Womanizing Mage

Chapter 12: Elementary lightning skill

Chapter 12: Elementary lightning skill

Cultivating magic and cultivating internal energy were different tunes played with equal skill of effect, meditation of magic and meditation of internal energy both pays attention to the cultivation of mind. Only after the mind calmed down, they would not receive any disturbance from external world, and completely indulge in the pleasure of cultivation. Therefore Long Yi quite quickly entered the state of meditation.

In the sea of consciousness, Long Yi discovered there were many silver-purple colored light speck gathered, and did not resembled what was written in the book, as according to the book, when someone enters mediation for the first time, then at that time the sea of conciousness should be dark.

Long Yi questioningly look at these silver-purple colored light specks, and suddenly he sensed they were somewhat familiar. The feeling that appeared just a moment ago, he discovered these light specks seems to have sensed his thought, and started quickly to flutter, as if they were a spoiled child. In a flash, Long Yi suddenly remembered that he had absorbed the electric current from the metal wall of ‘Forbidden Heaven Prison’, could it be these light specks were those electric current? But why were they at his sea of consciousness? According to the book, in the sea of consciousness, one could only see the absorbed magic element. But these life like silver-purple colored light specks were unlikely to be magic element, and the book had not stated that there were this kind of strange magic element like this.

“Could it be a lightning attributed magic element?” Long Yi pondered inside his heart. According to book, in this world, in addition to several elemental magic available to use, people explore the domain of other elemental magic too, but this lightning element magic was unlikely to be one of them.

Long Yi thought, rather than wasting time by thinking about this, it would be better to first absorb the magic element in the air, and take a look in the end what element magic physique he had. After deciding, the formidable spirit power of Long Yi call out towards the sky, suddenly, Long Yi felt the whole heaven and earth resonate with his spiritual power.

First the blue colored light speck poured into his sea of consciousness, immediately after red colored light speck, yellow colored light speck, white colored light speck, and furthermore a strong dark black light speck all successively entered his sea of consciousness, and finally they gathered in each location. With each attributed magic element gathered faster and faster in his body, Long Yi again discovered 2 different colored light specks. One was the silver-purple colored light speck which was already present in his sea of consciousness at an earlier time, and other was cyan colored light speck. It may be assumed that these 2 type of light speck really was new findings of magic element.

“Hello, little ones.” Long Yi used his awareness to greet these magic elements. Now he didn’t agree with the book which said that magic elements didn’t have life, as he could clearly sense that these light specks were jumping with happiness and were expressing trust in him.

Sure enough, after Long Yi received the friendly information, the gathering speed of every attributed magic elements quicken even more. If at this moment Long Yi opened his eyes, then he would have discovered that every colored rays of light were entering inside his body, the magic elements of several li radius was wildly coming straight towards Long Yi and entering his body.

Long Yi was just immersed in absorbing the magic elements happily, he didn’t know how long he spent in this state, but gradually Long Yi felt the speed of gathering of every attributed magic element became slower and slower, and he finally woke up from his meditative state. Actually the reason why the absorption speed of magic element had become slow, was naturally because the absorption speed of magic element within several li of radius was far faster than the replenishing speed, and also because a human being could only absorb a limit amount of magic element every time. But the astounding absorption speed and capacity of Long Yi was too frightening, it could be said that in the whole continent, you will definitely never find a second one like Long Yi.

Right now there was already a faint light in the sky, air was extremely fresh, forest birds were merrily singing a song, and several pure white wild flowers which had quietly bloomed were moistened with morning dew.

Long Yi straighten his back and stood up, and was enchanted with breathing this fresh air. In his previous incarnation on the Earth, there was no such fresh air.

Looking for a while at Si Bi who was still at the state of mediation, Long Yi couldn’t help but wanted to try using his lightning attributed magic element and also that cyan colored light specks which he didn’t know which attributed magic element that was.

First let’s try lightning element magic, Long Yi thought about that silver-purple light specks, thought for a moment, then a lightning was released from his finger.

“Could this be a lightning element magic?” Dumbfounded Long Yi thought, after all he knew that using magic should not be this simple. He scratched his scalp for a while, and he suddenly patted his head. Finally he knew where the fault was, from his finger he had fired a pure electric current which had already existed within his body as lightning attributed magic element. After releasing a lightning, the silver-purple colored light specs of his sea of consciousness had decreased. You should know that, magic depends on spiritual power to use the magic elements inside the body to arouse the magic elements in the air and give rise to resonance, thereby resulting in a different kind of powerful magic.

The mortal body of his previous incarnation was struck by lightning and was completely destroyed without living any remaining, one could quite well imagine how powerful the power of lightning was. Long Yi imagined himself using this lightning attributed magic element inside his body to arouse the powerful lightning attack, that scene would definitely be extremely shocking. Hereafter if he see anyone when he was in a bad mood, then he would use lightning to shoo them away, even thinking this felt excellent.

His heart beat stared to rise, first he use his awareness to command the lightning attributed magic element within his body and tried to arouse the similar attributed element in the air. Currently he still do not understand why he need to think that tediously long jerky incantation to fire a magic, could it be even thinking is not necessary? This moment he didn’t indulge in many thoughts, so he directly went to the process of experimenting to use the magic without thinking any incantation first.

Long Yi felt, he felt the lightning attributed magic element present in the air, received the call of lightning attributed magic element inside his body and started to gather. At this time, in the still clear sky suddenly a black clouds started to appear, furthermore it started to accumulate and became thicker, and the huge pressure of power which could make peoples unable to breath could be sensed, and clearly a bits and pieces of lighting could be seen in those black clouds.

It succeed! The heart of Long Yi was wild with joy, clearly he was going to start a new type of powerful magic------lightning element magic. Certainly, Long Yi believed that the lightning was going to strike the target assigned by him. But he frowned, and just as he was going to fly into rage, the dark cloud dispersed, and the sky revert back to being clear, then the birdie also started to sing again. It seems like everything happened just a moment ago was just a dream.

Long Yi examined his sea of consciousness, and discovered that only few lightning attributed magic elements’ light specks were remained there. The magic element in his sea of consciousness were insufficient to fire the lightning magic skill. Long Yi was rather dejected, he always mistakenly believed that he was genius, and now he couldn’t even release a small magic.

Actually Long Yi should be content, the power of lightning is great, obviously the elementary magic like fireball skill could not compare to it. He had mediated for only one night and nearly successfully casted a lightning magic skill, if other people had done so then they would have become very happy long ago.

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