World Domination System

Chapter 10 Training Hall Master

In less than a minute, a figure dropped down from the sky in beautiful white robes.

Apart from the shock of seeing a human drop down from the sky like a bird, Daneel was awed by the stunning beauty of the woman who had arrived.

Possessing a lithe figure swathed in the white dress, the woman had prominent features with large eyes and a straight nose. Her petulant lips turned into a thin line after seeing the smiling expression on Elenav's face.

"Viuda! Thanks for coming! I definitely didn't do something to irk all of the females of the training hall, did I?", he said, pointing with his eyes at Daneel.

Daneel got the hint and opted not to say anything. The woman, without saying a word, swooped forward in a quick motion and touched both Elenav and Daneel on the shoulder.

Daneel felt a weightless sensation for the first time in his life. To his amazement, he was hovering a few centimeters off the ground. His body felt light, as if a small gust of wind would be able to blow it away.

Elenav groaned as he first rose into the air. Hearing this, the woman turned around with a look of concern on her face which quickly morphed back into the one she had initially.

As Daneel was still marveling at the realization that he was actually flying, the system spoke in his mind,

[New tool available for purchase in store: Phenomena Analysis Module-1(PAM-1).

Rate: 20 EXP.

Tool Description: This is a tool which collects information from phenomena observed by the host and compiles it into techniques or training manuals which can be trained with by the host. It is an upgradeable tool which requires lesser and lesser observation to output a manual on upgrading.

Host has been a witness of 2 instances: a fight between body refiners and flight using manipulation of gravity. This has satisfied the parameter to unlock the tool in the store. Please explore and experience more situations to unlock more features of the system.]

"Yes!", shouted Daneel in his mind.

[Purchase made and tool deployed. Thank you for shopping with the system!

Remaining EXP: 10]

Back to 10 points again. It seemed that points were hard to earn but easy to spend. This tool especially was too useful to pass up. Who wouldn't want to obtain manuals by just looking at people using them? Daneel suspected that training methods were either secret or very costly. Hence, this tool would definitely repay its value by many times in the future.

The trio rose up into the air slowly, stopping after reaching the top of a building. The woman took out a pendant from a pouch on her waist which she squeezed, making it glow green. It also seemed to indicate something through the glow of the light, as only half the pendant was shining.

Instantly, the three rose up into the sky a few feet more before proceeding west. Buildings and people zipped past as they rapidly approached an area with wide open spaces and a few buildings.

While flying, Elenav pointed to the woman and said, "Viuda here is the best gravity mage in the outer city. She teaches the beginner mage class in the training hall and is very warm to cute kids like you. Don't be fooled by her countenance now, she's just pissed a bit about something that I *ahem* did."

The flying Viuda humphed at Elenav before smiling briefly at Daneel.

Judging that this was what a 12-year old would do, Daneel blushed before looking down. Of course, such a beautiful woman smiling at him was a first in his life, which was why blushing was so easy. Instantly though, he felt something in his stomach. The rapid motion had already been making him feel queasy and looking down made his condition worse. He struggled to control himself and not puke his stomach out in his first flight.

After a minute or so, the three landed in a grassy space. A few feet away was a small hut, marked with the words "Training Hall Master" on the door.

The air here was fresh to breathe and Daneel felt energized just by taking a deep breath. Even the feeling of queasiness subsided in his stomach.

A broad smile appeared on Elenav's face as he spread out his arms and said, "Welcome to the Fists of Justice Training Ground!"

As the last word left his mouth, he suddenly convulsed, clutching below his chest before falling face-first on the ground, unconscious.

Seeing him fall, Viuda flew across the ground to the door of the cottage.

Just like in the air, she seemed to have perfect control and stability in flight. Her toes were only a few centimeters off the ground as she floated forward at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground.

On knocking, a man in a brown waistcoat and trousers opened the door. He looked to be middle-aged, with kind eyes, an aquiline nose and a short beard. His tanned and bulging muscles could be seen under the waistcoat which loosely hung off of his shoulders.

"Master, I've brought him.", she said, before gesturing towards Daneel and the unconscious Elenav.

"Good. Go get Mother Freida."

Nodding, Viuda quickly flew into the distance.

The man ran towards Elenav before laying him on his back. After ripping open his robe, he put his hand on the discolored and bruised area near Elenav's left chest.

His hand seemed to glow as a white halo formed at the spot that the man had laid his hand. Elenav groaned but remained unconscious.

"So you are the new recruit? Why do you want to join the Fists of Justice?", he asked after raising his head and looking Daneel in the eye.

His eyes seemed to hold a strength that cautioned Daneel from lying or saying anything that wasn't true.

"I want to grow stronger and obtain justice for my father!", he said, closing his fists and putting on a confident front in defiance to the man's gaze.

The man's eyebrows raised as he said, "Oh? A determined one, I see. Who is your father and what justice do you want to obtain?" His eyes turned back to normal and Daneel felt as if a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

"My father is called Robert. He was in the army before.."

The man raised his other hand, stopping Daneel.

"So you are Daneel. Robert is a close friend of mine. We even discussed sending you here the other day. It is really sad what happened to him. He was an excellent soldier and an even better man.", said the man, sighing.

Meanwhile, Viuda had returned with another woman who seemed to be in her mid-40s. She reminded Daneel of the kind old lady of the orphanage as both of them had visages which shone with the goodwill and care that was characteristic of them.

Seeing the two arrive, the man said, "Mother Freida, I have stabilized his condition. His rib punctured his lung and he was holding on till now due to the sheer control of his organs. Please mend the rib so that he can be transported to the sickbay."

Saying so, he stood up and walked back to his cottage, motioning at Daneel to follow.

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