World Domination System

Chapter 5 Thieves In The Nigh


[Mission accepted. Good luck.]

This was what Daneel knew so far: he had a black-hearted but very powerful system in his head which boasted that it would make him the King of this world. More functions could be unlocked by finishing missions and earning exp points.

Reflecting on this, he realized that at this moment, Daneel couldn't care less whether he became the ruler of the world or not. He had completely merged into his present body and felt very lucky to have parents in this world. The pain of not having any in his previous life made him treasure them even more. This, in turn, made him even more determined to exact revenge and obtain justice.

His present goal was this: find out more about the world and keep unlocking functions. Look for any opportunities that could be utilized due to the presence of the system.

A shuffling was heard from the curtain as a man entered the room.

"Your mother is asleep. I saw the blood on your clothes, boy. From where did you learn to lie to your parents? That much blood definitely didn't come from just those external wounds. Quickly show me if you are hurt anywhere else. I have a friend in the infirmary who might help. Let's not make your mother worry even more. She already has enough on her mind"

Another pair of footsteps followed from behind, as his mother entered and playfully tapped on his father's shoulder before turning towards Daneel with a reprimanding look on her face.

"You think I didn't notice? I'm his mother! Tell us, son. That ointment will only work on the smallest scrapes and cuts. No matter what the cost, we can hire a healing mage in case you are hurting anywhere inside. Those kinds of wounds shouldn't be ignored at all."

Seeing the concerned looks on his parent's faces, tears appeared in Daneel's eyes. He had never known such a feeling. Although the old lady in the orphanage had always cared for him, the absence of parents had always weighed down on him like a burden.

A warmth spread through his body. In this world, he was loved and cared for. In this world, he had people he could call his own who would do anything for him.

He could only hug them both and cry uncontrollably as all the pent-up tears from all the years of sorrow erupted out, finally breaking free from his eyes.

His parents let him cry all of it out, opting to just pat him on his back and let him explain.

After controlling himself and wiping away the last of the tears, he said, "I'm not hurt anywhere else. Trust me Mom and Dad, I wouldn't hide it from you if that were the case. I know you would do everything to get me cured. I'm just really happy that I have you two."

Saying so, a broad smile appeared on his face. Seeing this cute smile, the couple could only smile back and leave wishing him a good night. His father still had a questioning look, but his mother dragged him away as if telling him to not pester their son. If he wanted to tell them something, he would.

Daneel knew that being in the army, his father did not believe him at all. But there was nothing he could do. This was something that he could not share no matter what. He would have to think for a more plausible explanation later. As much as he hated lying to his parents, he simply had no choice.

Although he had been healed and felt that his stomach was full, Daneel felt very sleepy and tired from the long day he had just had. Looking forward to the next day, he fell asleep almost instantly.

4 hours later.

Daneel had gone to sleep at around 10 p.m. The old rusted clock in the living room read 2 a.m when a rustling sound was heard from outside the door. After a bit of fumbling, the door creaked open to reveal 2 men in black clothes.

"Search everywhere and be silent. The old man in this house was a soldier, so it's better not to get into a fight.", said the first man to the second.

Nodding in reply, the two continued to sneak into the house.


New Mission: Defeat the thieves in the Anivron House

Mission Description: Thieves have entered your house. The future king of the world cannot have robbery happen in his own house! Drive away the thieves.

Mission Reward: 20 Exp Points. 5% Level Progression.

Suggested Purchase: Heads Up Display Combat Aid Add-On(1). Cost-10 Exp Points.

Would you like to accept the mission and make the purchase by taking a loan? The standard interest rate will apply.]

Daneel woke up to this sound. His eyes opened wide as he heard the sounds coming from the living room. They had been robbed thrice before and each time the whole family had almost starved for weeks before they could stockpile a little food again.

The only valuable things in the house were food and a few other odds and ends, like the clock. Still, Daneel had no intention of just lying down and ignoring the situation especially when he could stop it.

Yet again, he had no choice but to take the loan. He had no experience fighting and knew that he would need the aid of the system if he wanted to successfully drive the thieves away.

"Yes. Buy the add-on and equip the Heads Up Display."

[Affirmative. Loan approved. Purchase made and added to HUD. HUD deployed. Good luck.]

As the display came back over Daneel's eyes, he noticed that he could see the thieves even from behind the curtain. Now that he studied it, the panel at the left indicated his status while a 3-D image of his body showed whether any part was injured. It was his health indicator in graphic form.

As he was trying to figure out how to proceed, a white footprint was seen in the corner of his eye.

On the ground was a line of shining footprints that let towards one of the thieves who had his back turned to him.

Daneel decided to just trust the system.

He silently set his foot down on the indication and inched towards the thief. Luckily, the rustling of the curtain was not heard by the intruders due to the sounds already being made by them.

On almost reaching the thief, a white shining fist appeared on the side of the head.

Daneel understood that it was the trajectory of his arm that he had to follow.

Holding his breath, he pulled his arm back and punched along that line, making the head of the thief whip sideways. The sudden whiplash effect instantly made him faint and fall to the ground.

Although the hit and the fall were silent, Daneel had made a mistake. As he had no experience punching, he had punched in a very awkward fashion by bending his body forward. He now lost his balance and hit a table with his hand while falling forward. This made a more audible sound that echoed through the house.

Daneel hurriedly got up only to realize with horror that the other thief had noticed him and was now lunging towards him with a shining dagger in his hand.

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