Womanizing Mage

Chapter 23: Molestation without rhyme or reason

Chapter 23: Molestation without rhyme or reason

Rank 11 forbidden magic spell, Long Yi imagined a magician holding a godly magic wand while floating in the air, and leisurely chanted the incantation for forbidden magic, then suddenly mountains started to collapse and the earth started to crack up, heaven and earth changed color, and all around was razed to the ground. Just imagining these things, Long Yi felt extremely excited.

Long Yi made a decision, from now on, becoming Master Archmage, no, Magic God would be his aim. After that helplessly looking at the black colored sky, Long Yi sat crossed-legged and started to meditate. Then he started to insanely absorb various attributed magic elements from the air. Long Yi discovered, among these various attributed magic elements, he was absorbing lightning element the fastest, the absorption speed of lightning elements were several times faster than other magic elements.

He didn’t know how long he was mediating, but when he woke up from the meditation, it was already completely bright outside, sun was already up in the sky and whole town was bustling. Long Yi look out from the window and discovered that it was already noon.

When Long Yi came down to the dining hall of the inn, it was almost full. Long Yi found an empty seat and sat down, and casually ordered the dishes. Of course, without extra effort he also asked whether he had just stayed in this inn for one night or more to waiter, for this reason that water looked at him as if he was mentally disorder person.

Long Yi all along didn’t cared about the look on the face of the savant, knowing the answer he was quite delightful inside his heart. “Come to think about it, God was also not ungenerous, on my deathbed a lightning strike me and bring me in this different world. Although I had to shoulder many blames, nevertheless I’m at least still alive. This is important more than anything else. Also currently I also have a photographic memory, I am so happy.” Long Yi happily thought this inside his heart.

Casually sipping sweet tasting fruit wine which had delicate fragrance, he ate the dishes he had ordered. These dishes were far tastier than anything he had ever eaten in his previous incarnation. Long Yi felt happy with this kind of livelihood, but of course, if Si Bi was here, it would be even more perfect. In previous incarnation, Long Yi was the leader of Dragon team, nearly all around the year, from morning till night he was extremely busy. And this kind of leisurely and carefree livelihood was the dream of

Long Yi all along in his previous incarnation.

Long Yi curiously looked all around the dining hall, since he had arrived in this world, he still hadn’t got any time to clearly look the surroundings. As first thing he knew he was already in the prison, then afterwards just like flower viewing from horseback, he looked at the bustling Longcheng town streets. Then he was forced to live on the wilderness for several days, until now he didn’t have any free time to carefully look, in the end what was different between this world and his previous world.

Most of the people dining here were the guests staying in this inn. Majority of them were merchant and like, also there were people wearing various attributed magic robe and warriors wearing a suit of armors. As for beast people, elves and so on race, were not seen. But this was not a surprising matter, elve’s natural nature was gentle, and extremely loves the nature, so majority of elves were all hidden inside the elven forest. But small number of them come to human society for experience and training adventure. Comparatively one could only see them in big cities, and it was naturally very hard to see them in such a small town. As for beast people, this race is ostracized by human society, and there was also a long-standing friction between them and humankinds. Formerly the peoples of beast clan could be found everywhere in this entire Canglan continent, but after they had a friction with humans, they hurriedly withdrew to Hengduan mountain range.

Using amethyst card to settle his bills, Long Yi left the inn. Suddenly, the eyes of Long Yi lit up, and exclaimed inside his heart, “What a beautiful horse!” Just at the small restaurant just at the opposite side to the inn he had just left, Long Yi saw a fiery red colored extremely fine horse with a single horn. The whole body of this horse was blood red in color, and also had a shining brilliance fur, without any trace of miscellaneous colors. Its 4 limbs were sturdy, and was filled with a sense of beauty. And especially that single horn on its forehead which dazzling with silver light, made it looked even more godly fine rare horse.

This horse with a single horn was not tied up, rather it had threw back its head and standing there proudly. Its eyes were filled with unruliness, and was often snorting to threaten those peoples who wanted to approach it.

From the memories, Long Yi knew that this single horned horse was a kind of wind element magical beast, which could run as if riding the clouds and mount the mist. It was the means of transport for the master of noble or rich peoples. However generally majority of them were of black or white in color, and he had never heard a one horned horse which was red in color.

Only with a single glace, anyone could know that this was not a common horse, so Long Yi was quite curious to know about who was the owner of this fiery red colored one horned horse.

Just then, the crowd of onlookers started to became restless, and Long Yi fixed his eyes upon the direction of the entrance of that small restaurant, and suddenly became daze. A young girl wearing a fiery red colored skintight armor, who was also carrying a fiery red huge sword on her shoulder, stride proudly towards that fine horse. She had golden colored hair, and her looks was very beautiful and voluptuous. Although she was not comparable to Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen who were lovely enough to cause the fall of a city, nevertheless that heroic spirit mixed together with her beauty formed a unique charm of her own. Just like a sun, wherever she go, she would always be the center of attention.

Long Yi rapidly measured this young girl high and low with his eyes, and his gaze finally rested at her firm jade peak which was perfectly outlined by her skintight armor. Then he suddenly sensed a strong fluctuation of fire element magic. Long Yi knew that many swordsman and magician all had a number of precious stones and so on like things which could amplify douqi or magic. Some of these are in the form of jewelry, and some of these are imbedded on weapons and clothes. But the issue here was, this young girl was obviously a person with warrior profession, and also not a low-ranked warrior, but why was she carrying so many magic amplification items?

The expression of this young girl and her horse were downright arrogant, as expected, like master like horse. This young girl was obviously already accustomed to the stare of other peoples, she didn’t even had an embarrassed or angry expression under the stare of these crowd. Just when this young girl wanted to quickly mount her horse, she suddenly felt a peculiar feeling on her chest, as if someone was fondling her chest.

This young girl immediately quivered all over, and her sharp gaze swept around the crowds of onlookers, and her gaze stopped at Long Yi who was firmly staring at her towering jade peak in daze. Her intuition told her that, this peculiar feeling she was feeling was caused by this vulgar man. Pitiful Long Yi who was in daze, actually turned a vulgar person in the eyes of this young girl. After that she snorted, a light blue colored light flashed, and firmly started at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes which was completely filled with murderous look. Looking at the color of her douqi, she had actually already reached Swords Master level.

Long Yi woke from his daze, and seeing her eyes were filled with anger staring at him, he didn’t know when he had committed a crime against her, so he just smiled with good intention. But unknowingly in the eyes of that young girl, his good intention smile had turned into a lewd smile, and that young girl thought to quickly teach a lesson to Long Yi, but that peculiar feeling on her firm peak couldn’t be used as a proof, so she just used her murderous gaze to stare at Long Yi. After that she mounted her horse turned around, changed into a fiery red cloud and disappeared from the vision of onlookers.

Long Yi touched his nose, and he was still unable to make head and tail of what had happened just a moment ago. He was not able to understand when everything was all right, why did it suddenly became like that. He had nevertheless forgotten that his sprit had different function in previous incarnation, he could use the essence of spirit energy to carry on an attack. And currently his spirit power was far more powerful compared to previous incarnation, so only his concentrated attention on the magic fluctuation on the chest of this young girl, cause him to subconsciously use spirit power to examine it. So that young girl felt as if her breast was being fondling by a person.

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