Womanizing Mage

Chapter 11: Spending spring night together?

Chapter 11: Spending spring night together?

Long Yi was unexpectedly dumbfounded, he didn’t expect this saintess still had half a brain, however he still had the ability to act according to the circumstances. Turning his brain, Long Yi spit out a random nonsense, “I was hurrying from Teng long city to Light city to meet my fiancée, Si Bi. Her father send me a letter saying that she was sick. Naturally I was extremely worried, so in order to save some time, I had to walk this trail. But who would have thought that this afternoon, a huge green colored big bird would catch me from the ground, flew to this area and threw me away. Fortunately I had done many good deeds, so the branches of several big trees stopped my fall, saving my life.”

“Green colored big bird, could it be Wind condor? That is quite possible.” Si Bi nodded her head, Wind condor were high level wind element magical beast, could fly extremely fast, also had a pair of iron claw which was strong enough to crush the stone, and also had the ability to fire swift and fierce wind blade.

The expression of Long Yi was lively, and didn’t even have a tearful voice while narrating. Although Si Bi hated wicked enemies, but her temperament was still pure. Seeing that Long Yi didn’t appear to be a fraud, unexpectedly she believed in his lies.

“Although I don’t like you, but considering you are also the believer of light god and in addition to that we are going to the same way for a while, I will let you travel with me. It’s already too late today, let’s sleep here in open, good night.” Si Bi said.

Naturally Long Yi didn’t have any objections, originally he already planned to sleep in wilderness. Only difference would be a woman, who was a saintess, would be accompanying him. If she didn’t had that big red colored birthmark on her face, Si Bi could be said as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Long Yi felt sorry for her inside his heart.

“Oh mighty light god, please bestow a divine power to your believer, and cut off all the evils, holy light barrier.” Si Bi softly chanted, then a layer of pure white rays of lights overflowed from her body, and very quickly again disappeared.

“What magic was that, why isn’t there any reaction?” Long Yi felt surprised, and asked.

Si Bi blankly looked at Long Yi and said, “What do you know? On the surface, my holy light barrier is transparent. And of course, it blocks anything, you see.” Si Bi picked up a branch, then threw it. The branch hit something while it was still in the air, as if there was a transparent glass there, it suddenly fell on the ground.

Long Yi was stunned, no reason ah, since now she could use holy light barrier, then when she was taking a bath why didn’t she used it? Inviting him to come to have a good fortune to see a rare sight. Carefully thinking about it, Long Yi felt something was not right at that time, when he leapt towards the direction of that waterfall, there he really felt a layer of resistance. But only then, at that time he was not thinking very much, could it be this holy light barrier not work against him.

Seeing the stunned face of Long Yi, Si Bi mistakenly believed, he was stunned by her magic skill. This holy light barrier and holy light illumination, were the two magic which she was extremely proud of herself. Because only Archmage had the ability to fire there two magic, but she who was just a Master Magician also had the ability to easily fire this magic, so she without doubt felt proud about it.

“Awesome ah, it’s so good being with expert ah, now I can confidently go to sleep.” Long Yi was rather absent-minded. He really wanted to try whether he could really go through this holy light barrier or not, but now was not the time, as he couldn’t let Si Bi to become suspicious.

“Long Yi, I want to ask you one thing, have you seen anyone else here this evening?” Si Bi pretended to be carefree as she asked. In the end she was still brooding over the matter of peeping. Although with regard to the men and women association of Ao Yue Empire, compared to Kuang Long Empire was a bit more open-minded, but that was only when conversely speaking. At Cang Lan continent with regards to the chastity of female in any countries were looked at in comparatively heavy ways, only Kuang Long Empire was even more heavy.

“Other people? No, the only other person I have seen here is you, what happened? Could it be you were looking for other people?” Maintaining his composure, Long Yi said. If he let her know that the person who had peeped her while she was bathing was him, then he would be killed, no question asked.

“Oh, it’s already late, I am going to mediate, find a corner for yourself and sleep.” The color of the face of Si Bi became unnatural, then she sat down crossed-leg under the tree and closed her eyes. Not long after, she entered the state of meditation, and a sparkling pure white halo started to circulated on her body.

Long Yi knew that when magicians entered in the state of meditation, if there was not any strong fluctuation, it was unlikely that the magicians would regain consciousness. So Long Yi walked on tiptoe until he reached that branch which was thrown just a moment ago, here should be the borderline of holy light barrier.

Long Yi turned his head and look back at Si Bi, then slowly extend his hand in front of him, finally he really sensed something was before him, but Long Yi found this thing to be paper thin, because he felt that he could easily extend his hand and break through it. He could sense it because his 6th sense was very sharp, average person could never sense it.

Long Yi was quite interested towards this barrier, if this barrier was immune to everything, then that would be cool. He tried to come in contact with it for several times, finally he gave up as he discovered that everything was the mischief of Ao Tian Jue. At the time when the hand of Long Yi contacted with the barrier, the internal energy which was automatically circulating within his body absorbed and assimilated the energy of the barrier. If Long Yi came in contact with this barrier until daybreak, then he estimated that this barrier would disappear.

Long Yi became excited on his discovery and at the same time also became worried for Si Bi without any rhyme or reason. This girl trust other people too easily, even if he didn’t have the ability to break the barrier, she was sitting in front of him in mediation without even setting any defense. If he had any malicious intent, she would have already died from his hand.

After letting his imagination run wild, he felt bored so he sat beside Si Bi and blankly stared at her. The smell of the body of Si Bi which was comparable to a white jasmine just like the fragrant of a pure girl, Long Yi again remembered that picturesque scene of beauty taking bath in the evening, and the evil fire again welled up from his dantian. [Dantian: pubic region]

Shaking his head as if to shake off the evil thoughts, Long Yi suddenly wondered whether he should also mediate or not? After entering the first layer of Ao Tian Jue, Ao Tian Jue automatically circulates along the meridians within his body, because, his soul at his previous incarnation was already at fifth layer of Ao Tian Jue. And it may be assumed that, while again cultivating Ao Tian Jue from start to fifth layer would not be any difficult at all, now he lacked only combat to consolidate and comprehend. So he don’t have to worry that cultivating magic may hinder the rate of progress of Ao Tian Jue.

According to book of meditation method, Long Yi closed his eyes, used his idea i.e. sense the spiritual power of magic elements in the atmosphere, generally speaking if you have fire element magic physique, then red colored fire element magic energy would be absorbed the most. If you have earth element, then naturally yellow colored earth element magic energy would be absorb the most and so on.

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