Womanizing Mage

Chapter 673: Space barrier collapse

Chapter 673: Space barrier collapse

The undead creatures wreaked havoc. All the races suffered heavy casualties. In the end, all remaining population was concentrated in a few safe areas with a holy light array which obstructed undead creatures.

Long Yi stood on the top of the imperial palace, watching the distant blood-red sky. Now, his eternally smiling handsome face was ice-cold. Nalan Ruyue was captured, and she was captured by Long Two, this fact made him feel as if thousands of knife were simultaneously cutting his flesh. For a moment, he wanted to rush into the Demon World regardless of anything. He knew that everything was caused by the Heavenly Demon King. But, he still endured. Heavenly Demon King wouldn’t easily take Nalan Ruyue’s life. He should be Heavenly Demon King’s target, so he waited, waiting for the opportunity to turn this passive state into an active state.

Not far away from him, his wives were looking at him with concern. All of them knew that the capture of Nalan Ruyue was a fatal blow to him, but even if they wanted to come over and console him, his current expression made them unable to take even a step closer.

“Cousin, don’t worry, Heavenly Demon King will not harm Nalan Ruyue.” Dongfang Kexin’s voice resounded in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. At this moment, since she was in a soul state, the terrifying expression of Long Yi didn’t greatly affect her like others.

The ice-cold expression of Long Yi melted. He was already aware that his current emotion was problematic. Now, he needed to calm down, balance his mentality, and look for an opportunity to save Nalan Ruyue and his unborn baby in her stomach.

“If this doomsday calamity is caused by Heavenly Demon King alone, then his strength might have far outclassed mine. Can it be that this world is truly going to be destroyed?” Long Yi seemed to mutter to himself and also seemed to be speaking to Dongfang Kexin.

“Cousin, believe in yourself, there is nothing in this world that you can’t resolve. You were born to save the world.” Dongfang Kexin softly said. From her tone, she seemed to have a kind of faith in Long Yi.

Long Yi sighed. Heaven made him come to this strange world, was it truly to make him save the world?

At that time, the clouds in blood-red sky churned and a huge blood-red phantom head appeared. It was the image of the Heavenly Demon King.

“Hegemon God Long Yi, this king is waiting for you in Demon World’s Doomsday Valley. I want to see what exactly is so distinctive about your chaos divine power.” The loud voice of Heavenly Demon King resounded throughout the entire world, then the phantom head gradually faded away.

Long Yi floated down. After Heavenly Demon King issued him a challenge, his mental state completely calmed down. He was afraid that Heavenly Demon King wouldn’t show up, but now that he showed up, he was somewhat relieved.

“My husband……” His wives stepped forward. All of them had different expression, but the worry in their eyes was the same.

“If it truly is the doomsday, then no one can escape. But, since there is a glimmer of hope, why not fight for it?” Long Yi looked at his wives with a smile and reverted back to his previous confident and optimistic state.

“My husband, go, we will be waiting for your return.” Nangong Xiangyun with a big stomach stepped forward, grabbed the hand of Long Yi and said.

Long Yi gently caressed the stomach of Nangong Xiangyun. He could feel the unborn baby inside. Suddenly, his eyes became somewhat moist. As it turned out, it was so wonderful to become a father. That happiness of watching the little life he created grow up every day was something he couldn’t express in words.

“I am going, don’t worry, no one in this world can take my life.” Long Yi laughed. He then turned around and fly away like an arrow.

And at that time, a green shadow quickly followed after him.

Long Yi sensed a person chasing behind him and stopped. Then, Elf Queen appeared in front of him.

“Your Majesty the Queen, what noble errand brings you here?” Upon seeing the complicated and tender expression of Elf Queen, his heart moved. Merely, he was going to the Demon World this time. Although he appeared relaxed on the surface, he was actually worried. He didn’t have any confidence against Heavenly Demon King.

Elf Queen looked at Long Yi for a long time and her complicated expression was completely replaced by tenderness. Since the matter had already reached to this point, why should she suffer while lying to herself? She loved him, but it was very difficult to admit it, merely, at this moment, all ethics and moral principles can go to hell.

Long Yi clearly understood upon a first glance. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but no words came out.

Elf Queen stepped forward and standing on her tiptoes, she gently kissed Long Yi’s lips and softly said: “You don’t have to say anything, I don’t care about anything now. As long as Luxiya and I are together with you, even if other people say that I am a loose woman, it’s fine, even if they looked down upon me, it’s fine, merely, I have a request… please come back alive.”

Long Yi nodded his head and disappeared into the horizon.

Upon seeing this scene, the women below had a different reaction. The matter between Long Yi and Elf Queen, who didn’t know among them? Merely, no one was willing to inquire more about it. Dongfang Wan who had always been addressing Elf Queen as sister sighed softly. In the end, she still couldn’t prevent it. Merely, at this moment, who cared about these things?


Demon World, Long Yi embarked on this dark land again. This was the only world that was not ravaged by undead creatures. It seemed that Heavenly Demon King truly had something to do with Extreme Yin Day occurring again.

Heavenly Demon King sat on a chair made up of white bones. Below him, there were countless demon soldiers and demon generals. As long as he gave a command, these demons would do anything for him, including committing suicide. One could say that when Heavenly Demon King had entered the seclusion, the Demon World was not completely untied, but now, after he came out of seclusion, the entire Demon World was completely united under his control.

Long Yi slowly walked through thousands upon thousands of men and horses. The demon soldiers parted on their own to make a way and Long Yi leisurely stepped forward as if he was taking a walk in his backyard. There was not even a hint of fear and nervousness on his face.

“Long Yi, Hegemon God, hahaha, good, good, we finally met.” Heavenly Demon King laughed heartily.

“Finally? You should say we meet again.” Long Yi looked straight into the eyes of Heavenly Demon King and involuntarily trembled. He instinctively felt a kind of fear.

Heavenly Demon King ignored him and continued: “I heard that you are the successor of the God of Creation, and you have already forged seven-attributed Godhead, cultivating the Chaos Divine Technique of the God of Creation. This king wants to see how powerful the successor of the God of Creation is.”

Long Yi, however, didn’t stop his steps. He climbed the bone mountain, step by step, and stopped when he was just a few meters away from Heavenly Demon King. He then smiled and said: “Sorry, I don’t have the habit of looking up to other people, don’t mind me.”

“Haha, this king doesn’t mind……”

Before Heavenly Demon King finished speaking, Long Yi condensed chaos divine power on his palm and attacked Heavenly Demon King. Instantly, a powerful energy fluctuation spread all over and many demon soldiers whose strength was not up to much vomited a mouthful of blood. At this point, the battle between the master of Divine World and the master of Demon World started.

The blood-red hair of Heavenly Demon King fluttered as he easily dealt with the sneak attack of Long Yi. He then laughed loudly. This kid was despicable enough, but he liked it.

A powerful energy shockwave destroyed everything in the surrounding area. Fortunately, Blood Demon Diluo had withdrawn these demon soldiers in time, otherwise, many of them might not have escaped death.

Long Yi crazily circulated AoTianJue within his body. It supplemented and complemented with his chaos divine power. He had never felt such a good state. But, under the pressure of Heavenly Demon King, he was already going all-out. Heavenly Demon King, however, looked relaxed as before, moreover, he seemed to understand the unique property of chaos divine power.

“Boom!” A blood light shattered the divine light of Long Yi, and without losing any power, it crashed onto Long Yi.

Long Yi was sent flying more than a thousand meters away. In addition, he felt a cold and sinister energy drilling into his body and directly advanced towards his brain and heart.

Long Yi gritted his teeth, and with a thought, all seven spirit tablets in his sea of consciousness spun rapidly. Then, his chaos divine power became vast and surrounded that cold and sinister energy, assimilating it, little by little.

Heavenly Demon King didn’t take this chance to attack Long Yi. He indifferently watched Long Yi shrouded in a divine light. Once in a white, a hint of inexplicable light flashed through his blood-red eyes.

Finally, Long Yi completely assimilated the cold and sinister energy that entered his body. He then looked at Heavenly Demon King and said with a smile: “Heavenly Demon King, in the seclusion of this time, not only you have become far stronger, even your character has become a lot nobler.”

“Some things always change.” Heavenly Demon King indifferently replied.

Long Yi was greatly surprised in his heart. Heavenly Demon King was ruthless and bloodthirsty. His world has nothing but killing. But, the current Heavenly Demon King gave him a different feeling. It was as if he had attained Buddhahood after achieving supreme enlightenment, simply was unimaginable.

“Then, can you change your decision to massacre Human and Divine World?” asked Long Yi.

“All creations in the world are destroyed and reborn in a cycle. Destruction is for an even better rebirth, and this king is responsible for the destruction.” Heavenly Demon King replied and emitting dense baleful aura, he laughed heartily.

“Are you truly the Heavenly Demon King?” Long Yi was full of doubts. Anyone else could say those words, but it was too weird coming out of Heavenly Demon King’s mouth.

The laughter of Heavenly Demon King disappeared. He stared fixedly at Long Yi and said: “You are the world’s biggest obstruction in this king’s destruction path. Today, let this king destroy you first.”

All seven spirit tablets shot out from the glabella of Long Yi, and transforming into seven light beams, they flew around Heavenly Demon King.

“Chaos Annihilates Demon’s Curse!” The figure of Long Yi flickered as he chanted an obscure incantation. The entire world seemed to fluctuate along with this sound of incantation. The seven spirit tablets trembled as if they were also reacting and seven attributed lights gradually merged into one with Heavenly Demon King at the center.

A layer of bloody light appeared around Heavenly Demon King as he laughed: “You actually learned Chaos Annihilates Demon’s Curse, but, it is useless against me.”

Upon hearing what was said, Long Yi frowned, but he didn’t dare to get distracted. He used all his divine power in this move. Even if he couldn’t kill Heavenly Demon King with this move, he had to trap him at the least.

Merely, the plan of Long Yi fell apart. Heavenly Demon King seemed to be very familiar with this move. He actually didn’t even dodge, instead, he just released his demonic qi and it tangled with Long Yi’s chaos divine power. This was the collision of pure energy. Although chaos divine power had the property to assimilate everything, it needed time. The bloody energy of Heavenly Demon King was so large that Long Yi was shocked. In the fierce contest of energy, he was absolutely in a disadvantageous position.

Long Yi bitterly contend against it. This was like the collision of internal forces in his previous world. Once the internal forces tangled with each other, if one side hastily withdraws, then his internal organs will be broken into pieces by the internal force of the other party.

“Father, don’t fight with him.” At that time, a graceful figure jump into their fight and forcibly squeezed into the energy collision.

Not good, she will be annihilated.

“Siyan.” Long Yi was startled. This little demoness had disappeared without a trace after she ran away from Sunset Peak. He didn’t know where she hid in this period of time. At that moment, he noticed that the intensity of Heavenly Demon King’s energy had weakened a lot. He also withdrew his energy taking advantage of this chance.

“Father, don’t hurt him,” said Siyan in tears.

“Step aside.” Heavenly Demon King coldly said.

“I won’t, if you want to kill him, then you have to kill me first.” Upon seeing Heavenly Demon King’s indifferent gaze, Siyan’s heart became cold.

Heavenly Demon King just laughed heartily. Suddenly, a blood colored light beam instantly pierced through Siyan’s body.

“Siyan!” Long Yi was shocked for a moment. He then rushed over while shouting and tightly held Siyan. He couldn’t believe this. Heavenly Demon King actually attacked his own biological daughter.

At this moment, Siyan’s face was filled with pain and disbelief as she stared fixedly at Heavenly Demon King.

“This king wanted to spare your life, but since you court death yourself, don’t blame others.” Heavenly Demon King coldly said.

“You… you are not my father, who are you?” Siyan asked with great difficulty.

Heavenly Demon King however just laughed without any reply.

The hands of Long Yi slightly trembled. Even though he used his chaos divine power to block Siyan’s wound, it was useless. He could only watch her life fading away at full speed.

“You… who… are you?” Siyan used all her effort to keep her eyes open. She wanted to know the answer. Although her father and daughter relationship with Heavenly Demon King was not good, she couldn’t deny the fact that her father loved her to death. This person in front of her and her father was exactly the same person, but the soul inside was so unfamiliar.

“I am the Heavenly Demon King, your father. At that time, I even killed your mother, why can’t I kill you? I will kill anyone that blocks my path.” Heavenly Demon King roared with laughter, but red tears were flowing down his cheeks.

Siyan still wanted to speak something, but she had no strength to open her mouth. The light in her eyes faded away and her life force gradually disappeared.

The heart of Long Yi was torn open. Siyan was his woman, this was certain. How could he watch his woman die right in front of his eyes?

“Ah……” Long Yi looked up to heaven and roared like a madman. His seven-colored divine power shot out everywhere. The heaven and earth rumbled as they began to shake. Even space itself began to distort.

The dark sun of Demon World emitted thick black light and the entire Demon World turned upside down.

Heavenly Demon King stared at Long Yi in a daze and muttered: “How can this be? How can this be?”

Suddenly, he came back to his senses and shouted: “Long Yi, you madman, quickly stop, space is going to collapse.”

Long Yi, however, heard nothing. Filled with grief and indignation, his chaos divine power ran rampant. Unconsciously, at this moment, the cosmos energy crazily came pouring into his body, transforming into the purest chaos divine power.

The distorting of space rapidly increased and it began to destroy many things here. The mountains collapsed, rivers ran dry, and trees and plants were turned into fine powders by this energy.

It was not limited to the Demon World. Even Divine World and Blue Waves Continent were also in a similar situation.

“Doomsday has come, doomsday has come……” The spirit of many people collapsed. Under the pressure of doomsday, the three worlds became chaotic.

After a long time, Long Yi stooped roaring madly. His head was still fuzzy. Suddenly, he heard a loud explosion sound and everything became dark.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw a chaotic scene in front of him. Magical beasts, God Race, Demon Race, and all races of Blue Waves Continent were fleeing in disarray. Dead Siyan had also disappeared from his bosom, and Heavenly Demon King was standing in a daze not far away watching everything unfold.

“The space barrier is broken.” Heavenly Demon King said as if he was saying to Long Yi and also as if he was muttering to himself.

“Now that all three worlds are connected together, might as well destroy them together.” Heavenly Demon King laughed. He then waved his hand and the surrounding area within the radius of a hundred li became an open space.

The gaze of Long Yi flickered. At this moment, he had yet to figure out what was happening. But, if the three words were connected together, then can’t the captured Nalan Ruyue escape taking advantage of this chaos?

As if he was able to see through the thoughts of Long Yi, Heavenly Demon King said: “I will start destroying from you. Your strength truly surprised me, haha, but wanting a simple death is also not an easy thing.”

With a thought of Heavenly Demon King, a black light flashed beside him. Then, Long Two alone with Nalan Ruyue suddenly appeared.

“I will cut open her stomach and take out the unborn child. Then, I will use my heavenly demonic power to support him. Like that, that unborn child should be able to survive. Then, I will slowly torture him, making you watch the slow death of your child. After that, I will make you watch your wife suffer all kinds of torments and die.” Heavenly Demon King laughed.

“You are mad, completely mad.” Long Yi gritted his teeth and shouted.

“Cut open her stomach.” Heavenly Demon King ordered Long Two.

Long Two used his one hand to grab the neck of Nalan Ruyue and slowly raised the Death Scythe with his other hand.

“Long Two, stop.” Long Yi roared.

Long Two, however, had no reaction and brandished his Death Scythe. The pupils of Long Yi suddenly shrunk and he disappeared.

Although Heavenly Demon King had huge body, he was also very fast. He immediately compressed his demonic power at a place and the figure of Long Yi appeared in the center.

Heavenly Demon King was proud of himself, but immediately afterward, his huge body suddenly stiffened. He slowly looked down and saw a tip of blood-red scythe coming out of his chest. Behind him, the blood-red scythe held by Long Two had already pierced through his body.

“How can this be? I am using a portion of my divine sense to control him, how can this be……” Heavenly Demon King muttered in disbelief. Because his divine sense was within Long Two, when Long Two wanted to harm him, his energy defense basically assumed that both of them were a single entity, thus, didn’t block the attack of Long two. As a result, the scythe of Long Two easily pierced through his body.

“I will not betray my big brother, never.” Long Two’s mechanical voice resounded. Then, cracks appeared all over his body and exploded into pieces.

Heavenly Demon King roared angrily and ejected the blood-red scythe from his body as his dense killing shrouded Long Yi.

At that time, a shadow flew over and stood beside Long Yi. Upon seeing this person, the angry Heavenly Demon King was startled.

“Naweiqi……” Long Yi was very tense. He already couldn’t deal with Heavenly Demon King alone. Now there was the addition of Emotion Demon Naweiqi.

“Take out that boulder and use your chaos divine power to attack the stars in the first and third row inside.” Naweiqi didn’t move her lips, but her whispering voice entered Long Yi’s ears.

Long Yi didn’t hesitate. At this moment, he had no other route of retreat.

He immediately took out the Dibiya’s head sculpture and sent his consciousness into it. He then used his chaos divine power to attack stars according to Naweiqi’s instruction.

Heavenly Demon King suddenly screamed in pain. He held his head and trembled. Immediately after that, a bloody light flashed and he disappeared.

“My husband.” Upon seeing the crisis was relieved for the moment, Nalan Ruyue shouted and rushed into Long Yi’s bosom. “I knew that you will definitely come to save me and your child.” Nalan Ruyue shrunk into Long Yi’s bosom and muttered. In the past, if the worst comes to the worst, she would die by herself. But now, she had Long Yi’s flesh and blood in her stomach. She absolutely couldn’t let anything happen to herself.

Long Yi patted the back of Nalan Ruyue, but his eyes were looking at calm and indifferent Naweiqi. He then used energy to ask: “Who exactly are you? How did you know that that can hurt Heavenly Demon King?”

“Why don’t you think about it yourself? Why do you think that Dibiya head sculpture can hurt the Heavenly Demon King?” Naweiqi replied with questions as she blankly watched the sky. Now, there were three suns in the sky. They were the brilliant sun of Divine World, the dark sun of Demon World and the flame sun of Blue Waves Continent.

Long Yi was startled. His heart was already in a spectacular mess. In addition, the words of Siyan suddenly resounded in his ears again. She had said that this Heavenly Demon King was not her father, which means, not the real Heavenly Demon King.

“Dibiya, he is still alive.” Long Yi muttered. The culprit who caused the fall of Divine World was unexpectedly still alive, moreover, he had become Heavenly Demon King.

“You are not stupid,” said Naweiqi.

“But, how do you know this?” Long Yi asked.

“Because… his blood is flowing through my body.” When Naweiqi said these words, her aura instantly became chaotic.

Long Yi became silent for a long time. He then looked around for the first time. The world had already changed beyond recognition. At this moment, where were his parents and wives?

“Aren’t you asking why am I helping you?” Naweiqi asked.

“No need to, you are like him, abnormal.” Long Yi indifferently said.

Naweiqi giggled and said: “Perhaps. Still, let me tell you one thing. At that time, the physical body of Dibiya was destroyed and his divine sense was trapped in the Jade Blood Pond of Demon World’s Doomsday Valley. All his remaining parts should be at the bottom of that pond. If you can find them, then you will be able to use your chaos divine power to attack all the stars in the head. Like that, you might have a chance to make him disappear completely from this world.”

After speaking, she smiled. And at that moment, Long Yi felt like sensing a grief hidden in her smile.

“Doomsday Valley, Jade Blood Pond.” Long Yi muttered to himself and his gaze moved towards black bone fragments on the ground.

“Long Two, I am sorry.” Long Yi muttered and picked up these bone fragments, piece by piece, lest leaving out even one piece.

In this period of time, Long Yi suffered many blows, one after another. His heart was bleeding. Angela left, Siyan left and Long Two also left. In this catastrophe, he might lose even more relatives and friends. But, all he could do was to use his life to go redeem everything or die the cruelest death, either get buried with the world or rebuild the world and be with the sun and moon. In life, there was no bigger matter than death, since he had even seen death now, what else was there to fear?

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