World Domination System

Chapter 8 The Levels of Power 1

[Important points to be noted regarding Power and Power Levels:

-The number 9 holds a special significance in the world that the kingdom is situated in. Each stage of Human, Warrior and the rumored Champion and Hero contain 9 levels.

-Body refiners or mages in levels 1-3 are called by the additional name tag "Neophyte", levels 4-6 "Eminent" and levels 7-9 "Exalted". For example, a Human-8 level body refiner would be referred to as an Exalted Human.

-Body refinement only requires resources like Ether. Development as a Mage requires both resources and talent in comprehending the elements or natural phenomena.

-The factor which decides the effectiveness of body refinement training using resources is the potential of the body. Higher potential will result in higher gain in power from a smaller amount of resources. Whereas if one has very low potential, a large amount of resources are needed to progress in levels or stages.

-Mages can cover up the weakness of having a weak potential by having a strong comprehension ability.

-Fighting ability of a body refiner is decided by his/her skill in learning and applying fighting techniques. In a famous example quoted in the book "What is power?", a Neophyte Human-1 disciple defeated an Eminent Human-6 combatant using superior skill and technique.

-There is even more of a disparity between body refiners and mages. A single skilled Neophyte Human Mage can even defeat tens of Eminent Human Fighters with the right fighting style. This is balanced by the extreme rarity of Mages. Only 1 in a 1000 people have the minimum talent required to become a mage. One needs to be born with a specific body type, known as being in possession of a "Mageroot", to even try to train as a mage.]

Daneel felt his head reeling from all the information. He had to ask the system to repeat all of the information thrice.

"Do I have the mageroot?", he asked, hoping for a positive answer.

[No. Host's body has no mageroot and the body potential is among the lowest possible.]

This answer crushed his hopes. But, the system was not done.

[Host does not need to despair, because he is in possession of the World Domination System. Methods have been identified to improve potential and obtain a mageroot. Host just needs to focus on completing missions and obtaining Exp Points as they are instrumental in upgrading host's body.]

Yes! At least there was a possibility! Daneel decided to do whatever was necessary to grow stronger. He closed his fists, determined to tackle all missions and stockpile as many Exp Points as possible. Of course, that required staying a mile away from the System Bank.

A pair of hands hoisted him up from his seat, and Daneel suddenly found himself dangling in the air. In this world, he was only a 5 foot tall scrawny 12-year old kid who could easily be manhandled this way.

A nondescript constable sneered at him from the side before saying, "You have long exceeded the book limit set for the price paid. Pay 10 silver Lans or get out. Didn't the clerk tell you about the book limit?"

In the air, Daneel could only put up a futile struggle attempting to get free. Failing, he said, "He didn't! And I don't have any more money!"

Smirking, the constable proceeded to take him out of the library in this fashion, saying "I thought as much. This isn't a place for punks like you. Get out and don't even think of coming back."

As they got to the steps, the guard winked at the clerk who winked back with a smile. This was all a scheme by the two of them!

Daneel was bodily thrown from the top of the steps. Thankfully, there was a little space between flights of steps which he landed on. He had scraped his knee which hurt like hell. Most of all, his pride was beaten to the ground.

[*Ding* Mission "Provide information regarding the world" success. 10 Exp Points awarded.

New Mission: Take revenge on the library's constable and clerk.

Mission Description: The town library's clerk usually runs a scheme which involves not informing commoners of all the rules of the library resulting in them being thrown out of the library by the constable. Host was also trapped by this scheme.

A World Dominator cannot suffer such grievances without seeking redress! Take revenge on them by bringing this to the attention of superiors.

Mission Reward: 30 Exp Points. Would you like to accept the mission?]

For once, the system aligned with his thoughts perfectly.

"Yes", he replied.

[Mission Accepted. Good luck]

Daneel picked himself up and dusted off his clothes. His pocket was ripped when the constable had taken the silver token before throwing him out.

Book limit? What the hell was that? What sense did it make to limit the number of books one could read?

Regardless, he was out of the library now and would need to pay again to go back in, with money he didn't have. He was at least glad that he had had the time to finish the mission.

Finally, he had 10 Exp Points to himself! This really picked him up and improved his mood. Although he had not forgotten the humiliation, it was thrown to the back of his mind now because he could not do anything about it at the moment. Being able to do this had always been part of his personality.

As he got up, he heard a commotion near the gates of the library. A large crowd had formed which Daneel inched himself into.

At the center were two men face to face. One, who seemed to be in his late 20s, was wearing a green robe with fists emblazoned on it. The other was a middle-aged constable who had a different uniform than the others he had seen patrolling the streets. Where the others' belt and buttons had been a dull gold, his shined bright, reflecting the sun and making a few observers close their eyes. He stood tall and straight with a strict expression, his uniform serving to only increase an image of authority and power.

The man in the robe, on the other hand, had a casual expression but there seemed to be a hunter hidden underneath. He was in a stance similar to that of a tiger which could stay unnoticed in the bushes until it pounced with devastating power and tore a deer to pieces.

"This is a training hall matter. It would serve you better to let me leave, Officer Ajax.", said the man in the robe.

"Regardless of whose matter it is, I have orders to take you in today, Eminent Human Elenav. Either come quietly or be beaten into the ground by someone who is stronger than you.", said the officer, loosening his uniform in anticipation of a fight.

"And that someone is you? With just your Exalted Human strength? It seems you did not take your instructor's words to heart when he said that skill can overcome level any day. In his place, let me teach you a lesson."

As soon as the last word had exited his mouth, the man in the robe jumped 10 feet up in the air. His body turned into a human spear in the air that shot toward the officer from above with his fist pointing out as the head of the spear.

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