World Domination System

Chapter 20 Major Windfall!

"The audacity!"

A dignified voice halted the guard's hand in mid air.

In front of him walking up the stairs was a man who gave off waves of authority. He had golden hair and a weathered nose that looked like it had been broken many times. Clean shaven, the man was wearing magnificent golden robes with a V emblem emblazoned on the front.

"Your Excellency!", shouted both the guard and the clerk with horror before kneeling down on the ground.

This man was called the "Righteous Hawk" by those who knew of him. Rising up from the status of a common merchant to a minister who conferred with the king on a daily basis, his was a story still told by parents in the city to encourage their children.

The plan that Daneel and Elanev had hatched was that they would catch the two red-handed. Only, a person of authority at the scene would lend the video recording credibility and also make the case move faster in the court.

Elanev had only said that he would make sure someone with enough authority would be present. Daneel had never expected that it would be this man who was known throughout the slums to be kind and gracious.

There were only 20 ministers in the whole kingdom. These men and women held power only second to the king. As the king's daily consultants and confidants, their word held immeasurable power.

"This library was built by the 3rd King of Lanthanor so that all people, rich and poor alike could avail the great gift that was knowledge. Although the present king has levied an entrance fee to bolster the kingdom's coffers, he still made it a point that everyone would be welcomed and treated warmly. How can you have the gall to go against the direct word of the king?", he said, with words that echoed throughout the surroundings.

The watching crowd started muttering seeing the scene. Although many had long seen and lamented at the deplorable actions of the duo, they had never raised their voice to oppose them due to not having enough power. Seeing them finally get their due, a content feeling appeared in many people's hearts.

A dripping sound was heard as liquid oozed down onto the ground from the clerk's trousers. He had peed his pants.

Amid laughter in the crowd, the guard pleaded, "Your Excellency! Forgive us! Please spare us so that we can rectify and reflect on our mistakes!". His voice shook as he knew that his life was done. All he could hope for was that this man would show some mercy and let him live. If it had been some other minister, it would not have been a surprise for his execution date to be set already.

"I have recorded this incident in my personal trinket too. As soon as I get back to the palace, I shall order an expedited inquiry into your actions. You shall be punished by the court's decree. Now, get out of my sight. Don't even think of running. The mage in charge of my security has already placed tracking marks on you two."

Saying so, he turned around to see Daneel who had a triumphant smile on his face. Their plan had worked!

"Well done, young man. By bringing this grave injustice to light, you have rendered service to great kingdom of Lanthanor. By my power as minister to the king, I hereby decree you to be a Prime Citizen of the kingdom. Come by tomorrow to the palace to collect your rewards.", he said, smiling wide and giving Daneel an appreciative look.

The crowd, which had by now swollen to a size of at least 500 in the expansive library front ground, started clapping hearing what the minister had said. Someone in the back shouted, "Prime Citizen Daneel! Thank you!". This prompted more shouts from many in the crowds, before resulting in a full-blown chant of his name.

Daneel just couldn't stop smiling. He realized that this feeling of being appreciated and cheered was something he had been looking for all his life without even knowing that he was looking for anything. It was the passion that every man had. It was what set his blood boiling and made him feel alive while accomplishing. It was what he would be willing to give up his life to achieve.

The two lifetimes had resulted in Daneel becoming this person who at this moment realized what his true passion was. It was to bring punishment to the wicked and justice to the downtrodden.

As if to commemorate this occasion, the system rang amid the cheers and chants.


Mission "Take revenge on the library's constable and clerk." success. 30 EXP awarded. Additional Award: Achievements sub-system unlocked.

Description: The Achievement's sub-system tracks and records the glorious or memorable moments in the host's journey towards becoming a world dominator. Achievements reward generous amounts of EXP.

Achievement:"People's Saviour-1" obtained.

People's Saviour-1: By exposing the vile acts of the duo of the guard and clerk in the town library of Lanthanor, you have received praise from the people. Some people will remember your name and tell your deed to others, beginning the story of your saga. Congratulations for taking the first steps towards becoming a World Dominator!

500 EXP Awarded

Achievement:"First World Domination Achievement obtained" obtained.

First World Domination Achievement obtained: Congratulations on unlocking the Achievement sub-system and obtaining your first achievement!

500 EXP Awarded

Total EXP: 1050]

Daneel felt as if someone had hit him on his head. He couldn't think or even comprehend what was going on.

He had to ask the system thrice to confirm that what he had heard was true.

This was a major windfall indeed!

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