World Domination System

Chapter 25 Priests of Rectitude

Daneel immediately jumped up and held the coin in his hands, enlarging it into a dagger. He took the common stance of one who had no idea how to use a dagger: his hand outstretched in front of him, pointing the dagger at the two men who had stood up and were now massaging their hands, coaxing the blood to flow back in.

"Relax. We helped you. We don't have any idea why you came here, but remember that you now have a debt with the Priests of Rectitude. If you are ever in the Glorious City of Saint Rectitude, come visit our church.", said one of the men with the red hair. He had an air of confidence around him, as if it weren't him who had just been lying on the ground, tied up.

Before Daneel could even speak, the two vanished in front of his eyes.

A voice floated to his ears, as if from the void.

"Find a way to get out before 2 hours pass from now. Things are going to get very messy and you don't want to be here when it happens."

The system interrupted his thoughts as he was thinking who the hell these people were and if he had heard that name before.

[Space Channel Technique ready for development. Requisite Host Level: Human Mage-4]

Human Mage-4?! Such a level was something that would let one command the wind and clouds in Lanthanor.

Training as a mage was much more difficult than training as a fighter. Hence, the strongest fighter in the Kingdom was the king, who had supposedly reached at least the level of Human-9. The king seldom fought outside, opting to let the commanders of the army fight in his stead in conflicts. Commanders needed to be at least the level of Human-8 to even be considered for the post. The higher the level, the harder it was to train to reach the level after that. Even the resources required grew exponentially. In fact, most of the income from the taxes and conquests of the kingdom went into the king's pockets. His duty was to be the strongest and ensure safety for the people by being their backbone that would never fall. Just by existing, he brought balance to all the factions in the kingdom, not letting it fall into ruin.

The highest mage was the Court Mage, who was at the level of Human-7. Acting as the personal guard of the king, his power was also something that Elanev only knew of from his father. Just like fighter commanders, there were also mage commanders who were only Human- 6 level but were equal in status to the fighter commanders due to their ability to perform even potentially better than their fighter counterparts.

Daneel had no use for the technique right now, but it was good to know that even advanced techniques could be developed now. The only problem was his level.

With the priests disappearing, he was left alone in the cell. Carefully opening the lock and sneaking out, Daneel found himself in a corridor with numbered rooms.

It seemed that he was in on the ground floor, as the room numbers were all numbered from 1 to 10. Shiny wood floor and wood walls were everywhere, while Daneel searched for the staircase.

He also needed to find clothes to disguise himself as he was wearing the torn clothes that he always wore. He would stand out like a sore thumb.

The staircase was hidden at one end of the corridor, and Daneel got to the second floor directly. Moans, screams or thumping sounds came from most of the rooms he passed. Daneel blushed, knowing what sound this was. Although he had lived two short life times, he was still a virgin.

Near room 21, he found a pile of clothes outside the room with the door ajar. Sharp moans and screams echoed throughout the corridor as the inhabitants of the room had probably been too occupied with something else to even bother to close the door.

Taking the opportunity, he stripped and wore the clothes he found. Although they were very lose after he wore them, the clothes then automatically shrunk to fit him perfectly. It seemed that these were some of the most expensive garments on the market: those enchanted with the auto fit, auto temperature control and at least 3 or 4 other enchantments.

A crest with an L standing triumphant over a dead dragon was emblazoned on the front of the chrome blue coat. Seeing this, Daneel realized that these were actually the clothes of a member of the Royal family.

He almost took them off, but eventually decided not to as it was better to take a chance and not be caught rather than wear his own clothes and be almost definitely caught.

Slowly, he sneaked to room 23. It seemed to be locked.

Daneel had been holding the coin dagger in his hand all this while. Now, he decided to put it in his pocket to take a closer look at the door.

As he did so, he noticed that there was a square card in his pocket. Taking it out, he saw that there was the emblem of the pub on it-A drunk dwarf pushing a cup with yellow liquid in it toward the observer.

Noticing that there was a square indentation on the door, Daneel put the card in to try his luck, although he thought that there was no chance it would work because one would only have the key card of their own room.


The door opened wide.

The damn member of royalty had actually obtained a master card! How important must he be to make the owner give the master card directly and just say "Use whichever room you want"?

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