World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Perfect Money-making Plan!


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Generally speaking, bronze level Beastmasters could only effectively use one Battle Beast.

As a result, newbies would usually form teams to carry out missions and explore resources.

Each Battle Beast had its own unique characteristic. Some were used for attacking, while others could be used as support or tanks that would stand in the frontlines.

Due to the lack of funds and capability, newbies would not nurture two Battle Beasts at the same time.

Since they lacked the strength, there was no point in being ambitious.

For many people, owning a single Battle Beast was all they needed for the rest of their life.

Even if they wanted to change, they would wait until they became stronger before nurturing a new Battle Beast.

It was just like owning cars in our world. Just one was enough for ordinary civilians, and if it was a pickup truck that could be used for transporting both goods and people, then all the better.

However, if one were wealthy, they would instead own enough cars to fill up an underground garage.

This was the basic rule of survival of mankind, to live within their means.

Beastmasters had been around for hundreds of years. As a result, the families that had accumulated wealth since eons past, had only grown stronger and stronger over time. In contrast, commoners who had just awakened had a tough road ahead of them.

However, this problem was not within Locke’s consideration at the moment.

He had his own ways to make money if need be.

Although it might not be much, he could slowly accumulate it.

Moreover, his Battle Beasts were the best in the world. Any one of his Battle Beasts would dazzle everyone, and as a result, there was no reason not to nurture them.

Money was an issue?

So what? He could earn it anytime he wanted!

After all, his own Battle Beasts were very powerful. Whereas others needed to form teams to complete expeditions, he could do it alone.

More accurately, one Battle Beast was all he needed.

However, as mentioned before, there were many types of Battle Beasts.

Therefore, the most important part of Locke’s plan was to nurture as many divine rank Battle Beasts as possible. Worst comes to worst, he could just summon them all at once!

He was certain that he would need all of them one day.

At the same time…

The information of the Battle Beast appeared in Locke’s mind.

This made him very surprised.

After all, Battle Beasts had several functions, and in that moment, the Beast Egg before him contained just the type that he needed!

[ System name: All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution Path System ]

[ Battle Beast name: Child of the Storm ]

[ Battle Beast quality: Green ]

[ Battle Beast type: Skill-based ]

[ Battle Beast attribute: Wind ]

[ Battle Beast level: Level 1]

[ Battle Beast growth progress: 100% (able to hatch)]

[ Battle Beast talent: None ]

[ Battle Beast skill: None ]

[ Hidden Evolution Path 1: Strength-oriented evolution. Next form, [Wings of the Storm ]. It can release gale force winds that will cut through anything. The highest quality it can evolve to is the purple rare rank! ]

[Hidden Evolution Path 2: Magic-oriented evolution. The next stage, [Wings of the Sky ]. Upon unfolding its wings, it will fill up the sky with feathers. Each feather is like a high speed bullet, and eventually, they will become a torrent of steel. It can evolve to rose gold divine rank at most. ]

Upon reading these descriptions…

Locke did not think twice.

He immediately chose was the second Hidden Evolution Path.

Hidden Evolution Condition 1: It must be about to hatch!

Hidden Evolution Condition 2: Wind Liquid x3ml!

Hidden Evolution Condition 3: Advanced Magic Cube Crystal x 1!

Hidden Evolution Condition 4: Windward Grass Root x 3!

Seeing this, Locke immediately cursed.

Some of the materials could not even be found within the black market.

Each material was worth several million coins.

Moreover, it was impossible to locate the Advanced Magic Cube Crystal in the black market. Instead, it could only be found in auctions, and even then, the chances were small.

Worse still, in this world…

Auctions were the most money-consuming place.

Even if a herb was valued at one million, as long as it could enter the auction, it would be sold at a sky-high price by the auctioneer.

Usually, they would be three times the normal selling price.

By Locke’s estimates, the Advanced Magic Cube Crystal would cost at least ten million usually.

In that case, the Advanced Magic Cube would cost thirty million at the very least!

His Beast Eggs were still unsold, and his Twin-headed White Jade Snake was also on the cusp of levelling up. The latter of these two problems would require vast funds.

Suddenly, Locke felt that he was tight on money.

‘How should I deal with it?’

Originally, he wanted to make a huge sum of money and buy a house in the inner city for his parents.

After all, with his parents in a safe place, he would then be able to wander the world in peace.

Unfortunately, leveling up his Battle Beast had now become a problem.

No matter how he looked at it, it was not a task that he could achieve within the near future.

Could there be a way to earn money quickly…

Locke thought along this line of thought.

The biggest asset he had now were the Beast Eggs, and many of them were high-quality. Many of them could evolve to the purple quality, but those were Hidden Evolution Paths.

On the other hand, some of the Battle Beast’s quality were initially very high, but they could not evolve into late stages.

Utilizing his ability to read the information of the Battle Beasts within the eggs…

Very soon…

An idea came to Locke’s mind.


Indeed, Locke’s plan was to gamble!

A Beast Egg’s value laid in their base quality.

However, no one could determine this quality.

The only person who could, was he himself.

If he were to use the high quality Beast Eggs as a wager, he was bound to make huge profits!

The selling price of a Beast Eggs were usually between 1 million and 1.3 million.

If he were to wager off some high quality eggs, he could bring the price up to 2 million!

With that…

Locke’s plan to make money was finally solidified!

All he needed to do now was to spread the news.

Upon this thought, a figure appeared within Locke’s mind.

The girl who sold him the lucky fruits!

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