World Domination System

Chapter 17 Reward

Daneel's smile froze as he heard this.

Soon, the award ceremony began. Only the top 10 were indicted into the training hall full time. The rest either had the option to stay on or leave. If they chose to stay, jobs would be assigned to them. Although the pay wasn't much, free classes in basic martial techniques were given and a little time in the ETC was also added. This was to entice them to stay. Any training hall needed numerous members of staff to take care of all the daily chores and reponsibilites.

Next came the award ceremony. Ranked 3rd was the kid who had previously ranked 2nd. He received a magical trinket shaped like a small sword. On squeezing it, it transformed into a small knife which was actually a full size sword for the small kids. The others looked at him with envy as he went off the stage and started enlarging and shrinking it again and again.

Ranked 2nd was the drenched kid. This water prison technique really is very useful, he thought. Getting an idea, he asked the system, "System, can I get this technique?"

[Technique's complexity far exceeds what PAM-1 can currently handle. Also, the minimum amount of data hasn't been collected for development to be considered. These two parameters need to be met to obtain the option to develop a technique. System advises host to gain EXP and upgrade both the system and PAM-1]

Damn EXP again. After this ceremony, he would really have to sit down and formulate a plan to get as much EXP as possible.

The prize for the 2nd ranker was a small defensive coat. Although it looked like a typical coat, it was enchanted to cushion blows.

The sullen look on the kid's face turned into joy after obtaining the coat. Outside, it would cost at least 2 Gold Lans. The sword on the other hand was a much more common magical trinket, costing only around 50 silver Lans.

Although Daneel had no idea how much each item cost, he knew that they were probably very expensive after seeing how popular magical trinket shops were. And those shops didn't even sell combat oriented trinkets, dealing in the most part with utility trinkets.

With excitement on his face, Daneel walked up the podium to Felix.

"For being the first ranked trainee, you get the most valuable reward. Combat trinkets can lose effect or become outdated, but your reward will never lose value no matter how many years pass. It is a copy of our training hall's cornerstone secret technique, the "Fists of Justice". In fact, as you can tell, the training hall was even named after the technique. It was the first master's wish that every trainee batch winner should get the full copy of the technique. Although even the top masters of the hall can't comprehend the later stages, the initial stages themselves are very suitable for one such as you who is developing his martial skill. Train in it well. You will have to use your own comprehension, as this is not a technique that can be taught. It can only be understood by oneself."

Saying so, Felix handed him another coin that was shaped like a fist. Only, this one seemed to be made of a glass-type material. It was transparent and warm to the touch.

"Your first training ends here. If you found the last 3 months too hard, then you should consider taking up a different creed. I can tell you right now, it will only get harder! Only with the determination to put aside all the pain and bull through can you persevere and reach the heights of body refining. Think hard and make your choice." This was addressed to all the trainees.

Pondering looks came on each of their faces as they heard this. With one final cheer, the crowd and the trainees dispersed.

Daneel also tried to follow the trainees but found himself hoisted up by his shirt. It was Felix.

Without a word, he was taken to the master's cottage before being set down in a chair.

"So tell me kid. What are you doing each night in the forest? Don't even try to say that its shadow boxing. I've observed you myself and the variation in moves is too much. It is as if you are actually fighting someone, only no one can see who that some one is."

Daneel flinched in his seat. There was some good news though. At least no one had seen the white figure. And Felix had observed him personally? He really had been careless in choosing a training place. Daneel vowed to himself to find more secluded locations in the future.

As he looked into Felix's eyes, he felt a pressure bearing down on his shoulders. It felt as though he would be crushed if he even tried to lie.

Daneel chose to tell a story as close to the truth as possible. He had come up with this after thinking long and hard along the way.

"I imagine a white figure fighting with me. When I concentrate hard enough, something materializes in front of me and fights with me. I really thought it was something everyone could do.", he said.

Daneel gasped and took in a deep breath as the pressure vanished.

"Just as I thought. Damn kid, you are really lucky. That Robert is going to stay up nights feeling happy after hearing this. It might just be that you have a mageroot!"

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