World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0015 - Vermillion Bird Fire Wings

Chapter 15: Vermillion Bird Fire Wings

Chen Xiang arrived at the Immortal and Devil Cliff while looking down at the black colored Death Qi he muttered, “In this world are there really Immortals and Devils?”

Su Meiyao retorted with a soft snort, ”Of course. Do not think that the True Martial Realm is the strongest state for martial practitioners. Above the True Martial Realm there are three further extreme stages, and then after this there is the Nirvana Realm! After a successful nirvana, one will be able to enter the Heaven Martial Realm, reaching a huge spatial world, called Heaven Martial World!”

“Do not think about those massive worlds, the world we are living in is called the Mortal Martial World and it is also vast. The Spirit Qi is very thin here, so there are very few accumulations of demon beasts! Those truly strong martial arts practitioners travel to places with very rich Spirit Qi. There strong martial artists are as plentiful as the clouds and there are many demon beasts. However it is also considered very dangerous. If one don’t have a certain amount of strength, death is inevitable in that region.”

It was the first time Chen Xiang had heard about the world of martial arts and it surprised him. However, it also made him realize just how insignificant he was. Before he used to think the True Martial Realm was very powerful, but he never imagined that there were stages above the True Martial Realm.

“Brat, this Mortal Martial World is vast, there are many mainlands besides this one. In some of these mainlands, there are many formidable martial artists and in this endless world, there are many hidden realms. In these hidden realms, you can find many heavenly forged treasures. While also being very dangerous, as long you have enough strength, you’ll be able to experience the vastness of the whole martial world. Currently, you just have to understand just how tiny and insignificant you are.” Bai Youyou said coldly.

Chen Xiang tightened his fist. This time, he had a brief outlook of the world, and only by constantly elevating his strength would it allow him to take foothold in this martial world where the strong are as trees in a forest, sturdy and unmoving.

Chen Xiang jumped down into the abyss; currently, he was in the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, and there was a pool beneath him. Considering his strength, he did not need to waste time to climb down slowly.


Chen Xiang once again entered the pool with white light emitting from it. Abyssal demon beasts frequently appeared next to the pool, but Chen Xiang did not fret about it, because the strength of these infested demon beasts were average and Chen Xiang’s current strength was more than sufficient enough to deal with them.

“Meiyao sister, how can I use the Immortal and Devil Pool?” Chen Xiang asked while churning the strange water with his hands. Excluding the fact that the water was shining he did not think there was anything strange about this place.

Su Meiyao spoke, “After the death of the Immortals and Devils, a great multitude of pure energy flew out of their corpses, but you can not absorb these energies, after all, it’s not your energy. However, you can only use the energy to refine the body and the spirit! But it is a very painful process.”

Chen Xiang’s brow wrinkled: “How long should I stay in the Immortal and Devil Pool?”

Su Meiyao: “I don't know. I suppose you can stay until you cannot bear the pain. You just have to jump inside the pool and start operating the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] while simply trying to guide the energies into your body.”

Chen Xiang, without any delay, took off his clothes and jumped inside, submerging himself in the pool. He could breathe normally underwater, so he had nothing to worry about. Moreover, this protected him from the attacks of the demon beasts.

After submerging himself, Chen Xiang began operating the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise]. Suddenly he felt that his body was being squeezed from all four directions by a bizarre power, as if to make his body to squeeze together to form a ball, which made him constantly wary.

At the same time, a bizarre kind of energy madly rushed into his body. It continuously bombarded every part of his body as it flowed. He felt as if his body was about to burst. Every bone felt as if small insects were biting them and it was a feeling worse than death itself.

Some blisters were constantly emerging from the Immortal and Devil Pool, and the water also churned continuously. This was all because of Chen Xiang was frantically struggling in the pool from below.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Xiang’s body started to float from the pool below. He was lying on the edge of the pool, and panting heavily; he said, “How have I not yet entered into the 6th level of Mortal Martial Realm?”

“Do you think you can breakthrough this quickly? You are currently only refining the body so that your whole body becomes more powerful while also elevating your spirit!” Su Meiyao’s voice transmitted into his mind.

Chen Xiang stood up, gripping both his fists, and felt his strong body. Although he had yet to enter into the 6th level of Mortal Martial Realm, a solid foundation was set.

“How many days was I under?” Chen Xiang asked. He had been subjected to unimaginable pain in the Immortal and Devil Pool without any concept of time.

“Only five days. Although this Immortal and Devil Pool has little use, it still lets you practice the basics of the [Immortal Devil Body] Su Meiyao said. Chen Xiang’s heart was secretly shocked about this [Immortal Devil Body], and listening to the name he knew it was very formidable.

Immortal and Devil Cliff. In the abyss below there was a roaring burst occasionally, as well as a weak surge of strange True Qi. The True Qi was filled with the sense of an ancient atmosphere of vicissitudes, surging with an inexplicable pressure. That True Qi was Chen Xiang releasing his Azure Dragon True Qi by practicing the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise].


Chen Xiang did not leave the Immortal and Devil Cliff, but still practiced below with a bare chest. On his iron fist azure True Qi was boldly rising, continuously bombarding the cliff, and broken stones violently flew. Hhis whole body was filled with True Qi. He released numerous strikes making a small cave in the cliff, but his breath however, remained stable showing that his True Qi and body strength were now much more vigorous.

With every fist, True Qi would rebound, directly surging from his arm into his head, and sudden spiritual power accumulated inside his brain, developing his brain and enhancing his spiritual power. This was one of the methods to practice divine sense.

When Chen Xiang was practicing below, the commotion was not small. An originally silent abyss was now rumbling with sounds, resounding throughout the abyss.

After two days, Chen Xiang felt his True Qi was now full, and his spiritual power was much more enhanced, and as long as he opened his soul sea, he could advance to the 6th level of the Mortal Matial Realm, the Divine Sense Realm. To breakthrough one needed his spiritual power to be vigorous.

[TLN: Divine sense (神识) can be referred to spirit sense or simply soul, since spirit is used in many places I used divine sense, and not soul because it felt appropriate because “using divine sense” felt better than “using soul”]

“Prepare to break through the level 6 threshold!” Chen Xiang took a long breath. After two days of practice, he could feel how tyrannical his body was, and this was all due to the refinement in the Immortal and Devil Pool.

Chen Xiang sat cross-legged on the ground, closing his eyes and with rapt attention operated the True Qi within his body. While releasing his spiritual power, he let the two blend, using spiritual power to sense the soul gate, and using the True Qi to break it open!

The profound heart law of the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] was directing Chen Xiang’s True Qi and spiritual power to seek the soul gate hidden inside his soul. Soon, Chen Xiang saw a golden door as if it was right in front of his eyes.

Seeing the door meant the Divine Sense Realm was right in front of him, condensed right between the eyebrows, and moving with one thought. Azure True Qi suddenly transformed into a claw, then into a solemn Azure Dragon. The True Qi that transformed into an Azure Dragon gave a fierce roar and hit that golden gate.

As the Azure Dragon hit the door, it blew outward with a “bang” sound. Chen Xiang saw a glaring golden aura. At the same time he opened his eyes and a tough True Qi flowed in every part of his body, and he couldn’t help but yell in surprise. The five elements of True Qi violently surged out from inside his body, raising the fierce wind, and blowing out in all four directions.

“Is this 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm?” Chen Xiang closed his eyes while feeling his internal vigorous and formidable True Qi, simultaneously releasing his divine sense, and the slightest sign of trouble all around was within his grasp!

Chen Xiang opens his eyes, slightly smiled: “This time I can use that trick!”

Behind his back a sudden burst of fiery aura could be seen. The flames transformed into a pair of gigantic wings rising behind his back. A fiery aura burst out with a flash and heat waves rose, looking like a pair Phoenix wings.

“[Vermillion Bird Fire Wings]! Fly!”

Chen Xiang’s laughter came forth, as his Fire Wings fluttered upward, and just within a few blinks of time, his silhouette was gone into the black Death Qi.

This is where the 6th level of Mortal Martial realm showed its power! By controlling internal True Qi with the powerful divine sense to keep it solidified, Chen Xiang’s internal True Qi could be released outside, to transform into wings and fly into the sky.

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