Womanizing Mage

Chapter 674: Decisive battle of life and death

Chapter 674: Decisive battle of life and death

The space barrier broke, causing the Divine World, Demon World and Blue Waves Continent fuse together. Perhaps, now, you were in Divine World in one step and in the next step, you might step into Demon World. Countless ferocious magical beasts of Demon World were scattering everywhere. Some ancient beasts that remained hidden in some corner of the world also appeared. All places were littered with corpses as the three worlds fell into an extremely chaotic state.

Long Yi looked for Demon World’s Doomsday Valley all along the way. He walked in and out of three worlds countless times, but he never found Doomsday Valley, nor he encountered Soaring Dragon City where his close relatives and wives stayed. In addition, Nalan Ruyue was weak, she basically was unable to endure the lashing of the energy when passing through one world to another. At this moment, she had already fallen asleep.

“Boy, what is this awful place?” A crisp and melodious voice resounded in his mind.

“Moyun! You finally appear, quickly tell me, where is Demon World’s Doomsday Valley?” Long Yi had been persisting while gritting his teeth. All along the way, seeing the miserable state of the three worlds, he felt heartbroken but was powerless to do anything. In addition, Nalan Ruyue had lost her consciousness, this made him feel extremely painful. At this stage, he was already beginning to doubt whether he truly was the Savior or not? Could he truly turn the tide?

A faint shadow appeared beside Long Yi. Upon seeing that pale and grief-ridden appearance of Long Yi, she knew that he was holding great pain. This made her feel apprehensive. If it were not for his extraordinary endurance, an average person would have already fallen apart.

“Don’t be impatient, tell me what exactly happened in these days?” Moyun caressed Long Yi’s cheek and asked. In such a short time, some of his hairs had actually turned white.

Long Yi opened his eyes filled with a tinge of blood and tried to hug Moyun, but his hands passed through her body.

Moyun was startled. Shortly afterward, the black mist around her body suddenly became denser as she gradually condensed her energy. She then stretched out both arms, hugged Long Yi’s head, and gently caressed his long hair.

The heart of Long Yi settled down. He was a legendary person and his heart was fortified. But, at this moment, such a firm and unyielding man was shrinking in the bosom of Moyun, drawing her warmth. At this moment, he was just an ordinary person. He was full of emotion. It was impossible for him to heartlessly carry out his task. After experiencing so many things, he also needed a gentle and warm bosom to recover his stifling spirit.

After a long time, Long Yi exhaled a mouthful of chaotic qi, and leaning on Moyun’s bosom, he recounted everything that happened after he arrived at the Divine World. From the forbidden abyss to the ten-winged fallen angel Alexander, from Fire God Capital to Sunset Peak’s Creation Shrine, from Heavenly Demon King to Dibiya who had seized Heavenly Demon King’s body now, he told everything. No one could imagine such complicated and dangerous situations.

Moyun fell into a daze and was unable to recover for a long time. As the seven Main Gods under the God of Creation, ever since she gained consciousness, she firmly believed in God of Creation. But now, her belief was completely overturned. The so-called God of Creation was just a big lie. They, seven Main Gods, were nothing more than puppets Dibiya used to control the Divine World.

“Impossible, impossible…” Moyun continuously muttered. She didn’t dare to believe, but also couldn’t not believe. When her entire belief was completely overturned, how could she accept it immediately?

And at that moment, two more energy fluctuations appeared beside Long Yi. Earth God Xuantian and Fire God Chiyan both formed energy entities. Both of them remained silent for a long time. They knew that Long Yi was not lying, but they were also unable to accept this assertion.

“Why did this happen? Father god, how can that be…” Fire God Chiyan muttered.

“I know it is very difficult for you all to believe this, but this is the fact. Now, I need to go to Demon World’s Doomsday Valley.” Long Yi got up from Moyun’s bosom and said. His spirit had already returned to normal. At least, he was not alone now. There were people fighting with him. Although these three former Main Gods would not be able to accept for a while, he knew that they would have to accept. They had no other choice.

After a stifling silence, earth God Xuantian said: “Long Yi, you have already forged seven-attributed Godhead now. As long as you know the space coordinate of Doomsday Valley, you can use chaos divine power to stimulate the power of spirit tablets to cut open space.”


Demon World, Doomsday Valley, it was still filled with towering ancient trees and was incomparably dark and gloomy.

The bloody water of Blood Jade Pond was boiling. At the bottom of this pond, a huge figure was lying on his back. The inexhaustible bloody baleful qi of this bloody water was crazily pouring into his body.

Suddenly, the figure opened his blood-red eyes and coldly laughed: “Came so fast.”

Outside Doomsday Valley, Long Yi stood straight. Looking at this Doomsday Valley filled with baleful qi, he narrowed his eyes as he tightly clenched his fists.

Long Yi had learned the space coordinate of Doomsday Valley from a military officer of God Race he encountered. This military officer was one of the vanguard officers sent to scout the areas of Demon World by Wei’er Bela, therefore, he knew the rough coordinates of Doomsday Valley. Then, leaving behind Nalan Ruyue with him, he used seven spirit tablets to cut open space and arrived at a wasteland. Even after that, it took him several days to find Doomsday Valley.

“Long Yi, I think Heavenly Demon King has already returned here. You aren’t thinking of fighting him head-on, are you?” The voice of Fire God Chiyan resounded in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. Although they had already learned that Heavenly Demon King was Dibiya, i.e. so-called the God of Creation, they still called Heavenly Demon King as “Heavenly Demon King”. Perhaps, they still didn’t dare to face this fact.

Long Yi exhaled a long breath, he also didn’t know. In the previous battle, he was able to injure Dibiya who had possessed Heavenly Demon King using Dibiya’s head sculpture, but he didn’t know what would happen next. However, he had no other choice.

After looking at Doomsday Valley for a long time, Long Yi stepped into Doomsday Valley without any hesitation.

A faint blood mist gradually shrouded Doomsday Valley and the lifeless ancient trees inside suddenly emitted faint bloody radiance. Long Yi however ignored them and advanced deeper.

Suddenly, countless branches flew towards Long Yi and attacked him without any blind angles.

Long Yi paused and waved his hand. A seven-colored divine halo spread around him, and along with the explosion sound, these branches exploded into broken bits. The red radiance of Doomsday Valley also dimmed, but suddenly flourished afterward.

The lifeless ancient trees in the valley began to crazily germinate as if they came back to life. On the trunk of many trees, human-like facial features appeared and a burst of hoarse laughter reverberated throughout the Doomsday Valley.

“Rustle” “Rustle” “Rustle”

The ancient trees in the valley began to move and spun around Long Yi, making him feel as if the entire world was spinning.

Long Yi gritted his teeth and seven spirit tablets shot out of his glabella. Then, seven-colored divine light began to merge with Long Yi’s divine sense, gradually forming a chaos power of the void. Afterward, it suddenly shot towards those ancient trees.

“Boom…” The world suddenly stopped spinning. With seven spirit tablets as the center, a crater with the radius of several hundred meters had appeared. Now, Long Yi could already see the Jade Blood Pond with an over ten-meter tall bloody wave.

Long Yi walked to the edge of this pond and shouted in his now hoarse voice: “Dibiya, come out.”

A bloody shadow flew out from inside the pond. Dibiya stared at Long Yi with his blood-red pupils and said with a strange smile: “Want to take the remains of my physical body, do you think this god will let you succeed?”

Dibiya paused and added: “Did Naweiqi, that unfilial girl, tell you that?”

“Heh heh, can you imagine how sad you are? Even your own daughter is not standing on your side. It’s truly funny. You wanted to act like the God of Creation, but the result, the entire world is in chaos, everything is your meritorious service.” Long Yi sneered.

“This world is so unbearably filthy, it should be destroyed.” Dibiya indifferently said.

“Being filthy is much better than you, murdering the elder brother, murdering wife, betraying friends, you are the filthiest person in the world, what qualifications do you have to say that this world is filthy?” Long Yi said in a stern voice. Thinking about all the lives that were lost, he was full of resentment.

“Hahaha… hahaha… that’s right, you are right, I murdered my older brother, murdered my wife, betrayed everyone, I, Dibiya is like this. Since creation was unsuccessful, I will destroy the world.” Dibiya laughed like a madman. The bloody radiance around his body also sharply increased and his baleful qi rushed towards Long Yi.

Long Yi emitted seven-colored radiance and stood still in the midst of bloody wave. He then stretched out his hand and his chaos power condensed into a huge blade in his hand.

“Chaos Slash!” Long Yi roared. The seven-colored radiance around him became brighter as he raised that blade and instantly chopped it down.

The chaos blade instantly elongated, becoming more than several hundred meters long. It instantly vaporized the bloody radiance upon touch, even space itself was broken.

“Boy, want to annihilate me with your strength, still insufficient, try my Heavenly Demonic Divine Technique.” The voice of Dibiya came from behind Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t even turn back and he could already feel the restriction of space. Everything in front of him turned blood-red. In the midst of boundless blood-red color, a huge bloody mouth suddenly opened, trying to swallow him whole.

With a thought, seven spirit tablets spun rapidly and formed a seven-colored defense barrier in front of Long Yi.

“Heavenly Demon Devours Heaven!” Dibiya roared. The bloody radiance suddenly became stronger and the bloody mouth also became larger. It was so large that it appeared as if it truly wanted to devour the world. Long Yi and his seven spirit tablets seemed so tiny.

“Summon god beasts and fuse them with their respective spirit tablets!” At that time, an unfamiliar voice resounded in Long Yi’s mind.

“Light God Shengying!” Dark God Moyun, Earth God Xuantian and Fire God Chiyan simultaneously shouted.

Long Yi had no time to hesitate. He immediately summoned Wind God Beast Bai Yu, Lighting God Beast Violent Lightning Beast, Fire God Beast Fire Qilin, and Light God Beast Little Tiger. He had directly released them from his dark dimension space. And in the next moment, he used chaos divine power to draw a summoning magic array, and with a thought, Dark God Beast Niur and Water God Beast Ruyue Silkworm instantly appeared at the center of the summoning magic array.

“Furthermore, my Xuanwu Divine Turtle,” shouted Xuantian. A yellow light shot out from the glabella of Long Yi and a huge brownish-yellow divine turtle appeared in the midst of god beasts.

“Moyun, Xuantian, Chiyan, Xiya, come out.” Light God Shengying formed in front of Long Yi and shouted loudly.

Then, Moyun, Xuangtian, Chiyan and Xiya also simultaneously formed in front of Long Yi.

“In this critical juncture, we should stop deceiving ourselves. Our so-called father god, so-called the God of Creation, all is just a big lie. He made us seven Main Gods not out of kindness. We are just his puppets to control the Divine World. Why did the Divine World reduce to this point, why did three worlds have the calamity of life extermination? It’s all because of Dibiya. Discard those unrealistic dreams, even at the cost of our life, we have to stop this calamity.” Light God Shengying shouted.

“Light God Shengying, in the name of the universe, condense the essence of the world, spiritual break!” Light God Shengying raised his hands and eight wings on his back suddenly flapped. Then, a white spiritual light shot out from his spirit and entered Long Yi’s chest.

“Dark God Moyun, in the name of the universe, condense the essence of the world, spiritual break!” Dark God Moyun stretched out her hands and deeply looked at Long Yi. Then, a black spiritual light shout out from her fingertip and entered Long Yi.

“Earth God Xuantian…… spiritual break!”

“Fire God Chiyan…… spiritual break!”

Water God Xiya looked at Long Yi with determination. Although her water god mark was already branded on the body of this little lover, the spiritual mark was still an independent existence, it hadn’t fused with divine mark, thus, water-attributed divine power had yet to reach the peak.

“My sweetheart, don’t.” Xiya and Long Yi looked at each other. After Light God Shengying had pulled her soul into Light Spirit Tablet, she had believed that, someday, she would be together with Long Yi forever, but as it now seemed, this wish wouldn’t be fulfilled.

“Water God Xiya, in the name of the universe, condense the essence of the world, spiritual break!” Xiya gritted her teeth and shouted. Then, she turned into a wisp of blue light and entered into the Water God Mark on Long Yi’s body.

The other four Main Gods also transformed into soul marks and integrated into Long Yi’s body in succession, corresponding to their divine marks.

“Ah…” Long Yi felt as if his body was swelling. The huge amount of power finally made his AoTianJue breakthrough to peak ninth layer. And he also felt his soul energy was incomparably powerful at this moment. This kind of feelings intertwined with sadness, and he couldn’t help giving a long, mournful cry.


Soaring Dragon City, the entire city had fallen into chaos.

In the imperial palace, a group of imperial guards strictly guarded. Even in the face of this doomsday, these experienced soldiers were still maintaining iron discipline. They all had a strong belief, His Highness the Crown Prince will return and everything will take a turn for the better.

“Ah… my husband… my husband…” Nangong Xiangyun was sweating profusely. She tightly grabbed the bedsheet and shouted in pain.

“Princess, don’t be impatient, inhale, exhale, use force…” The palace midwife encouraged. All the women were nervously standing together at one side. They were inwardly cheering for Nangong Xiangyun.

On the eve of the doomsday, the first child of Long Yi was about to be born.

In the courtyard, Emperor Ximen Nu and Taishang Emperor Ximen Kuang were very anxious.

“How come he has not born yet? This… this…” Ximen Nu walked back and forth.

“Why are you so anxious? The child of my Ximen Clan will not easily have an accident. This child picked this time to born, it is a joyous matter for this world. The birth of my dragon grandson can also make common people outside feel at ease,” said Ximen Kuang.


“Seven god beasts, combine!” Long Yi roared as he forced back glistening tears in his eyes.

The seven divine marks on Long Yi’s body shone and seven spirit tablets suddenly shot into the body of all seven god beasts.

All seven god beasts became huge, over a hundred meters tall. Then, seven-colored radiance shone and that bloody mouth that could devour the world began to shrink, and after two hours, it was broken into pieces.

Dibiya watched Long Yi from the air in a daze. At this moment, the seven-attribute energy of Long Yi’s godhead had truly fused, becoming a true chaos godhead.

“Hehehe… too bad, too bad, you will be buried with this world, Heavenly Demon Nine Transformations of Extermination!” Dibiya laughed and shouted suddenly. Then, his over a hundred meters tall body began to melt and disperse little by little. The entire world began to tremble violently. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, raging floods and so on began to appear in every corner of three worlds.

Long Yi with seven god beasts around him quietly looked at everything. He saw unfathomable cracks appearing on the earth surface, countless buildings collapsing, and countless people buried alive. He saw over a hundred meters tall waves sweeping through the island, instantly flooding the cities. He also saw burning hot magma gushing out from the earth surface, melting everything it encountered.

Long Yi stretched out both arms and closed his eyes. Then, the seven god beasts around him transformed into the divine light and entered his body.

“Chaos… void…” Long Yi muttered.

Chaos basically is void, the universe originated from the void, then all kinds of energy appeared, and then there was life.

The consciousness of Long Yi gradually faded out. When this void disappeared, he involuntarily had a thought. If this journey of different life was just a dream, then he hoped he never wake up…


“Wa… wa… wa…” A sound of infant weeping came from the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City.

“Born, born, the princess gave birth to a little prince.” A midwife exclaimed in a pleasant surprise.

At that time, blood-red color in the sky gradually faded, the earth no longer trembled and cracked, the magma simmered down and floods retreated.

Nangong Xiangyun weakly looked at her son laid beside her and felt like seeing that handsome face with a bad smile. Then, for no reason, tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Resembles, truly resembles Yu’er when he was a child.” Dongfang Wan sat on the edge of the bed and caressed her small grandson’s cheek with her trembling hand. At this moment, she also felt indescribable sourness and tears flowed down her cheeks.

All other women also sobbed. They were happy and also sad. They also couldn’t understand, but they felt like a string in their heart was broken.

Ximen Nu and Ximen Kuang rushed in and upon seeing all the women were crying along with just born small grandson, they thought that something might have happened.

When Ximen Kuang found that his small grandson was fine, he couldn’t help asking: “Wan’er, you…”

“I don’t know, I just feel like crying,” replied Dongfang Wan and cried all the more sadly.

Ximen Nu was startled. He felt his heart was also stuffy along with sharp pain.


When the sunlight illuminated the Blue Waves Continent again, all survivors cheered and jumped in joy. There were some people who knelt on the ground and cried loudly, and there were also people that looked up to heaven and laughed like a madman.

At this moment, the news of the birth of the emperor’s grandson was already spread widely. They also knew that the moment the imperial grandson was born, the calamity began to fade. All common people sing praises, deeming the imperial grandson was born to drive the calamity away.

This day was designated as a national mourning. Every year, in this time, the entire nation will mourn for ten days, mourning the people who had passed away in this disaster. And the imperial grandson Ximen Long was conferred the title of Fortune King, was said to have brought the gospel to the entire world and drove the disaster away.

Merely, there was a matter that made everyone sad. His Highness the Crown Prince never returned. After the order of three worlds was returned, the legend of the final battle between His Highness the Crown Prince and Heavenly Demon King was introduced to the entire Blue Waves Continent.

Therefore, when the sun sets, in many places of Blue Waves Continent, some old man or woman would start to tell the story: Legend of His Highness the Crown Prince…

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