Womanizing Mage

Chapter 29: Mysterious Girl

Chapter 29: Mysterious Girl

Long Yi sneered: “Truly interesting, this woman actually knows sprit magic.” But before his spirit power, the attack of this woman was undoubtedly displaying one’s slight skill before expert. So naturally, Long Yi counter-taught her a small lesson, because he knew that this woman merely wanted to teach him a small lesson.

The pale complexion of this woman slowly revert back to normal, but her heart nevertheless was filled with terrifying waves. This hateful youth had casually dissolved her own spirit attack and counter attacked her with his spirit magic which was many times more powerful than hers. She had never thought that this ordinary looking son of wealthy family, was this actually such unfathomable spirit magician.

After that this woman casually ate her food, turned around and walked inside towards her room. Just this time, Long Yi also finished eating, so he stood up and followed behind her.

This woman saw that Long Yi was closely following her, so she couldn’t help but became surprised, and mistakenly believed that Long Yi was plotting something unlawful against her. When Long Yi followed her all the way to the luxurious room’s entrance of third floor, she was sure of her guess. She was somewhat frightened inside her heart, as a spirit mage she was very clear about the killing power of the spirit magic, because the spirit magic would not injure the physical body rather the soul.

Just at this moment, this woman saw that two inn assistance were coming over, so she immediately stopped, turned around and roared loudly to Long Yi, “You pervert, why the hell are you following this aunt? Do you want to eat me up?”

After this woman roared, a series of sounds of the doors opening one after another sounded. “Look what will happen now, you pervert. You dared to have a malicious intent towards this aunt.” She complacently thought inside her heart.

Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry in this situation, he just calmly looked at the face of this woman and said with a smile: “Are you talking to me?” Soon after that he scanned this woman from the top to bottom, nodded his head and added: “Although I am very interested, but I am still not that hungry that I can’t pick what I eat to arrive at that point.” Finished speaking, he walked across this woman, took out a room card, opened a door and entered.

“Not that hungry that I can’t pick what I eat? This bastard.” This woman was so angry that her whole body was shivering, and a minute dark colored energy which couldn’t be seen without looking extremely carefully flashed in her right hand for an instant.

“I hope you die very ugly death.” She roared, clenched her fist, and opened the door of the room next to Long Yi, entered the room and forcedly shut the door.

“Spirit magic, and dark magic, hoho, never expected to be a kindred spirit.” Long Yi leaning against the door of room laughed inside his heart. Just a moment ago, the red colored skull mark on the center of his left palm automatically vibrated, so Long Yi immediately sensed that fleeting dark magic fluctuation. It seems that this skull not only possess dark dimension space, but also the sensor of dark magic fluctuation.

Long Yi examined this spacious and well-lit extremely luxurious room. Then sat on the soft couch, and sipped a high grade fruit wine and enjoyed it. “As expected the suit of 10 gold is really different.” Long Yi sighed inside his heart.

Lying on the big bed, the face of that woman was filled with anger. Just a moment ago, she had truly lost her face. She got angrier and angrier, and thought, “Why did that fellow insult me?”

“Not that hungry that I can’t pick what I eat? Really infuriating.” Snorting coldly, she angrily jumped out from the bed, and rushed to bathroom. Then looking at her ordinary face which completely lacked any distinguishing feature reflected on the magic mirror, she softly muttered an incantation. After that a dark energy flashed, and her face started to distort. After few moment, everything returned to calmness, and in the magic mirror, a face which was lovely enough to cause the fall of a country, crescent moon like eyebrows with stars like eyes, skin so exquisite and tender just like a pure drop of water, and especially that fine pink colored lips which could easily provoke the thoughts of countless was reflected.

“Stinking bastard, am I ugly? Judging people solely by their external appearance, if you see my true features, will you still be able to think not that hungry that you can’t pick what you eat, humph.” She was somewhat lost in narcissism, touched her own face, and a smile appeared on her red lips which could completely overshadow all the beautiful women in the world.

Long Yi didn’t know that the person he had offended was such extremely beautiful woman. Currently he was sitting cross-legged on the bed, and was mediating, His body was releasing various colored magic elements. Among them purple colored lightning element was most abundant.

When the first ray of sunlight sprinkle through the window’s curtain, Long Yi slowly opened his eyes, and at this moment, his pupil was purple in color, but very quickly it changed back to original black color. And just when Long Yi was about to stretched his body, a light breaking sound reverberated, then he flew in the air, circled a lap around the room, and slowly landed on the floor.

Sensing the surge of internal force inside his body, Long Yi was contented, but was also somewhat skeptical, as just after several days, his Ao Tian jue unexpectedly showed the sigh of breaking through the first layer.

After washing his face and rinsing the mouth, Long Yi had his breakfast, and asked the direction to Mercenary guild, afterwards he walked straight towards that place. Although it was just early in the morning, but various kinds of peoples and races were hurriedly walking on the streets of Light city. And finally Long Yi saw rarely seen elf, beast people, as well as dwarf. As expected male elves were handsome, and female elves were beautiful. And it seems beast people had a close relation with rank and race, usually higher the rank, lesser the chance of degree of variance. Inside the beast people, cat clan and fox clan were comparatively more beautiful and handsome, it said that the number of beautiful woman in these two clans were not to be in small number. Dwarves were very short, when Long Yi met a dwarf for the first time, he sighed, and was unable to imagine these small people of about 1 meter possessed amazing talent in forging. The dwarfs’ weapons and armors were extremely well-known in entire Canglan continent. And the dwarf’s weapon shops were also opened in all over this continent. [Note: I don’t know how he meet beast people here, as in previous chapters it is mentioned that beast peoples had retreated to the forest.]

Walking two blocks, then turning and moving forward in the alley, here was the mercenary guild of Light city according to that person. Basically all guilds were concentrated in the neighborhood of this long alley.

The arrival of Long Yi attracted the attention of many peoples, because in this alley neighborhood, no one was dressed in magic robe and held a magic wand, rather were dressed in leather armor and was holding a huge sword, holding bow and arrows, or holding a gagger. In short, only peoples of these 3 types, no ordinary person could be seen. And in such place Long Yi was wearing gorgeous brocade dress, so he was particularly standing out in this crowd.

Long Yi look all around him, and finally saw one building with a banner where the huge words mercenary guild was stylishly written on it. After that under the gaze of peoples, Long Yi entered mercenary guild. The hall of mercenary guild was very big, was a boiling cauldron of voices, and was overcrowded. There were many mercenaries and mercenary groups in this place for accepting mission and completing mission.

Long Yi squeezed to the mercenary registering window, there was a pretty young girl inside.

“Hello, may I ask if you are here to register as a mercenary?” That young girl affectionately smiled, displayed her two dimples, and asked Long Yi.

Long Yi sensed kindness in her voice, he had never though that the attitude in attending the guests of mercenary guild was this good, then he smiled back and nodded his head, “Yes.”

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