World Domination System

Chapter c-1 Power Levels And Abbreviations

Power Levels for Body Refiners/Fighters:

Human Level 1 to 9

Warrior Level 1 to 9

Rumored Champion Level

Rumored Hero Level

Power Levels for Mages:

Human Mage Level 1 to 9

Warrior Mage Level 1 to 9

-The number 9 holds a special significance in the world that the kingdom is situated in. Each stage of Human, Warrior and the rumored Champion and Hero contain 9 levels.

-Body refiners or mages in levels 1-3 are called by the additional name tag "Neophyte"/ "Amateur", levels 4-6 "Eminent" and levels 7-9 "Exalted". For example, a Human-8 level body refiner would be referred to as an Exalted Human.

-Body refinement only requires resources like Ether. Development as a Mage requires both resources and talent in comprehending the elements or natural phenomena.

-The factor which decides the effectiveness of body refinement training using resources is the potential of the body. Higher potential will result in higher gain in power from a smaller amount of resources. Whereas if one has very low potential, a large amount of resources are needed to progress in levels or stages.

-Mages can cover up the weakness of having a weak potential by having a strong comprehension ability.

-Fighting ability of a body refiner is decided by his/her skill in learning and applying fighting techniques. In a famous example quoted in the book "What is power?", a Neophyte/Amateur Human-1 disciple defeated an Eminent Human-6 combatant using superior skill and technique.

-There is even more of a disparity between body refiners and mages. A single skilled Neophyte/ Amateur Human Mage can even defeat tens of Eminent Human Fighters with the right fighting style. This is balanced by the extreme rarity of Mages. Only 1 in a 1000 people have the minimum talent required to become a mage. One needs to be born with a specific body type, known as being in possession of a "Mageroot", to even try to train as a mage.


PAM: Phenomena Analysis Module

SAT: System Absorption Technique

CT: Combat Techniques

NMAL: National Magic Academy of Lanthanor

ETC: Energised Training Chamber

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