Womanizing Mage

Chapter 2: ?( ?° ?? ?°)? the Princess.

Chapter 2 – ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ the Princess.

Translated by Rancerqz and tsc_gotl

(GOTL: holy shit the chapter is so long ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) though)

Tenglong city, Kuang Long Empire, Cang Lan continent. The night scene is indeed very enchanting with the stars suspending above, filling up the entire dark sky. The cool and refreshing wind slowly breezes past. It is one good serene and quiet night.

Ka ka ka! The sound of a demonic and perverted laughter echoes from the suburbs inside a gloomy forest, intensifying the mysteriousness of the night. Inside of the forest, a young man wearing a luxurious brocade cloth is leaning onto a tree. He possesses a rather quite handsome look, but the slightly pale face and the perverted-looking eyes has reveal out the nefariousness and the lasciviousness in him.

A pretty young lady is lying on top of the meadow, not so far away from the young man. Whether it is her clothing attire, or the charismatic aura, it can be seen right away that she is a girl with a noble identity. At this moment, the young lady’s beautiful face is flushed red, and in her eyes, intense humiliation and anger are emitting. Apparently she is struggling to escape, but nevertheless her body has been unable to draw out one trace of her strength.

Seeing this kind of scene, even an idiot will be able to tell what is happening, and what is waiting for her soon.

“Hey! Hey! Long Ling Er, my noble and My Highness the princess, you will have never have thought this type of scenario will happen to you, correct?” The young man in the flowery clothing laughs maniacally as he looks at the young lady, his gaze is full of ruthlessness and lechery.

Long Ling Er trembles. Even though normally she is the aloof type of a princess. Still, she is but a simple sixteen years old young girl. Confronting the beginning of her soon-to-be miserable fate, her strong will has not been able to calm down the panicking heart.

“Ximen Yu, you have the audacity to be rude towards me. My Emperor Father will certainly kill you.” Long Ling Er powerlessly threatens.

“How would the old fart Long Ba Tian know about this? Ever wonder why I brought you to this forest? You normally shows a holy and pure look, but that’s only the outer appearance, of course. Let me see how you taste on bed, ka ka ka.” Ximen Yu looks at Long Ling Er’s beautiful body as if he is in a trance, while his lower body start saluting.

Long Ling Er sees the shameful expression of Ximen Yu, and she closes her eyes in despair. She knows tonight she will be defiled by this beast, and then all of her trace will be erased from this world. She is not afraid of dying, but the fact that her body that is as clear as ice and as clean as jade will be trampled upon by him.

Upon seeing the girl has apparently accepted her misfortunes that has been decreed by the fate, Ximen Yu, with a lascivious smile, takes something out of the porcelain bottle then drinks the red pill. He has spent great amount of money to buy this pellet, the “Uncollapsible Golden Spear dan”. Tonight, he already risked his life to use the 软骨散 (bone-softening power) to capture Long Ling Er, who is already a Great Magician. If he does not play her to the fullest, how can he face himself again?

The medical effect from his dantian slowly becoming higher. Ximen Yu gazes like a vicious wolf at Long Ling Er, the pitiful young lady that he has raped in his mind countless times. He slowly paces himself next to Long Ling Er’s side, and then casually squats down. His wolf claw gently caresses her face, whose beauty can destroy castles and countries. He wants her for so long, and now his dream has come true.

Ximen Yu’s hand slowly slides downwards, then it abruptly tores Long Ling Er’s cloth apart, exposing traces of her silver innerwear and thin undergarment, together with a large area of her snow white skin. Ximen Yu’s pupils enlarge as he admires the sight, and he starts gulping without control.

Feeling her own skin is about to be exposed to the open air. Long Ling Er’s two sparkling and translucent tears slowly drop down from the outer corner of her eyes. She vows in her mind, that even if she is to die and afterwards arrives at the ninth layer of the of hell, there is definitely no way that she will let this bastard get away with this.

Seeing Long Ling Er’s untouchable body and sniffing her intoxicating body fragrance, the medical properties of the Uncollapsible Golden Spear begins to work its magic on Ximen Yu. Making a coarse breath, he ferociously tears apart Long Ling Er’s clothing. Without even caring that she has yet to be completely naked, Ximen Yu looks at the jade-like perfect body of Long Ling Er and impatiently removes all of his clothing, as he can’t hold back his raging lust. He then lifts both of her legs up to push his standing spear into the cave.

However, at this moment, a strange event happens. The sky above is filling with stars, when suddenly thunder strikes down from above. A black hole appears out of nowhere behind Ximen Yu, like a monster choosing someone to consume.

Ximen Yu’s action suddenly stops, as if time has stopped as well. His body abruptly trembles and his handsome face shows a painful expression. A spark of lightning seems to appear on his facial skin.

Slowly, Ximen Yu’s body is of no longer shuddering with his facial features returning back to its tranquil state and the silver colored lightning that was on top of his skin has secretly entered within the body of his.

With her eyes closed, Long Ling Er is not at all aware of these events, as her heart is encircled within fear and despair. But after waiting for a long time, the scene that she was expecting does not happen at all. Her heart is filled with hope and expectations as she opens both her eyes. Entering her eyes is a pair of bloodshot eye gazing tightly onto her. In the eyes is filled with suffering and struggling.

Long Yi does not dare to think that he has been unexpectedly reincarnated into someone else’s body already. What he didn’t expect is the fact that this body is raping a beautiful looking girl. Meanwhile, Ximen Yu’s consciousness had already been completely engulfed by Long Yi’s consciousness. After going through an intense battle over the body, Long Yi’s willpower has already become extremely weak, making him unable to fight against the strong stimulant and his sexual/survival instinct of his body.

Just at the moment when Long Yi is struggling in pain, Long Ling Er has unexpectedly opened up both of her eyes that looks as deep as a lake in the autumn, as bright as stars up in the sky above. They instantly devastate and collapse the willpower of Long Yi. With him just being reincarnated into one’s body, Long Yi is already sinking into an ocean of lust.

Long Yi hysterically holds onto Long Ling Er, in her greatest despair, makes one forward thrust with his waist, and finally goes through the last barrier of defense to enter her cave. Her beautiful tears begin to flow but the scene are very saddening.

Long Ling Er body surely cannot handle such a giant longspear. Her tender and lovely body is like a small boat swaying in the middle of the ocean. Her two sparkling and translucent soft breasts are transformed into all kinds of obscene shape and form in Long Yi’s hands.

The Uncollapsible Golden Spear dan sure has a powerful medicinal power. Long Ling Er has been repeatedly losing her consciousness and then waking up by the pain by Long Yi. Only until the first light of the dawn to arrive did Long Yi gives a low howl with a burst of speed comes into her. Then his whole body powerlessly lays at Long Ling Er’s body.

Gradually, Long Yi’s awareness once again returns to his mind. Regarding to what he has done to this young lady, he feels great remorse about it, even if he knows that he cannot control the body that has consumed the powerful dan. Yet this cannot be the justification for his action. The main point is that, he has became the type of person he previously has despised the most: a rapist criminal.

Long Yi crawls away from Long Ling Er’s body and silently puts on his clothes. Long Ling Er’s mottled bloodstain at her lower body has silently denounced his crime.

Long Yi picks up a piece of cloth to cover over Long Ling Er’s body and silently sits beside of her. One by one, countless memories that does not belong to him flows into his mind, making him feels unbearable pain.

Long Ling Er slowly wakes up after losing her consciousness. Yesterday night has caused her pain and torment to both of her body and mind, nearly causing her to have a nervous breakdown. She is a genius magician, and has became a Great Magician at the age of sixteen. Her spiritual strength is already several times stronger than any normal person. She looks at Ximen Yu sitting next to her, who is displaying a face filled with regret and pain. For some reason, the hatred inside of her starts raging then stops, returning her back to a tranquil mood. Her hatred for him does not want to see the bastard’s expression of joy and satisfaction, but why does that face is displaying such sadness and pain? Is he regretting his action?

“Didn’t you want to burn my corpse and erase the trace? Now it is precisely the time to make your move.” Long Ling Er’s voice as if it has came from the the empty spirit of the fairyland, without even one bit human’s warmth and also without the slightest amount of emotion that a human should have had when she speaks

Long Yi wakes up, and he turns his head to look at Long Ling Er’s face that is void of expression. He knows that this traumatized look should only happens on a person who has experienced great suffering, and for it to exist on a girl so young… Long Yi understands clearly, that if Long Ling Er is to survive, his life from now on will not be peaceful.

“Kill her! Quickly! Kill her.” Long Yi abruptly sends out this kind of thought that has caused him a jump of fright. Even if he is the leader of the vicious and merciless Dragon Group, in order to complete the mission now and then, he will also silence some innocent people. However, this is the first time of his entire life to have this kind of relationship with a woman, how can he be able to make such a viscous move like that?

Long Yi gives a complicated look at this young lady, as he is unable to make his move on her. Thereupon, he has decided to leave. Since right now, the most important thing to do is to have a clear understanding of the world he is living in. From the design of the clothing belongs to two of them, it is very unlikely that it belongs to the his previous world.

“You are now my woman, therefore I will not kill you.” Long Yi gazes onto Long Ling Er’s eyes that is filled to the brim with anger and hatred. Being his woman for a day and she will his woman eternally. It does not matter whether the woman hates him or not.

Long Yi stands up and walks out of the forest when Long Ling Er looks at him absent-mindedly. Just walking for a few tens of steps, a sudden burst of dizziness makes him collapsed straight down. At this moment, outside of the forest, a burst of noise can be heard and he apparently hears that someone has said, “Search quickly! Find the the Princess, Her Highness.”

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