Womanizing Mage

Chapter 27: Undead magic

Chapter 27: Undead magic

“Are you awake?” Long Yi didn’t get off, still lying on the huge stone, he asked. In fact when the breathing tempo of Yu Feng had changed, Long Yi had already discovered the she was awoke.

“M-hm, thank you for saving my life. I am Yu Feng of Phoenix clan, I don’t know esteem benefactor’s name, but Yu Feng will definitely repay you.” Yu Feng really felt indebted, and she really wanted to know what her benefactor look like, but it seems he didn’t intend to come over her side.

“This is so-called see injustice on the road and draw one’s sword to help the victim, no need to repay. I have already send someone to inform Phoenix clan, so they will arrive here very soon. Since young lady is already awoke, I will be leaving.” Finished speaking, Long Yi get off from the stone and turned around to leave. Due to the grass in his mouth, his voice was also somewhat ambiguous.

When Yu Feng was still unconscious, Long Yi had decided not to let her see his face. So he found some passerby, and using a gold coin as a reward, he had asked this passerby to inform about this to the Phoenix clan. It’s not like Long Yi didn’t want to make a connection with Phoenix clan, it’s just that after this young girl notice the places on her body he had touched and seen, then his life will truly become extremely miserable. But now it seems she was still not aware of this, so naturally this was the best chance for him to escape from this place.

“Wait a minute, ah.” Hearing the foot step of Long Yi, Yu Feng immediately struggled to sit up, which cause pain to appear from her wound, and she cried out in pain.

Hearing the painful groan, Long Yi couldn’t help but to turn his head, and his heartbeat stared to rise again. But just at this time, from the spiritual power fluctuation, Long Yi saw that several lights were rushing towards their direction from Light city. Seeing this he instantly used great cosmos shift, and disappeared from that place just like a ghost. And only the faint broken voice entered the ears of Yu Feng, “Treating wounds to save a person, was last resort, thus leaving, meet you again at unspecified date.”

Seeing that Long Yi was leaving, Yu Feng felt like she had lost something inside her heart. But now hearing the broken voice of Long Yi, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. What ‘was last resort’? At that time a gust of evening wind blew in, and Yu Feng suddenly felt cold in her chest, then she lower her head to look, and was immediately embarrassed, her beautiful face immediately became completely bright red. It seems at the time when she had forced herself to sit up, the cloth which was covering her body had slid down, and her beautiful chest had come out from her tattered skin-tight armor.

At this time, Yu Feng also noticed her left breast and inner thigh were bandaged up. Now realizing that her body was seen by a stranger, Yu Feng was so embarrassed that she wanted to bury her head into the ground. Now she had roughly guessed why this man who had rescued her had ran away. After that Yu Feng sighed and drape the cloth Long Yi had left behind on her shoulder and softly spoke, “Why running away, irresponsible fellow, at most I would have just made you to marry me and be done with it.”

As a matter of fact, when Long Yi had rescued her at that time when she had given up all hope, especially that tall and straight figure she had seen was imprinted in her heart before she had lost her consciousness, and this had cause a certain subtle change in her heart. She had subconsciously regarded Long Yi as her prince charming which she had dreamed for a long period of time. This moment Yu Feng also discovered that the value of cloth left behind by Long Yi was extremely high, a normal noble didn’t have the ability to ever possess it. Discovering this, she determined that his background was certainly pretty good.

“I will absolutely find you, regardless of the ends of the earth.” Yu Feng resolutely thought, then her heart and her phoenix douqi burned with enthusiasm. Because her prince charming whom she had always dreamed about had suddenly appeared in her world, and he not only rescued her, but he had seen and even touched her body, so Yu Feng naturally wanted to pursue him.

While Yu Feng was gritting her teeth and pledging, an elegant and poised extremely beautiful woman who looked like a goddess, with two maids appeared in front of her.

“Feng’er, are you okay?” This beautiful woman squat down, catch the hand of Yu Feng and worriedly asked.

“Mother, I’m fine.” Yu Feng replied her.

“In the end, what exactly happened, and who injured you like that?” The eyes of this beautiful woman showed fury, she had already noticed the gown of a man on the body of her daughter. And she wanted to know who had injured her daughter like this, and after knowing she will definitely make him suffer fate worse than the death.

“Mother, we will talk about it after we return back. Feng’er is tired.” Yu Feng weakly said.


Long Yi looked at that tall and big gorgeous city wall of Light city from far away, he didn’t urgently enter this city. He just found a secluded place, took out that black colored magic wand and a bundle wrapped in cloth which was given to him by that silver wolf king from inside his space ring. This black colored magic wand was releasing strong dark element magic aura, if by any chance this was discovered inside the light city, he would be finished.

Long Yi held this unassuming magic wand, then looked all over this magic wand but couldn’t see any unique mark, so Long Yi thought that this wand was perhaps only a low-dark element magic wand. After that he opened the bundle wrapped in cloth, and the sudden appearance of human skull inside it nearly made Long Yi to throw away this bundle.

“Who the hell is so wicked, placing a human skull inside the baggage to frighten other?” Long Yi placed this baggage on the ground, and carefully looked at this shiny pitch-black human skull. This was absolutely not ordinary human skull, because ordinary human skull would never emit such suffocating death aura.

Long Yi notice that underneath the human skull, there were two books, so Long Yi didn’t think much and reached out his hand to lift that human skull. But when the hand of Long Yi came to contact with this human skull, it suddenly flew, opened its ferocious big mouth and ruthlessly bite into the finger of Long Yi.

Long Yi cried out in alarm, and wanted to shake it off, but unexpectedly it bit even firmly, and his fresh blood flowed into this human skull.

Long Yi gave up the struggle after a while because he noticed that the blood that had flowed out from his finger were being absorbed by this human skull. Slowly a trace of blood lines intertwined above this dark human skull and successfully formed a red colored network. And those lines of bloods were circulating as if it had its own life.

The heart of Long Yi was rather palpitating, he had never seen such abnormal thing. But he was not able to struggle free even after he had tried, so he helplessly watch this changes quietly. When this human skull was completely red after it was completely covered with blood networks, that human skull finally relax its bite and released his finger. But the even more strange thing that happened was, this human skull flew high up in the air and suddenly changed into blood colored light and entered inside the center of the palm of Long Yi’s left hand. Long Yi was struck dumb with amazement, then hastily looked at the center of his palm, and saw a blood red human skull mark in his hand, which completely looked like a mark from the birth.

Studying it for a long time, Long Yi didn’t find anything unusual, apart from the human skull mark, there was no change in his body. Since he was not able to understand or he simple didn’t want to think about it any longer, he picked up those two books. It seems this book was extremely old. Long Yi shook off the dusts, and turned on the first page of this book. Long Yi was extremely surprised to see the 4 brash black colored large character on the first page. “UNDEAD MAGIC.”

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