Womanizing Mage

Chapter 24: Phoenix clan

Chapter 24: Phoenix clan

After exiting the town, Long Yi casted gale magic spell on himself and used great cosmos shift to start his remaining journey to Light city. And was simultaneously digesting all the magic books of various attribute which he had read yesterday.

After about two hours, a forest appeared in front of him. If he directly go across this forest, then after about an hour he would reach Light city, and if he took a detour, then it would take about three hours. Although directly going across this forest was faster, nevertheless majority of peoples chooses to take a detour, because there were numerous magical beasts inside this forest, so directly going across this forest was too dangerous.

Long Yi hesitated for a second, then decided to directly go straight through this forest. He assumed that, relaying on his speed he could easily escape from magical beasts. He ran wildly inside the forest, he didn’t meet any high ranking magical beasts, but encountered several F-ranked and E-ranked magical beasts. And without any difficulty, Long Yi used them as a practice target.

First he encountered E-ranked earth element wild boar, the defense of this magical beasts was very powerful, and its attack mainly depend on a pair of its sharp tusk. The all-out assault of this magical beast could easily break the trees, and rank 1 or 2 magic spells would not even scratch its hide.

Without delay before anything else, Long Yi used dark element’s rank 3 magic ‘corroding magic spell’ which corroded the extremely thick hide of this wild boar. And after that he used Rank 4 fire element magic raging flame arrow’ which pierce through the heart of this wild boar. After that with some difficulty he used rank 5 freezing spell which successfully froze the wild boar.

Continuing onwards, he encountered several F-ranked flame rabbit. As Long Yi already had the experience with these flame rabbits, he quickly used water ball magic spell and easily deal with them.

“Magic is really a good thing, it is so easy to catch the game.” Long Yi lightly chuckled.

After that he roasted the flame rabbit and filled up his stomach, and as he was about resume his journey, Long Yi suddenly smelled a faint smell of blood which floated towards him with the wind. Smelling this, he frowned, then he rushed towards the direction from where the smell of blood was coming.

Before long, Long Yi discovered more than 10 cut open corpses of dire wolves scattered around, and furthermore there was a trace of fire burning. Dire wolf was also a kind of wind element magical beast, not only was its speed very fast, but also could cast wind blade magic spell. Dire wolf was a type of ‘living in group’ magical beast, in smallest there would be at least ten in the group, and at maximum there could be thousands of dire wolves in a single group. So although a single dire wolf was only an D-ranked magical beast, but because they are numerous and also good at coordinating attack and defense, so majority of average person would escape far away if they saw these dire wolves. Once the group of these dire wolves attack, one must have good luck to keep his life and escape from them.

At this time, long Yi heard the fighting and wolves howling sound not too far away from his current location, so he immediately rushed towards that location. Along the way he discovered the several corpses of dire wolves, it seems this was a big group of dire wolves. It was most likely the group containing several hundreds or even thousands dire wolves.

Long Yi was extremely careful, he withdrew his aura, and from behind a small stone he slowly rise his head to see what was going on.

“My god, is today a big party of dire wolves?” Seeing those a large amount of dire wolves, he couldn’t help but become breathless. Roughly estimating, there were at least 2,000 dire wolves.

After that Long Yi saw a person in the middle of this crowd of dire wolves, and was immediately dumbfounded. Because that person was the beautiful girl who had stared at him with hostility in that small town. Right now she was in an extremely sorry plight, her fiery red skin-tight armor were already damaged all over, and her body was covered with dark red blood stains, didn’t know whether that was her own blood or the blood of the dire wolves. And around her there were many corpses of dire wolves. Her red colored single horned horse was also loyally standing beside her, and its whole body was also covered with cuts.

At the time when Long Yi was looking, the dire wolves had paused the attack, and these wolves were staring at this single girl and horse as if tiger was eyeing its prey. This young girl was gasping her breathe while holding her huge sword, and her sword was flashing with light blue colored douqi, and the appearance of light blue colored douqi, looked as if it was burning flame.

After that Long Yi quickly looked at the group of wolves, and noticed a powerful dire wolf with silvery white fur in the middle of the crowd of dire wolves. It was very tall and big compared to other dire wolves, it may be assumed that this was a wolf king. In addition, Long Yi also noticed 4 little silver furred small dire wolves at the side of this wolf king, presumably its children.

“Aouuuu.” Dire wolf king raised its head and uttered a long and loud cry, which cause numerous leaves of tree to fall. Hearing the howl of the wolf king, other dire wolves again started to attack. Numerous wind blade flew towards that Sword Master young girl. And after casting these wind blade, several dire wolves simultaneously rushed towards the young girl behind these wind blades.

“Damn truly smart, actually using physical attack after magic attack, this little girl is in big trouble.” Long Yi thought inside his heart. In fact, he was extremely surprise to see that this girl was able to brace herself for this long period of time even after she was attacked by more than 2,000 dire wolves, as even Great Swords Master would land himself in serious trouble if he was in this situation.

Long Yi also wanted to rescue other peoples from trouble whom he could rescue with his ability. But current Long Yi didn’t have much ability to rescue her, if he had even the half of the strength of his previous incarnation, then he would dared to take a risk to try and rescue her, but with current strength if he try to save her, he would just be courting death. The sense of justice of Long Yi had still not reached to the point where he would try to rescue the stranger by placing himself in mortal danger, he was not this great.

When Long Yi believed that this Sword Master girl is doomed, suddenly a red light burst out form her body, then this red colored light took the shape of shield protecting both her and her one horned horse. Numerous wind blade collided with this red light shield, and the shield was getting weaker and weaker and it seems it would disappear after a while.

Yu Feng was half-squinting her beautiful eyes, her body was already soaked in sweat long time ago, it was not her first time passing through this forest, and had also bumped into the dire wolves crowd before. However she had never encountered the dire wolves crowd of this scale. Currently her douqi was already exhausted, and now she could sense that even the phoenix barrier of her family treasure phoenix jade seal wouldn’t be able to sustain much longer.

Looking at the ferocious assault of the dire wolves crowd, Yu Feng had already given up all her hope. She knew that she would not last much longer, and very quickly she and her one horned horse would be torn into shreds by these dire wolves crowd, even the bones will not remain.

Yu Feng forcedly rose her spiritual power with a lovely yell, and then poured huge amount of light blue colored douqi to her huge sword. Her douqi which had the external appearance of raging flame stirred, and suddenly blazed, and took the form of Phoenix shaped red flame instantly burning dozens of dire wolves. But those dire wolves behind became even more amok and pounce on her.

In this way Yu Feng who had many injuries on her body again slayed dozens of dire wolves.

“Phoenix douqi? Phoenix clan’s member of Light city!” Long Yi was surprised inside his heart. This phoenix clan was independent from the Royal clan of Kuanglong Empire, all along they gave first priority to business, but always remained low-key. Their Phoenix douqi and mad dragon douqi were equally famous. Mad dragon douqi was suitable for men, but on the contrary Phoenix douqi was suitable for female to practice and bring out the maximum power.

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