World Defying Dan God

Chapter 0016 - Yao family

Chapter 16: Yao Family

Chen Xiang was standing above the Immortal and Devil Cliff, he had put away his [Vermillion Bird Fire Wings]. To transform True Qi into wings required a very high-grade technique. He practiced the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] which, of course, included these types of martial techniques.

As Chen Xiang arrived at the top of the Immortal and Devil Cliff, he heard sounds of fighting coming from below. Although the distance was quite far away, he was able to hear it clearly through his divine sense. Chen Xiang immediately started to fly towards it. If it was just an ordinary battle, he wouldn’t pay the slightest attention, but the sounds of fighting were deafening and created large impacts. Chen Xiang deduced from this that it was no ordinary martial battle.

Chen Xiang flew silently through the air, arriving before a forest clearing. There he saw two handsome teenagers against five black robed assailants.

The two seemed rather frail, but their strength was satisfactory. They were matching the five black robed people’s knife techniques, but their True Qi was not potent enough. If they continued to delay, they would certainly end up being killed by the five black-robed people.

“It seems to be the Xue Family imaginary sword technique, where the aura illuminating from the sword produces illusions, making it difficult to distinguish between opponents!” Chen Xiang read various martial art books in his lifetime, and could instantly identify the sword style with just a glance.

After learning they were Xue Family members, Chen Xiang could not idly sit by. After all, Xue Xianxian was his fiancée, additionally the Chen and Xue Families had a close relationship.

“Watch out!”

Chen Xiang shouted. His body seemed like an azure rainbow as he flew towards the commotion. His hand transformed into a dragon’s claw as it headed straight towards the head of a black-robed man. He roared at the same moment as an Azure True Qi wave gushed out from inside his mouth, covering the black robe man. Along with the [Azure Dragon Roar], Chen Xiang’s [Azure Dragon Claw] grasped the head of the black robed man. In an instant, the black-robed man’s skull shattered into shards of bone and flesh.

This sudden scene of insane brute force stunned the remaining four black robed men and the two Xue Family members. The True Qi that was embodied with the majesty of the Azure Dragon caused their hearts to be shocked from fear. Of course, the most shocking thing to them was the martial technique that they had never seen before.

After Chen Xiang broke the skull of the black robed man, the dragon claw immediately transformed back into a fist striking towards another black robed man. In an instant, he struck dozens of times, forming afterimages like the wind. They were sent whistling towards the astonished black-robed man. The blows pounded onto his body and after the strike, emitted a series of explosions. This was the [Storm Killing Fist]!

Chen Xiang’s True Qi was now much more potent, and so casting [Storm Killing Fist] was quite simple and easy. He did not have to worry about the consumption of True Qi, and each fist’s explosive power was phenomenal. It was quite difficult to resist, not to mention the fact that he could instantly use this technique multiple times.

With a moment of effort, Chen Xiang had defeated another black-robed man. After that display, the two Xue family teenagers finally reacted and continued to attack with their swords.

After Chen Xiang had joined the fight. The remaining black-robed men began to retreat after witnessing their two defeats. They were soon beaten and seriously injured, and they did not expect this type of result.

“Thanks a lot for the rescue, esteemed senior brother.” One slightly tall teenager said while cupping his fist, “This one is called little brother Xue Ming.”

“Xue Zhilang!” The other teenager said while cupping his fist, “Thanks a lot for coming to the rescue, great brother.”

Although Chen Xiang was only sixteen years old, he was very big and tall, so he looked relatively more mature.

“No need to be so polite, I am called Chen Xiang! Our Chen and Xue family have had a friendship for many generations, so this is a must.” Chen Xiang also replied with courtesy. This caused Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang’s countenance to change; they had not expected their savior to be Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was quite famous in the Xue family because their beloved daughter of the heavens, Xue Xianxian, was Chen Xiang’s fiancée. However, many juniors of the Xue family were not in favor of Chen Xiang because they knew Chen Xiang did does not have a martial practitioner’s spiritual vein. They were thus was amazed at Chen Xiang’s display of strength.

“Are you really Chen Xiang?” Xue Ming found it somewhat hard to believe.

Chen Xiang while nodding and smiling said, “Of course, you two should be here to attend our Chen family’s banquet right?”

Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang nodded their heads. Although they were uncertain, they did not question Chen Xiang anymore, after all, it would be impolite. This person was their savior.

“What is the origin of these people? Why were they trying to assassinate you?” Chen Xiang looked at the three injured black-robed men on the ground.

Xue Ming said, “They are killers from an unknown organization. Their strength should be at the 5th level of the Mortal Martial Realm; we met them on the way.”

Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang beheaded the remaining three. They did not uncover anything from their possessions, and they also did not intend to interrogate them. Since these assassins were specially trained, they would not open their mouth even in death.

“Great brother Chen, you should have entered the 6th level of the Mortal Martial Realm! Otherwise, you could not have easily killed those two black-robed men!” Xue Ming thought about Chen Xiang’s sudden rush and how he killed the two black robe men instantly. One could not help but feel chills run down their spine.They respected Chen Xiang because although they were much older than him, he was still stronger than them.

Chen Xiang nodded with a smile: “I just broke through!”

Chen released True Qi flames and incinerated the corpses. This made Xue Ming and Xue Zhilang slightly surprised. True Qi flames was an alchemical flame; this time, they understood why Chen Xiang had the courage to accept the challenge of the Yao family genius!

Xue Zhilang had an ashamed look on his face as he spoke, “Great brother Chen, I really did not think that you had concealed your strength all this time. Before I used to always looked down upon you; please forgive me!”

Chen Xiang shook his head and said with a smile, “No problem, after all, strength comes first in this world. Right, is Xianxian coming to attend the banquet?”

Xue Ming smiled and said, “She is the cause of the challenge between you and Yao family genius, how can she not come? No wonder this little girl only has great brother Chen in her heart and so much confidence in her choice.”

Chen Xiang was speechless; he did not think that Xue Xianxian would truly pass on his challenge to the Yao family genius. Initially, he had indeed said it, but he had not thought that it would arrive this quickly.

“Great brother Chen, that Yao family genius is very cunning. Although you are strong, the challenge is issued by him, so he will definitely compete in alchemy. His strength is probably also not weak; it has always been a mystery.” Xue Ming said.

Xue Zhilang nodded and added, “I’ve seen that guy, he is very arrogant. Previously he was invited to our Xue family, and he was already looking at little sister Xianxian and did not paid any attention to other people. However, his alchemy is splendid, thus the patriarch and elders endured him. Therefore, they want to match Xianxian and that guy in a marriage.”

Chen Xiang had already heard about the Yao family genius. He was known to be very arrogant and proud, but many people thought it was natural considering he was one of the youngest alchemists.

In front was the hustling and bustling Wohu City, Chen Xiang and Xue Ming noticed in the distance a team of horses gradually moving towards Wohu City. This team of horses and carriages was very grand, a total of five luxurious horse carriages, and each was being towed by eight steeds, but one carriage team had a man riding a horse who looked imposing and cold. His whole face teemed with Slaughter Qi, and with one look one could easily tell that he was a bodyguard.

“Yes, Yao family members are really extraordinary!” Chen Xiang said as he saw the big ‘Yao’ symbol on the horse carriage while those bodyguard’s luxurious clothing also had the ‘Yao’ insignia on it. The Yao family style had always been high-profile.

“You three, quickly report your name! Otherwise, we will deal with you as murderers.” Suddenly a fierce shout came from the carriage team.

This made Chen Xiang and Xue Ming unpleased. At that instant, just after their reply, a long two-edged sword came like an arrow out of the blue. On top of it, vigorous True Qi was seen, and it was flying precisely towards Chen Xiang.

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