Womanizing Mage

Chapter 26: Erotic treatment

Chapter 26: Erotic treatment

Silver Wolf king deeply looked at the departing back of Long Yi, after that turned around and ran towards the depth of the forest along with its children.

The sun was already setting in the west, and only its afterglow was warming this world. Along with the wind, the leaves were rustling, and the long shadow of one human and one horse could be seen.

Before anything else Long Yi had used light heal magic spell on the wound of his back to stop bleeding, and without any extra effort, he also casted this healing spell to the unconscious young girl and that one horned horse. But the effect of this elementary heal magic of light system was really not that effective. Long Yi took the horse towards the nearby brook which he had discovered, then he immediately haul down that unconscious young girl and lied her down on the meadow. Looking at that unconscious young girl who was still knitting her beautiful brows and her gorgeous cheeks were somewhat stiff cold, Long Yi smiled and patted her cheek, then talked to himself, “Even while unconsciousness, she still have the air of arrogance like this. It’s a little bit better for girl to be gentle and soft.”

Long Yi saw that bloods were still oozing from several wounds on her body, and her face was becoming redder and redder by the moment. It seems she was having a high fever, and if left alone, she might successfully burn herself into an idiot. Long Yi stood up, a sharp pain came through the wound on his back, but he just gritted his teeth and endured it. After that he looked around for a while, suddenly his eyes shined, then he took a big strides and arrived at the bank of this brook, then pull out a purple colored small grass grown there, and put it in his mouth and started to chew. After a while he happily smiled, he was not too big or not too small herbal medicine expert, but he boldly determined that this purple small grass had a hemostatic effect.

After he chewed a large amount of purple small grass into a paste, before anything else Long Yi casually applied it on the wound of his back to stop bleeding. But when it was time for applying this medicine on the wound of this young girl, Long Yi however felt awkward. This young girl had 2 deep wounds on her body compared to other wound on her body, and these deep wounds were on, one was on her left breast and other was on her inner thigh. These 2 wounds were at the most sensitive location of the girl. And while he was applying the medicine, if by any chance, this girl woke up then what would happen to him?

Long Yi hesitated for a moment, then he extended his hands and started to remove her skintight armor. “Saving life is more important, so for the time being I am a substitute for a doctor, yes doctor who only cares about their patients.” Long Yi was continuously muttering this inside his heart.

But very quickly Long Yi discovered that a doctor who only cares about their patients was utterly a bullshit. He would never believe that there were doctors that would not have any dirty thoughts when they were physically examining beautiful young girls or young married women, at the very least they would have…………. When Long Yi saw that tightly bounded firm and upright ** collapse, he was completely dazed, and unconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva many times. It is likely due to cultivating douqi, this young girl’s soft breast was especially tall and straight and well-knit, and even without touching, he knew that the elasticity of these breast were absolutely the best. Pink pearl on the top of her breast which were standing proudly, slightly quiver when the wind blew. Even if the saint sees this, they would immediately become perverted beast.

Long Yi was not a saint, in addition to breathing agitatedly, the small Long Yi was already hard, but even so he was still able to keep clear-headed. It’s not like he had transcended worldliness and attain holiness, rather the wound on her left breast constantly took his attention. Long Yi took a deep breathe, then stabilized his swaying state of mind, after that grabbed the herbal medicine which was pounded to pieces, and applied it on the wound of her left breast. His big hand finally came into contact with the soft and white creamy breast of this young girl, and his hand was filled with elasticity. Then Long Yi hand quivered, and inside his heart, Long Yi yelled very loudly.

The hand of Long Yi was pressed down on the left breast of this young girl, he slowly evenly spread the medical herb. It looked as if Long Yi was addicted to that soft and pleasurable feeling, and the light neigh of the one horned horse suddenly startled woke him up. Long Yi straightly stared at her **, he kept on staring at her slightly quivering pink pearl of breast, and he curiously flickered it with his two fingers. After that seeing that rapidly standing upright cherry due to simulation, Long Yi lightly smiled, “Truly a lovable little thing.”

After smiling at his lecherous act, Long Yi used both of his hands to tear the clothes around the thigh area of that young girl, and along with a tearing sound, a big hole appeared, which exposed her wound and also a large area of her fine and smooth skin. After that a unique aroma which was mixed with the smell of blood entered inside his nose.

“As they says, stinking man, aromatic woman. These words are really not wrong. Even the smell of blood was still unable to cover the fragrance of this girl.” Long Yi muttered to himself.

He parted the legs of this young girl so that he could apply the medicine easily, but Long Yi suddenly became slow-witted. As it turned out that he had possibly used a little bit more strength while tearing her pants, the hole had even reached her extremely private parts, and he could see several dark shiny curled naughty hairs drilled out from the edge. Seeing this erotic beautiful scenery, Long Yi almost had a nosebleed.

“See no evil, see no evil.” Long Yi squinted his eyes, and muttered continuously while applying herbal medicine on her wound. Long Yi himself didn’t know that, whether this was deliberate or not, but his hand actually was rather inclined to one side. The greater part of his palm was pressing at center of her soft mystical thigh. A trace of warmth was transferred to his heart from his palm, then Long Yi lightly quivered. After that the middle finger of Long Yi instinctively pressed forwards, but his finger unexpectedly sunk inside, as it turned out, his finger had slightly entered the mysterious crack of this young girl.

Refreshing, so comfortable, Long Yi moaned inside his heart, and he was somewhat reluctant to take it out. Then using the power to fight against tigers and lions, Long Yi finally spit out a mouthful of impure air, and stabilized his state of mind.

“The firepower of this little girl is too big, still I need to get it done quickly.” Long Yi quickly applied herbal medicine at the wound of her thigh, then ripped a number of cloth and warped up her wound. After everything was complete, Long Yi heave a long sigh of relief, and hastily took out a piece of long gown from his space ring and covered the lovely body of that young girl which was revealing a spring scenery.

As for the high fever, Long Yi didn’t have any good method, he could only use his internal force to protect the vitality of this girl, then use a cold ice magic spell to create some ice cubes, and then he warped it on a cloth and place it on her forehead.

The Sun had completely sunk into the horizon, and night wind was lightly moving as if the hand of loving mother was softly caressing. At this time, the eye lash of Yu Feng lightly moved, then she slowly opened her eyes, and saw brilliantly shining starry sky.

“Am I not dead?” Yu Feng felt pain form her body, and immediately remembered the tall and straight figure in the middle of dire wolves crowds which she had seen before she had lost her consciousness. And thought, “Was I rescued by him?”

With some effort, Yu Feng looked up, and saw a figure of a person who was lazily lying on the huge stone which was at the side of brook. He had place one of his leg on the top of other, both of his hands were at the back of his head, and it seems he was biting on a piece of grass in his mouth, and due to the darkness, the face looked somewhat hazy.

“So beautiful moonlit night, really give me poetic inspiration.” That figure suddenly somewhat vaguely whispered.

Yu Feng was dumbfounded, “If this person is a bard, then how did he save me from dire wolves crowd?”

Just at that moment, that figure cleared his throat, and suddenly spoke, “Ah…..ocean, you are full of water; Ah……fine horse, you have 4 legs.”

Listening this, Yu Feng was completely dumbfounded, “puchi” a lovely chuckle lightly echoed out in the night sky.

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