows that Long Qi has some issues with their higher-ups. However, when Long Qi went to ** a year ago to complete a mission, the information has been leaked, leading to her being surrounded and had to sacrificed herself. Long Yi was enraged by this news, so he went to ** by himself and killed the Prime Minister of ** and hundreds of other high rank official, along with a few thousands innocent ** citizens. This has caused the two countries’ relationship to become extremely tense, and war can break out at any moments.

“The country does not care about you, your brothers also do not care about you, but I payed them back equally already. Little Qi, wait for me, I’ll see you again soon.” Long Yi mutters. When the seven shadows use all their skill to their maximum powers and fire them at him, Long Yi suddenly retracts all his defenses and displays all of his weakness.

Bam! Bam! Long Yi’s body flies up into the sky like a broken kite. The blood-covered body is moving around violently, yet his face carries a smile, free of worldly worries.

Crackle!! Suddenly, a giant lightning, that is as thick as a bucket, comes down striking from the dense black clouds above. With himself soaring highly right in the middle of the formidable current, Long Yi’s body is broken apart into particles by the lightning, and even his rags doesn’t remain.

Long Wu blankly grabs a piece of a tattered cloth that is falling down gently, and it is unclear whether it is tears, or rain are falling down on his face.

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