World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: It Really Is A Divine Beast!

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That girl had left a lasting impression on Locke.

Although Locke had originally bought the fruits as a way to help her out…

Through conversing with her, Locke learned that the girl had gone through many tough experiences.

She did not have a good life.

However, this girl also had a lot of outstanding qualities, of which, Locke had regarded rather highly.

For example, she was very familiar with the people in the area, and she spoke with much eloquence.

If he were to hire her to publicize his Beast Eggs, Locke had no doubt that many more people would be aware of his eggs. Furthermore, if the little girl was nice to work with, he did not mind working long term with her either.

With her help, Locke could initialize his plan before long.

While Locke worked on his plan…

The door to the house swung open.

His parents had returned.

As his plan was already established, he quickly walked out and greeted his parents.

Realizing that their son had returned home early, the two began to have their suspicions.

His mother spoke first, “Locke, why are you back so early? Isn’t the school holding the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony?”

Logically speaking, Locke should still be at school.

After all, the hatching ceremony consisted of not only the hatching process, but the various follow-ups as well.

However, since Locke had hatched a divine rank Battle Beast, he no longer had to go through those complicated matters. The school would settle everything for him.

Due to this, he was able to return early.

Furthermore, the principal had also promised Locke that he no longer needed to attend school.

The school’s curriculum was no longer relevant for his advancement.

All that was left was to pick a university to attend before his graduation.

Upon hearing his mother’s question…

Locke revealed a toothy grin. “School matters have already been settled, so I was allowed to return early!”

“Oh right, mom and dad, aren’t you supposed to go to work today?”

This was not the usual time for his parents to get off of work.

In other words, based on how hard his parents usually worked to make money, their early return had meant that they did not go to work at all.

It must have been something important that drove them to make this decision.

Hearing his son’s question, Locke’s father spoke up.

“Your mother and I have given much thought to it, and we still feel that the odds of obtaining a rare Battle Beast from a single Beast Egg is too low. As such, we went ahead and bought another Beast Egg for you. Don’t feel burdened by it, son, we just want you to hatch it!”

With that, Locke’s bearded father carefully took out a Beast Egg from his backpack.

A moment later, he placed it on the table.

The Beast Egg shone a crimson red, and the patterns that covered it were in the shape of flames.

Locke guessed that it was a Flame Series Beast Egg.

With just one look, Locke could tell that it was worth way more than a million federal coins.

It was way past the limit of what his parents could afford.

Locke was touched by his parents’ efforts.

Truthfully speaking, their family’s finances did not permit them to make such an extravagant purchase.

Locke was aware of this, and he had strongly urged his parents not to spend that much money the previous night.

Regardless, they still bought it without an ounce of hesitation.

Logically speaking, this would put the family’s already dire finances into an even worse state.

Aside from that, there was also another problem. Locke was already the owner of two Battle Beasts, and both of them were at divine rank!

Having one more or one less egg would not matter to him.

Moreover, there were also 60 Beast Eggs lying in his room at the moment!

Would this additional egg really matter to him?

However, considering that it was a product of his parent’s love, it might have been better for him to accept it instead.

After all, it would not be long before he could earn back the money! Better yet, he would make ten or hundred-fold of what he had lost!

At the moment, however, his priority was to inform his parents of his divine Battle Beast.

“Mom, dad, actually…”

“Son, we know that it’s difficult to obtain a high quality Battle Beast from just a single egg, and as such, we did this for your sake. If one doesn’t egg doesn’t produce results, then, we’ll hatch two. It’s always good to have choices.”

While he spoke, Locke’s father was constantly worried that Locke would be burdened by their decision.

His mother also nodded, indicating that it was the right choice.

“Err, actually… I’ve already obtained my ideal Battle Beast, and its quality is quite good.”

Hearing Locke’s words…

His parents immediately became excited.

They had forgotten what they were supposed to do.

Locke had been very honest since he was young, and he would never lie to them.

As such…

What quality was Locke’s Battle Beast, such that he would deem it quite good?

“Son, wait, don’t say it yet. Let me guess… It’s a blue quality Battle Beast, right?”

Upon hearing his mother’s question, Locke shook his head lightly and revealed a smile, indicating that her guess was off the mark.

On the other hand, his father was anxious, and he was constantly brushing his beard.

He smacked his lips and asked in surprise, “Then, a purple rare rank Battle Beast?”

Locke shook his head again.

“No, a little higher!”


A little higher?

That would make it an orange epic rank Battle Beast!

No way, the adults thought. They had never seen a Battle Beast of this caliber throughout their entire lives.

It was a rank that they had only heard in rumors!

Locke would not lie, so, could it be true?

“A Battle Beast that is even higher than a purple rare rank Battle Beast… Is it orange then?”

Locke shook his head once more.

At this moment, the adults were at a loss.

The thought of Locke hatching a divine rank Battle Beast did not even cross their minds.

Moreover, with Locke constantly denying their guesses and with such a tense atmosphere, their minds could not even fathom the possibility of a divine Battle Beast.

“Son, there’s no need to lie to us. It’s fine, we’ll just hatch more eggs. As long as you can become a Beastmaster in the future, you’ll have many more chances to hatch Beast Eggs!”

Locke no longer felt like keeping them in the dark.

He summoned his Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

Instantly, the living room was enveloped in a pink-gold light.

It was the symbol of a divine beast!

Locke’s father shouted out loud, and even his mother was so shocked that she could not utter a single word.

“It can’t be! Our son hatched a divine beast?”

“This… This… This is really a divine rank Battle Beast!”

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