Womanizing Mage

Chapter 22: Gale magic spell

Chapter 22: Gale magic spell

Long Yi carefully put away the magic letter of Si Bi, then sitting on the bed, he started to meditate. He had arrived in this world only few days ago, but had gone through many things. So currently he was in urgent need to sort out everything, and determine his direction.

The eastern sky started to become bright, and when the first rays of sunlight shined upon the body of Long Yi, he lightly breathe out, stood up, and straighten his back. Right now his eyes were filled with determination. He had already experienced the law of the jungle of the world in his previous incarnation, since this was the natural law, then he would have to become strongest, and stand on the top of the pyramid of this world, and look down upon all living creatures. At that time, he would have a final say in all the rules of the world.

Long Yi faced towards the sun, then his eyes were dazzled by the rays of lights, then he laughed heartily with lofty sentiments inside his heart. After that he pack up his big bed, then he started to advance towards the direction of Light city, perhaps he could see Si Bi there once again.

He used great cosmos shift for two or three hours, and then Long Yi was unable to go on, after all his internal energy was too weak. Suddenly, like a flash of light, he remembered the speech of Si Bi in which she had said that, if there really was any kind of real flying magic spell, then that magic spell would definitely fall under the category of wind element magic.

Remembering that cyan colored wind attributed magic elements inside his sea of consciousness, Long Yi got agitated. Wind is king of speed, so if one had learnt the wind element magic, and encountered the dangerous situation, then one could have at least very high chance to save one’s life.

After that, thinking of flying skill in his mind, Long Yi released spiritual power and called out wind attributed magic elements, then prepared himself for a flying magic spell. Cyan colored magic elements widely poured out from his body, then Long Yi abruptly flew straight towards the sky in a high speed.

And before he could get excited, his body started to slow down and fall towards the ground. Fortunately Long Yi had already prepared himself for the failure, so somersaulting few times in the air, he lightly landed on the ground.

“Fuck, again insufficient mana, it seems hereafter I must painstakingly cultivate mana. It’s truly is too depressing.” Long Yi kicked a big tree to vent off the discontent inside his heart. {**Note: from now on I will be using mana in place of magical power}

But cultivating mana for a short time is not enough, and this flying magic spell consumes huge amount of mana, what’s to be done? Long Yi walked while thinking, after considering for a long time, he suddenly pat his thigh. Since flying was not possible, why not think about the ways to make his own body more agile? That Earth bear could use gravity spell which was special nature of earth element, then why can’t he use wind element’s agile and elegant special nature, and create a gale magic spell.

After completing his thoughts, thinking that magic spell in his mind, Long Yi again summoned the wind attributed magic element, then his body flashed with cyan colored light, and he suddenly felt as light as a feather, unexpectedly he had succeeded. {**Note: its already mentioned that our MC can use any magic spell as long as he pictures the magic spell inside his mind unlike others.}

After that he use little bit of his internal energy and operate great cosmos shift, the speed was twice as fast compared to before, and the consumption of internal force was also only half of before. Long Yi take-off and landed several times, and just like ghost, his figure jumped forward, and very quickly this figure disappeared from that place.

After about 20 minutes, the effect of gale magic spell wore off from the body of Long Yi, then his speed slowed down. But luckily this gale magic spell didn’t consume large amount of mana, therefore after the effect had vanished, he could cast it again.

In just this fashion, he moved for a day and finally discovered a small town before dark. Long Yi had heard that Light city was only 3 days walking distance from this place. But for current Long Yi, if he use gale magic spell and also great cosmos shift, then Long Yi only needs about half a day to reach Light city.

Long Yi looked for an inn to stay, after that he ate and drank, then cooped up inside his room. Then under the soft light of illumination magic, Long Yi started to browse through the book shelves inside his space ring. His main target was naturally those magic books. Long Yi searched out various elements’ elementary and intermediate magic books. He even discovered dark element magic book which was at one corner of book shelves. And that book unexpectedly turned out to have all elementary, and intermediate magic spells.

A dozen or so thick magic book was place in front of him, then Long Yi eagerly started to flip through these books. Till now all his magic knowledge source was still those elementary magic books he had read at the beginning, so his magic knowledge and principle could be described as extremely poor. But he had learned gale magic spell without anyone’s guidance, from this it couldn’t help but describe that his luck as well as magic comprehension were ultra-high level.

Little by little, the time elapsed. Long Yi was completely immersed in these books the whole time, his reading speed was getting faster and faster, and his eyeball was moving top to bottom so frequently that, it was enough to dazzle peoples.

“Ah, I’m all worn out.” Long Yi finally finished reading intermediate magic of dark element, then he stretched his back bones. After that he pushed opened the windows, but it was still pitch-dark outside, and there was not a single sound from the street of this small town.

Long Yi was dumbfounded, he turned his head and looked at the pile of books which he had already completely read on the table for a while, then thought, “Did I finish reading all those books in less than a single night time?” Long Yi rather didn’t dared to believe, although his memory had received a specialized training in previous incarnation, nevertheless it was also absolutely not possible for him to finish reading this much books in such a short period of time, and it seems he could completely remember all the things which he had read. “Could it be I really am a genius?” Long Yi proudly thought.

Long Yi quickly rushed to the pile of books, then pick up an intermediate magic book of fire element, and flipped it, then he discovered that the whole content of this book was already in his mind, without a single error.

“Could it be that it’s already been several days, but I was so immersed in reading book that before I notice, several days had already passed away?” Long Yi thought inside his heart.

Very quickly, Long Yi no longer thought about these useless things. Although he remembered all the content of these books, but he only remember it, he had yet to digest it all.

Now Long Yi knows that the magic are not simply divided into elementary, intermediate and advance, these three categories. Rather it had a fine division, every kind of magic are divided into 11 ranks based on its power and mana consumption. Among them, up to rank 3 belong to elementary magic, rank 4 to 6 belongs to intermediate magic, rank 7 to 9 belongs to advance magic, rank 10 belongs to saint level magic, and rank 11 generally belongs to forbidden magic spells, this forbidden ranked magic was extremely powerful that it could topple the mountains and overturns the seas, and also had the might to destroy the heaven and exterminate the earth.

These fire ball magic spell of fire element, water ball magic spell of water element, and so on all belongs to rank 1 magic spell. Usually Apprentice Magician can only use these rank 1 magic spells, Beginner Magician had the ability to grasp at least rank 2 magic spells, and with great difficulty could also use rank 3 magic spells. Intermediate Magician had the ability to grasp at least rank 3 magic spells, and with great difficulty can use rank 4 magic spells. Advance Magician had the ability to grasp at least rank 6 magic spells, and with great difficulty can use rank 7 magic spells.

And from rank 7 magic spells, it’s a beginning of dividing line, to be able to cast rank 8 magic spells, one needs to be at least Master Magician. To be able to cast rank 9 magic spells, one needs to be at least Mage. To be able to cast rank 10 Saint level magic spells, one needs to be at least Archmage. And finally to cast rank 11 forbidden magic spells, one needs to be at least Master Archmage. The last two represents the pinnacle of magic domain.

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