World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: It’s Not Gambling, It’s Making Easy Money!

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Time passed slowly.

It was finally time for the auction.

Generally speaking, bars were only open at night and there were usually no customers during the day.

However, Romeo’s Bar was jam-packed with people.

Looking at the scene in front of him…

Locke was very satisfied with Taylor’s performance.

Were it not for Taylor, the auction would never have been made possible.

So, after this auction, what kind of reward would he give to her?

“Let’s see the results first!”

Not long after, Locke went up on stage.

The crowd immediately became lively.

It seemed that the person in charge was very young, and he might even be a student!

They could not help but be puzzled.

In a world where strength was everything, how could a little kid be allowed to speak?

“Hey, kid, are you messing with us?”

“You look shabby! I bet you can’t even take out a single Beast Egg!”

“I don’t have time to waste here. How f*cking unlucky. How could I be tricked by such a little girl?”

With that, a big man glared fiercely at Taylor.

“That’s right! Why did I fell for such a trick? That’s strange. Could it be because I drank a little wine that day?”

“That little girl seems to be the one who sells the lucky fruit nearby. I’ll teach her a lesson later.”

Without a doubt, Taylor’s promotion had filled everyone with anticipation.

However, they saw no other staff aside from Locke.

This made people doubt the professionalism of this auction.

At least, on the surface, the auction seemed very frivolous.

After all, there were only two brats!


The crowd began to complain.

Soon, some people had become doubtful and joined the ruckus as well.

At this time, despite being the auctioneer, the principle that the customer was always right had long been forgotten by Locke.

To Locke, this was a win-win deal. They were not part of the auction, and as such, he cared little of their emotions.

In contrast, Locke was thoroughly impressed by Taylor’s ability to get that many people to attend.

Locke immediately walked onto the stage.

With a wave of his hand, he placed ten Beast Eggs on the table.

The sudden appearance of the Beast Eggs shocked everyone.

Everyone had seen Beast Eggs before and were very familiar with them.

However, bringing out ten of them at once was very surprising!

It could only mean that the young man was from a wealthy background.

They were Beast Eggs, after all. Even If they were sold at the lowest price, the value of the Beast Eggs on the table had already exceeded 10 million federal coins!

It was an amount of money that most would never see throughout their lives!

The people present were all residents of the outer city, and as such, their knowledge of the world was limited. This was enough to shock them, and as a result, they immediately quieted down.

Everyone was curious if what Taylor had said would come true.

Everyone wanted to get a bargain!

At the same time, however, there were some who recognized Locke as the person who dealt with the Poison Wasp Swarm alone that day!

“That’s right, it’s that young man! He was the one who single-handedly repelled the Poison Wasp Swarm and saved our skins!”

“It seems that these are the Beast Eggs that he obtained back then.”

“His luck is too good. Some could spend days in the spatial rifts and come out empty-handed, and he just so happens to have ten of them!?”

“But this young man is really powerful. Which school is he from? I remember that he was wearing a school uniform that day!”

More and more people were beginning to recognize Locke.

After all, Locke was the hero that day, and he had left a lasting impression on those he saved.

On the other hand, Locke was unconcerned about his information being exposed.

The reason was simple.

The news of him obtaining a divine rank Battle Beast would soon spread throughout Atlanta city.

By then, everyone would recognize him.

Moreover, once he entered a top-tier academy, his name would spread throughout the Federation. Such was the fate of a genius.

As such, Locke did not mind his information being exposed.

Back to the auction.

Once Locke realized that there were people who recognized him, a small grin crept across his face.

It seemed that his fame had increased by another notch.

Moreover, it also seemed like he could proceed with the auction smoothly.

Locke announced, “I believe everyone here already knows the rules.”

“Then let’s get straight to the point!”

Before this, Taylor had already explained the rules of the auction in detail during her promotional efforts.

Simply put, it was worth it!

Soon, Locke placed a Beast Egg on his palm and pretended to weigh it.

“I bet that this Beast Egg is blue in quality!”

Locke held a Blue Beast Egg in his hand. The patterns on it were in the shape of ripples.

From the looks of it, it was a water-type Beast Egg.

As for its grade, it was not something that could be detected by humans.

After all, not everyone had the same ability as Locke.

In truth, Locke had seen everything. Despite being a blue quality Battle Beast, it would eventually evolve into a purple quality Battle Beast.

“Then let’s start the auction! Everyone, please bid as much as you can!”

Actually, everyone had a certain degree of confidence, as Battle Beasts each had a certain percentage of hatching.

This was no secret.

85% of the time, a Beast Egg would produce a green normal rank Battle Beast!

10% of the time, it would produce a blue elite rank Battle Beast!

3% of the time, it would produce a purple rare rank Battle Beast!

The higher the rarity, the lower its chances of hatching would be.

As for the rose gold divine rank Battle Beast, the probability of it hatching was basically zero!

Since it was a blue quality Battle Beast, it had a 10% probability of hatching. One in every ten eggs would yield such a quality!

If a person was lucky, they would only need to buy five of them. If that were to happen, it would only cost the person 5 million coins!

If they were unlucky, it would not be a matter of just ten Beast Eggs. Despite being only a blue quality Battle Beast, the cost was estimated to be in the tens of millions!

Moreover, it was only for a blue quality Battle Beast!

Back to the main topic.

Locke already knew that it was a blue quality Battle Beast, and so he bet on it being blue quality.

He immediately declared, “I bet that this Beast Egg will produce a blue rank Battle Beast. The starting bid is 1 million coins!”

1 Million!

If no one bade, or if only one person were to bid on it…

They would be able to obtain a blue quality Battle Beast with only a million coins!

This was a great thing!

The audience under the stage frantically discussed among themselves.

Locke’s words did not end there, however.

“The highest bidder will get it, but if it is not a blue quality Battle Beast, I will sell the egg for only 200 thousand federal coins!”


Locke’s words spread throughout the audience,.

Everyone was shocked.

It was simply too good of a deal! ! !

As long as it was not a blue rank battle beast, it would be sold at 200 thousand federal coins?

This was no different from giving it away!

Remember, regular humans could only infer what kind of battle beast it was from its appearance!

They could not even see what quality the Battle Beast in the egg was!

In other words..,

It was not a gamble!

To them, it was more like receiving free money!

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