Womanizing Mage

Chapter 4: Bad Translation

It is obvious that Ao Tian Style can’t be fully mastered in such a short time, and it’s just the first entrance stage is when the style is easy to learn, and the difficulty increases as you progress to higher stage. A normal people would have needed 2~3 years to finish the first stage, and it will still take a lot of effort after that. If you aren’t that bright, then it would be impossible for you to advance to the second stage. We can clearly see how difficult the Ao Tian Style is. In his previous life, Long Yi is a god-sent genius who managed to get to the 5th stage when he was 30 years old. He also knows that the body he is possessing has an outstanding talent to study fast, but it is impossible to get to the mythical 9th stage in such a short time. Long Yi slowly balances his emotions and thoughts.

“Palm of Distanced Space.” Long Yi shouts as he concentrates the qi into his palm and shoots it at the electric sparkles on the metallic wall.

(TN: Do you want me to translate the skill to a technical term that sounds chuu2 af, or just keep it at the original language aka “Pi Kong Zhang”? Your choice.)

A gust of wind coming from Long Yi’s inner qi) heavily attacks the wall. With a big BAAAM sound, the metallic wall immediately makes a bunch of continuous sounds while shaking the entire cell up.

Long Yi gives himself a scary surprise: Why does the power of the first stage in this world is equal to the power of the second stage on earth, and it is not affected by the prison’s anti-power seal? He feels that the current situation is magically special, since even if someone noticed he had escaped from the spirit binding, he can still escape from here.

After a while and still nobody has arrived to question him what happened, nothing has happened and surrounding him is a silence that can drive people crazy.

“Maybe the Jin Tian prison is designed for death row inmates? Are they trying to starve me to death?” Long Yi asks himself after listening carefully for anybody to come and question him. It is also because there are nobody, he begins to feel very hungry.

For some reason, Long Yi feels a sense of familiarity as he looks upon the electric sparkles on the metallic wall.

“Familiar my ass, obviously anybody would be familiar with lightning if you get hit by it… anyway, I’m starving like crazy!” Long Yi moans, his feet seems to move forward unconsciously.

Long Yi sees the terrifying electric sparks surrounding him making bzt bzt sounds, within it seems to have a lively spirit moving around, similar to a curious baby having fun. Long Yi is mesmerized by the scene, uncontrollably moves his hand forward to touch the electric current. He suddenly recovers his consciousness and immediately stops his hands from their intended action.

“Damn, how scary, is there someone who’s trying to hypnotize me? No, it’s not possible, I’d have noticed it already.” As Long Yi tries to put both of his hands down, something odd happened: The electric current on the wall flies straight into his hands as if it is attracted by an unknown force.

Long Yi quickly retracts his hands, but only to find the electricity is moving on his body without electrocuting him, while he feels like he is absorbing it.

Long Yi looks at his hands with a puzzled look on his face. He then puts both of his hands on the wall again, and the silver-colored electric current fluidly enters his body like a lost child finally found its family. He does not think much about this phenomenon, but Long Yi feels somewhat weird about the situation.

More and more electric current enter his body and Long Yi does not feel any discomfort, since the electricity that entered his body seems to disappear without a trace after coming into his body. Slowly Long Yi feels a warm energy flowing around his body, slowly bringing pleasure to him. Within his consciousness, he seems to be returned to a wild forest, where a nude girl is lying down….

In the palace of Tenglong City, Long Ling Er stands frozen in front of a miniature mountain in her garden, with four or five maids standing far away looking at her with care. For the last two days the princess has been just like that. She did not scowl any palace maids, but just standing there looking at each snowflake falling with her eyes void of life.

Wrapped inside her own imaginary cocoon, Long Ling Er’s heart has frozen up, with expressionless eyes looking at everything surrounding her. Everything is because of the nightmare that night. Since then, she has an absolute aversion to the dark, as she is constantly reminded of Simon Yu’s perverted evil smile, which make her feels as if she has eaten a flies. But occasionally she would think of the struggling and pained look in his eyes in front of her, and also the overbearing sentence: “You are my woman, and therefore I will not kill you.” And whenever she thinks of this sentence, she immediately becomes so irritated and begins to use high-class magic Hellfire to burn everything several meters surrounding her. This has made the worrying Emperor Long Zhan decided to end the bastard Ximen Yu without waiting any further.

Long Ling Er stands there blankly as a very-stressed maid walks toward her and softly says: “My Princess, Lady Ximen has arrived.”

“Bring her to me.” Long Ling Er says coldly. Ximen Wu Hen has came here several times before, but was restricted from entering. Even though she is her best friend, she is still that bastard’s sister.

A figure covered by white clergy vestment charmingly walks in. A light breeze makes her priestess clothing flutters in the win. If looked closely, the girl clearly possesses great beauty, with a face that can make countless men intoxicated without drinking. She possesses an eyebrow like a willow’s leaf, with eyes as clear as the water in the lake, her petite nose on her cherry colored lips combined with her snow-white skin, in addition to a warm and gentle temperament exuding from her making one feels like he is living within the mild wind in Spring.

“Wu Hen, if you are here to give an excuse for that bastard then don’t say anything. I will never forgive him.” Long Ling Er says right away without letting Ximen Wu Hen opens her mouth, because it is impossible to refuse this little sister whenever she begins to speak.

Ximen Wu Hen exhales lightly and says: “Ling Er, I’m not here to seek forgiveness, because whatever he did to you, he’ll have to take on the consequences. I’m sorry for how our Ximen Family has treated you.”

Listening to the gentle words of Ximen Wu Hen, Long Ling Er’s misery and grievance fill her up once again. She holds Ximen Wu Hen tightly as she cries convulsively.

Ximen Wu Hen softly pats Ling Er on her back. To be honest, she is disgusted of her half-brother. He is truly the shame of the Ximen family. It’s just that she can’t understand why father would be so indulging, is it because his mother is the great elder sister of the Dongfang Family?

“Wu Hen, what should I do? What should I do?” Long Ling Er tries to put on a strong front as she tries to face Ximen Wu Hen, but still cries as she says those words. The virginity of the women in Kuang Long Empire is very important to their entire life. Tragedy of this scale would break the spirit of any female, let alone a haughty princess like herself.

Seeing Long Ling Er getting more and more agitated, Ximen Wu Hen quickly grabs Ling Er’s hand and infuses a bright white light into her boy. This is a basic-class spell Spirit Guardian which can guard off evil spirit and make people feel calmer.

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