World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Advanced Meditation Technique!

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Locke quickly took out the Mana Meditation Technique’s scroll.

The Mana Meditation Technique was different from the basic meditation techniques taught in high school. In the Federation, meditation techniques were taught in the first year of high school, but they were also the most basic ones.

Although they were both meditation techniques, their differences were huge.

There were three major differences.

The first was the amount of mana absorbed.

When mastered, the basic meditation technique allowed the user to absorb a certain amount of mana with each breath.

However, even the most basic level of the Mana Meditation Technique would absorb much more mana than the highest level of the basic meditation technique.

Secondly, the Mana Meditation Technique would also increase the user’s mana reserve!

Thirdly, the mana absorbed through the Mana Meditation Technique could also be used more smoothly.

Simply put, it would save Beastmasters more energy.

The Mana Meditation Technique’s scroll was a thin, transparent piece of paper. As long as one injected mana into it, they would be able to read it.

Before long, Locke had grasped all the contents of the scroll.

Not long after…

Locke sat down and began to meditate.

The mana in his body began to flow.

His body operated like a machine.

Very quickly, Locke could feel the mana in his body increasing.

“The Mana Meditation Technique is indeed extraordinary.”

“I’ve just started using it, but it already feels completely different from the basic meditation technique. It seems to be easier!”

Half an hour later.

Locke followed the scroll’s steps and channeled his mana for three cycles.

There were a total of five levels to the Mana Meditation Technique.

For the time being, Locke could only cultivate to the second level at most.

This was the limit of his current state. All that was left was to familiarize himself with the rhythm of the Mana Meditation Technique until it became a habit.

Once he was done cultivating, Locke let out a heavy sigh.

“I’ve become much stronger. I’ve even leveled up by one star! I’m now at the 7 star bronze level! The Mana Meditation Technique really lives up to its name!”

“I can’t continue today. I’ve already reached my limit. I’ll have to get used to it in the future.”


It was eight in the evening.

Taylor had already wandered the streets for a few hours.

She was working especially hard today.

Even though Big Brother Locke had not promised her anything, she was determined to complete the mission Locke had given her.

Taylor was a smart girl. Deep down, she knew that this was a rare opportunity, and it had the potential to change her fate for the better.

The circumstances of Taylor’s birth were less than ideal.

Her parents were Beastmasters, and because of it, they had to face great risks all the time.

Both of them had died during a mission.

In the end, her family crumbled.

As a result, Taylor had to support herself since a very young age.

She was supposed to be in the prime of her life, but she was constantly under great pressure, and as a result, she was constantly seeking to improve herself.

Even though she did not have much strength, she had developed acute reasoning skills.

The prerequisite for a person to understand logic was to have a deep understanding of themselves.

There was no doubt that Taylor had done well in that aspect.

“Is Mr. Gerardo at home?”

Taylor knocked on the door of an apartment.

It was a simple apartment.

Although it was not very luxurious, it was considered as one of the richer housings within the area.

The owner was a Beastmaster who was 9-star bronze rank in strength, and his wife had lived a life very different from his.

Within the outer city, such a family was considered as one of the upper class.

However, they were still unqualified to live within the inner city.

Reality was just that cruel. Many people who seemed powerful and wealthy were insignificant when compared to an ordinary Beastmaster in the inner city.

All that stood between them was just a wall.

It was the wall that enclosed the inner city, and separated it from the outer city. However, the distance between them was actually very small.

Despite being so close to one another, the wall was like a chasm, and it was extremely difficult for the outer city citizens to cross.

Taylor had learned of the family during a sale in the past. They were also Taylor’s last target for the day.

The door quickly swung open.

A man walked out.

His clothes were much more posh than the average outer city citizen’s. At least, when compared to Taylor, he was like someone from a different world.

“What do you want?”

Looking at the pitiful Taylor in front of him, Gerardo showed only an expression of disdain.

Even though he was facing a girl.

Taylor did not lose her manners, however. She immediately smiled and greeted, “Mr. Gerardo, my name is Taylor. I have good news for you.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, at three o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, there will be an auction at Romeo’s bar. There will be a lot of Beast Eggs on auction. I believe there will be something you’d fancy in there.”

There was no doubt that Beast Eggs could only produce Battle Beasts.

The reason Gerardo failed to enter the inner city was due to the low quality of his original Battle Beast.

Over the years, Gerardo had worked very hard to change his circumstances.

However, despite purchasing several Beast Eggs, the quality of his beasts were still bad, and they were even worse than his original Battle Beast.

As such, it was only natural that he failed to enter the inner city.

Over the years, Gerardo had suffered much from the Beast Eggs, going as far as spending ten million coins on them!

It was no different from gambling.

In this world, there was only one person like Locke.

As a result, unlucky people occupied 99% of the population.

Without a doubt, Gerardo had belonged to this group.


Once Taylor spoke those words, Gerardo instantly became unhappy.

He even had the urge to chase her away.

Taylor could tell that Gerardo was mad from his expression, and his last bit of patience was about to be worn away.

Taylor’s smile appeared again.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Gerardo, I’ll tell you something that’ll please you.”

A few minutes later, Gerardo’s door slammed shut.

Taylor walked along the slightly dark street, and there was a hint of weariness on her face.

However, she soon smiled.

After all, she was holding a bottle of warm milk in her hand.

It was a gift from Gerardo.

This was a trophy that Taylor had obtained with her talent.

Taylor had explained the details of the auction to Gerardo.

“Mr. Gerardo, there will be a guarantee system in place for the Beast Egg this time!”

“Be it a blue quality or purple quality Battle Beast, I’m confident that you’ll be able to get it.”

Initially, Gerardo felt that the child was pulling his leg.

Nevertheless, Taylor continued with her explanation. If the Battle Beast had ended up as something else than what was promised, then he need only spend 100 thousand coins.

On the other hand, if it was his desired quality, he would only need to pay a few million federation coins to obtain it.

It was a guarantee provided by the dealer.

Therefore, even though it was a gamble, it was definitely one with low risks and high rewards!

If the Beast Egg could not produce his desired quality, it would only cost 100 thousand federation coins.

In the past, it would cost 10 times that!

However if it was as promised, then, by coughing up just a little more money, he would obtain his desired Battle Beast.

He saw no reason not to pay a little extra.

After all, he would be paying for a high quality Battle Beast!

Therefore, Gerardo immediately expressed his desire to participate.

Back to the present.

Taylor had completed her task, and she had a warm bottle of milk in her hand. It was Gerardo’s way of expressing his thanks.

It was also a recognition of how hard Taylor had worked that day.

After this auction, what would Brother Locke reward her with?

Taylor was looking forward to it!

All she had to do was wait for two more days. Once the day came, she was certain that it would be a good one.

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