World Domination System

Chapter 28 Prime Citizen

Early the next morning, Daneel woke up as usual before checking if the rucksack was still there. The previous day felt like it had been a dream, and he wanted to make sure that it had actually happened.

Right as he was doing his chores though, an unexpected guest showed up at the Anivron House.

It was Elanev.

"Hey prime citizen! Forgot to collect your reward?", he said, startling Daneel. He had actually forgotten that he was supposed to go collect the reward!

The past few days had passed by without a single stray thought due to the focus on getting Ether as soon as possible.

Thanking Elanev for coming, he introduced him to his parents who were very genial. The two really did look like brothers, and this warmed his parents' hearts.

The two walked toward the palace. Passing the people in the slums who seemed very amiable, Elanev was puzzled.

Daneel explained that this was because they were content with what they had. They treated their neighbors like family and shared whatever they could. Even his family had benefited many times from the kind people who broke their bread in half to share even if all they had was a single loaf of bread.

With his eyes opened, Elanev smiled and led the way to the palace.

It was Daneel's first time entering the inner city. He had only heard rumors but had never imagined that he would be able to enter so soon.

A giant gate 20 foot tall was set in the wall that separated the inner and outer cities.

Squads of mages and fighters were positioned all around. Daneel felt numerous eyes on him even when he was 50 feet away from the gates.

Walking up to a constable on duty, Elanev said something which made him bow. Soon, a small door was opened for them in the gate.

The structure of the inner city was unique. Daneel was dazed with the first sight that struck him.

A wide, paved road led up to the most magnificent palace he had ever seen. The road itself was 50 feet wide, with small branching roads leading to manors on the size.

Daneel could count more than 20 spires with flags bearing the Royal L fluttering in the air. Gold was the predominant theme, making the whole palace like a golden behemoth which had chosen to lie there.

The entrance which he could see from where he stood was built in classic roman style, with high columns and an arching roof. Behind it, a single dome rose into the sky dwarfing all other structures near it. It was on this dome that the flag flew the highest.

Daneel was awed by the sight. Elanev at the side nudged him, breaking him out of his reverie and urging him forward.

"Magnificent, I know. Work hard kid. All high level mages and fighters are granted a manor here directly by the king. Although he has his flaws, the king does know how to pull people to his side.", he said, leading him to a domed building near the entrance to the palace.

"Daneel, here to collect the reward for becoming a Prime Citizen.", said Elanev to the clerk who stood inside.

"Our youngest prime citizen! Welcome. Please wait a moment while I get your reward.", said the clerk before hurrying inside.

"This place is usually bustling. Everyone is busy with what happened last night.", said Elanev, making Daneel flinch.

On asking what had happened, Daneel found out that minutes after he had left the scene, the King himself along with the court mage had appeared on the scene.

The area had been cloaked by a spell, which delayed response from the army. By the time they arrived, the perpetrators were already gone.

All the high-ranking clientele had escaped from the pub. This was because usually, these people carried with them escape trinkets which could instantly teleport them to a location a 100 feet away.

Even some employees who knew nothing about the illegal fighting ring had escaped. As for the manager of the pub and many of its employees, only ash remained of them.

"They are investigating everyone who survived for suspicious people. It is suspected that it wasn't just those two who were responsible for the incident.", said Elanev, making sweat appear on Daneel's face.

The only clues which might expose him were the guard and the clothes. The latter was trivial as the sewer would transport them to a different part of the city. He had tried to destroy the clothes but to no avail. The clothes seemed to also be enchanted by an anti-tear spell.

As for the guard, he had not seen his face. Daneel could only hope that this matter would be dismissed. There was nothing he could do now about it anyway.

"Here is the reward. 50 Gold Lans and a Prime Citizen badge. Showing the badge will result in expedited service at any government establishment. It can also be shown to constables or officers to deny them from arresting you unless they show a warrant granted by court. This right is exclusive to Prime Citizens, as normal citizens can be apprehended first before the crime is proved. Thank you for your loyalty to the Kingdom of Lanthanor.", said the clerk, handing over a jingling bag and a badge with a 3 pointed star on it. On touching it, he felt a pricking sensation just like before with the Fists of Justice coin.

[Interface detected. Would you like to receive the information being transmitted?], came the expected voice from the system.

On agreeing, the system said,

["Congratulations on becoming a Prime Citizen! Please carry this badge if you want to avail benefits at any government establishment. This badge is now authorized to verify the identity of Prime Citizen, Daneel Anivron."]

It was indeed exactly like the Fists of Justice coin. Daneel thanked the clerk. He couldn't hide his smile. 50 Gold Lans! There was no reason to worry about the fee for the academy or food for his family anymore.

Elanev dropped Daneel back home, chatting about training hall matters and laughing, reminiscing about the training.

Daneel handed the money to his father, from whose eyes leaked tears of joy seeing his son accomplish so much already. He announced that he would treat everyone they knew in the slums to supper and boast about his son.

Things were finally going well in the Anivron Family.

Meanwhile, Daneel took out the diary that he had found at the pub.

It was time to find out why 2 high profile robbers had chosen to rob a house in the slums.

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