Womanizing Mage

Chapter 30: Enemies on a narrow road*

Chapter 30: Enemies on a narrow road*

(Title is idiom: enemies run into each other frequently)

“Mercenary registration requires 1 gold coin.” That young girl answered with a smiled.

Long Yi nodded his head, paid the fee, took the form given by that young girl and filled it. Finally after that, that young girl gave him a mercenary card and a mercenary medal. A shield and two swords cross were engraved above that medal, and that medal was white in color. As a most low level F-ranked mercenary, after successfully completing certain number of missions, he could rise in rank. The medal of E-ranked mercenary was red in color, D-ranked was green color, C-ranked was yellow color, B-ranked was purple color, A-ranked was silver color, S-rank was golden color, and S-rank was also the highest level of mercenary.

After that Long Yi arrived at mercenary mission issuing place, and saw a huge blackboard where various kind of missions of different rank was written. Long Yi looked through the F-ranked missions for a while, and discovered that all the missions were only kill several fire rabbit, deliver a letter and so on type of mission. E-ranked and D-ranked missions were also comparatively simple, no challenge at all.

Suddenly, Long Yi saw an A-ranked mission on the top of the blackboard, which stated that, go to the Yuxu Mountain which was 800 li away from Light city, and kill B-class magical beast, Earth bear. After that take out a white colored jade like stone from its abdomen. Mission reward; 10,000 Amethyst coins. Seeing this, Long Yi was dumbfounded, and thought, “Is this talking about that Earth bear?”

Long Yi pondered: “How did the person who issued this mission knew that there is a white colored jade inside the abdomen of Earth bear? His purpose is clearly that white colored jade, 10,000 Amethyst coins, truly a good bait.” But Long Yi was naturally not that stupid to hand over that white colored jade to complete this mission. His intuition was telling him that there was a big conspiracy behind this mission, and he didn’t want to take initiative to engulf inside it.

Just then, a burst of clamor came through the hall of mercenary guild, so Long Yi looked towards the hall, and saw a 7 chi giant man who was carrying very huge sword on his shoulder, was using his thunder like voice to shout and draw the attention of all the people.

Long Yi go over, and listen to this giant man: “For Huang mang plain’s Lost city mission, we are recruiting high ranked fighters and magicians. Our team is very powerful, we have 2 Advance Magician, 2 Advance Fighter, 1 Swords Master, and 1 elf archer. Anyone that want to join, come to sign up.”

As soon as this giant man opened his mouth, more than half of the originally lively crowd suddenly dispersed, and one of the person among them who looked like a magician spoke: “Only fool would take this A-ranked mission, last time Heavenly thunder mercenary group took this mission, and were completely wiped out in Huang mang plain.”

Hearing what this magician had said, Long Yi immediately pulled to stop him and asked: “Elder brother, is the strength of Heavenly thunder mercenary group which you have mentioned just a moment ago comparable to this person’s group?”

This magician looked at Long Yi from top to bottom, and saw F-ranked mercenary medal on his chest, only then he had an appearance of understanding, after that he replied to Long Yi: “Did you have just join the mercenary guild? If so then no wonder you don’t know about Heavenly thunder mercenary guild. This Heavenly thunder mercenary group was B-ranked mercenary group, had 1 Master Magician, 1 Great Swords Master, and a dozen or so Advance magicians and Advance Fighters. But even they were completely wiped out in Huang mang plain, now you say yourself, aren’t this fool and several other Advance Fighters just courting death?”

After hearing this, Long Yi thought for a while, then looking at the disappointed face of that giant man, he walked over with a smile and said: “Hello, may I ask if I can join?”

That giant man looked at Long Yi, saw his dress up, and mistakenly believed that Long Yi was one of those son of rich family coming over to seek amusement, so that giant man instantly snapped: “We are going for a mission, not for a tour.”

“I said I want to go with you for the mission, look here, just a moment ago, I have already registered as a mercenary.” Long Yi said with a smile while pointing at his mercenary medal on his chest.

The giant man hesitated for a short while and asked: “Are you a magician or a fighter?”

“Fighter.” Long Yi took out a huge sword from his space ring, then just like the giant man he also carried his huge sword in his shoulder.

Seeing the huge sword on the shoulder of Long Yi, the eyes of that giant man revealed envy. The mighty and magnificent design of this huge sword clearly showed that this huge sword was crafted by the hand of first-rate dwarf. And the blade of this huge sword was made up of forged steel with one hundred refining. So the price of this sword would definitely be more than 5 Amethyst coins.

“Are you Advance Fighter?” The attention of that giant man didn’t leave the huge sword of Long Yi.

Long Yi just smiled, then waved his huge sword which flashed with light blue colored douqi.

“You are a Swords Master? We naturally welcome you to join us.” That giant man was excited, he had never expected that this youth who looked less than 20 years old was actually Swords Master level. He however had to train hard for more than 30 years to reach the standard of Swords Master.

“My name is Ha Lei, what is your name?” The giant man forthright extend his big hand.

“Long Yi, I hope pleasant cooptation.” Long Yi also extend his hand and reached out to hold the hand of that giant man.

“Please wait here for a moment, so we can find one magician and then we can meet with other fellows.” That giant man answered Long Yi.

Ha Lei shouted several times again all over the place, but when everyone heard Huang mang plain’s Lost city mission, they dispersed. So just when Long Yi and Ha Lei intended to go to another location to meet the other companions, and also have a lunch at the same time, a soft voice came: “I don’t know if I could join?”

Hearing this voice, Long Yi turned around and was dumbfounded, because it turned out to be that the person asking was the same woman who had conflict with him in the inn. As before she was wearing black robe, and as before she had a plain face.

“My name is Leng Youyou, Advance Spirit Magician.” Leng Youyou introduced herself to Ha Lei as if she didn’t see Long Yi, then directly took out a medal of magician guild.

“You are Spirit Magician, good good, you are welcome to join. Finally we are ready.” Ha Lei happily said. He didn’t expect that he had such good fortune today, not only did he find a Swords master, moreover he still found an Advance Spirit Magician. One should know that Spirit Magician were extremely rare, they could attack silently so it was hard to guard against it, and the most terrible thing was they could directly attack the soul. Once soul suffers damaged, that person either becomes idiot or becomes vegetable.

After that the eyes of Long Yi and Leng Youyou directly met, and sparks flew about in all direction.

“So your name is Leng Youyou, it seems we two are fated to meet each other.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Leng Youyou just snorted and replied in a cold voice: “Who is predetermined by fate with you?”

“How is this not a fate, as they says, it takes a hundred years to stay in a ship together, and it takes a thousand years to sleep on the same bed, we are now aboard people, so it seems we must have already known each other for hundred years in precious incarnation.” Long Yi laughed.

“Even if we knew each other, we were definitely enemies in our previous incarnation.” Leng Youyou replied.

“If previously there is any problem between you two, leave it alone for now. Now I will take you to meet our other companions.” Said Ha Lei. After that he walked out from mercenary guild.

Leng Youyou resolutely stared at Long Yi and followed Hai Lei. Long Yi looked at the perk buttocks of Leng Youyou and couldn’t help but lightly laugh: “Although appearance is not up to much, but actually possessed the real devil figure, che.”

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