Womanizing Mage

Chapter 3: Inside the Jail.

Chapter 3: Inside the Jail.

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Note: This is a heavy info dump chapter, I’ll try to give some explanation of concept or name so that it makes more sense overall.

When Long Yi wakes up from the chaos within, he finds his entire body aches in pain, making him unable to hold back a groan. He clenches his teeth wanting to sit down, but find his limbs cuffed in invisible locks.

Long Yi looks around the cell he is living in. This must be this world’s prison, built using this unknown white metal. Apart from some small ventilations, the entire cell is sealed closed, with electric sparkling on the white metal. If not because of a ball of light hanging above, he would have thought this is a high-tech prison cell for VIPs.

“What in hell is this place?” Long Yi looks at the ball of light above and asks himself.

“Argh!” Long Yi suddenly exclaims, memories that do not belong to him start overflowing inside of his brain, giving him a painful headache. As the pieces of memories slowly recombine, many scenes flash inside of his head as if he has already experienced it.

Long Yi’s pupils gradually dilate. From these memories, he knows this is the land of sword and magic, called Cang Lan continent. Cang Lan Continent has 3 Empires and several colonies. The 3 great empires consist of Ao Yue Empire to the north, Nalan Empire to the south and Kuang Long Empire to the east. The west is the Elven Forest and the Heng Duan mountain range. Elves live in the Elven Forest and Beastmen live within the plains within the Heng Duan’s plains and hills. Nobody knows what exists on the other side of Heng Duan mountain range, as even devils and gods can’t pass through it.

The young man whose body Long Yi possessed has a father who is the patriarch of the greatest family within the Four Great Families of Kuang Long Empire: He is the son of the Ximen Family’s Patriarch Ximen Nu (Nu = Anger). He is eighteen years of age, has a big half-brother and young half-sister (same father different mothers). His big brother, Ximen Tian (Tian = sky), is the leader of the elite Kuang Long military force, and he has been the vice-commander of the army since 28 years old. He has mastered the country’s infamous Kuang Long Dou Qi to the dark-blue color, making him a Master-ranked Swordsman. His little sister Ximen Wu Hen (Wu Hen = no hate), is one of the well-known great beauties in the continent, while she is also already a high priestess at the tender age of sixteen. There is just Ximen Yu who didn’t care to learn any martial arts or magic, and most of the time just focusing in killing and raping for entertainment. His father Ximen Nu wanted to force him under strict discipline, but his overprotective mother – who is definitely not a vegetarian – has always protected him from that situation.

Emperor Long Zhan of the Kuang Long Empire opens his eyes then closes them again. Standing behind him is Ximen Nu, who is feeling the heat at the moment, as nobody knows what to do to protect his kid. He didn’t expect the main target of his brat is actually Long Lin Er – the Emperor’s most prided princess, seems like that brat is not going to sit well through this storm.

After pondering for a while, Long Yi can’t help but give himself a smile of ridicule. He was just recently reborn and already is in jail for committing rape. His mother probably will lose face to her family this time.

Long Yi continues to manage his new memories. According to Ximen Yu, Kuang Long Empire’s Four Great Families are Dongfang Family, Nangong Family, Beitang Family and Ximen Family ( Dong -Nan-Bei-Xi is respectively East, South, North and West). In the Four Great Families, Ximen Family holds the greatest power, then it is the Dongfang family. Since the two families have joined force, their power cannot be underestimated.

In this world, magic and dou qi holders are the ones that has power over everything else. Magicians are one of the most well-received professions. At the same time, magic users are really few in numbers, as magic is simply too hard to learn. Aside from diligence, one also need great intuition (or insightful. Westerners can refer to the New Age concept of having to be enlightened, refer to Herman Hesse or Thoreau). Magicians are separated into different categories: Fire mage, Water Mage, Earth mage, as well as Light mage and Dark mage. There’s also the rare Spirit mage and Necromancer. The levels are divided into: Apprentice Magician, Beginner Magician, Intermediate Magician, Advance Magician, Master Magician, Mage, Archmage, Master Archmage, and finally Magic God.

Similarly, warriors are also split into Apprentice Fighter, Beginner Fighter, Intermediate Fighter, Advance Fighter, Swordsman, Great Swordsman, Master Swordsman, Sword Saint, Sword God. The color of dou qi also differs from rank to rank, as Apprentice Fighters don’t have any external dou qi. The colors corresponding to the ranks are respectively light cyan, cyan, dark cyan, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple and gold.

I’ll make it easier for visual people:

Apprentice Magician Apprentice Fighter Colorless

Beginner Magician Beginner Fighter Light Cyan

Intermediate Magician Intermediate Fighter Dark Cyan

Advance Magician Advance Fighter Light Green

Master Magician Swordsman Dark Green

Mage Great Swordsman Light Blue

Archmage Master Swordsman Dark Blue

Master Archmage Sword Saint Purple

Magic God Sword God Gold

Our Ximen Yu who has not study in anything possesses a dark cyan dou qi, so he is just a Intermediate Fighter. In comparison to other young men, he’s not in a bad shape, but to the Ximen Family he is really just a trash. His half-brother Ximen Tian is already a swordsman at his age.

From the memories of Ximen Yu, Long Yi has found a basic understanding of this world and his own situation. He tries to move his body but finds out it is extremely heavy, so clearly it is the restriction spell of a Spirit mage.

Just as his mind reaches the word “Spirit,” Long Yi suddenly jolts as he thinks of the possibility of being able to get rid of this spell purely by the Spiritual Power he possessed on Earth. He closes his eyes to carefully move the flow of his inner spiritual energy, and it slowly begins from the center between his eyebrows. If he can’t control his spiritual energy, it can result in him becoming dumb person.

Long Yi is in complete terror as his body begins to feel the chill, then he wants to scream out loud because of happiness! His spiritual energy is now five, if not six, times stronger than what he had on Earth. However, using spiritual energy to attack is not as easy as using fists. Long Yi closes his eyes again and notices a layer of invisible spiritual energy chain binding him down. He then carefully controls his own SP to attack the chain, and thinks to himself it’ll take a while to break it. What he didn’t expect is that the spirit chain was destroyed almost immediately after.

Long Yi exhales lightly, his body aches upon moving, forcing him to bite his lips to stop sounds from coming out.He looks at his tattered clothings and all the purple bruises on his body, so for sure while he’s sleeping other people has treated him very “nicely”. Long Yi tries to move his body again, and sighs: “Bones are still okay, but I’m not sure if I still have time left to practice Ao Tian Technique?” Then he suddenly remembers the ancient Kuang Long dou qi of Ximen Yu, Long Yi holds his hands up in the air and tries to form an external layer of dou qi outside of his body. The result is that his dark cyan dou qi didn’t appear. Finally, Long Yi recalls a memory that Tenglong City has a prison named Jin Tian that has a very strong barrier, where either dou qi or magic can not be used. “Not sure if inner qi (Earth’s qi technique, often seen in wuxia’s stories) is effective or not?” Long Yi mumbles, he becomes increasingly curious of this new world.

Long Yi sits down with his legs crossed while murmuring the words of Ao Tian Technique, his heart starts to slow down and he enters the meditation mode. After a while, from his dan tian (below belly) appears a trace of heat passing through the entire course of his body, and after each circulation the heat begins to grow.

Several circulations later, Long Yi wakes up from his meditation mode, with his face shows an unbelieving expression. He just meditated once and he has already enter the first stage of Ao Tian Technique.

With this speed, he’ll only need one or two months to reach the height of the 9 stages? Long Yi immediately shakes his head. You should know that he needs 25 years to reach the 5th stage when he was on Earth, as it becomes increasingly difficult passing through successive stages, but the power also multiplies when you successfully reaches a new stage. Ao Tian Technique shouldn’t be this easy, right?

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