World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A Sky-high Bid Of 45 Million Federal Coins!

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The audience was whispering among themselves.

All of this was heard by Gerardo.

“Let’s work together and make a profit of 3 million federal coins!”

“Sure, I have around 8 million coins. How much do we have in total?”

“Let me calculate. If all three of us join forces, it should be 39 million federal coins. When the time comes, let’s split the 3 million evenly!”

Gerardo frowned. This was something he had never even considered.

He did not expect these people to join forces for those 3 million coins.

This was not good news for him.

Immediately, Gerardo bade, “43 million!”

Hearing Gerardo’s sudden offer, everyone was shocked.

What kind of trick was this!

He only bade 33 million before this.

Why did he suddenly increased his bid to 43 million coins?

This was absolutely illogical.

This person was downright insane!

After all, the price that was only 33 million before had increased by 10 million.

The sudden price increase had stopped many in their tracks.

A total increase of 10 million coins!

The sudden decline in their psyche had scared off many prospective bidders.

Locke was the only person celebrating. Was it really worth it to buy a purple Battle Beast, and three green Battle Beasts for 43 million coins?

It was not something that Locke would need to concern himself with.

Gerardo’s thought process was simple. This was all the money he had now. If someone had raised the bid again, it would only mean that he was not fated to participate in this auction!

So, he might as well take a gamble.

He could afford the price of 43 million coins.

As long as it was a rare purple grade battle beast, it would be fine. This was his only hope of entering the inner city!

As expected, Gerardo’s high bid had caused the crowd to fall into silence.

Just as Locke was about to bring down his gavel, a sudden voice suddenly called out, “I bid 45 million!”

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man. He raised his hand and announced a sky-high price.

Gerardo frowned.

Gerardo was overconfident. He did not expect that his finances would be overcome by the others’ combined efforts.

He had way more than 45 million coins. However, due to his misplaced confidence, he did not bring it with him. 43 million was his limit at the moment.

There was no way for him to continue this madness.

Just as Gerardo was thinking of alternatives, Locke brought down his gavel.

“45 million federal coins, deal!”

Soon, the middle-aged man appeared on stage.

He laughed, full of surprise.

In his opinion, a purple Battle Beast was not worth 45 million coins. Moreover, it was also not worth it to spend 45 million for a chance to win 3 million coins. It was definitely crazy to gamble with such a large amount.

However, the probability of it coming true was too low.

As such, the 3 million coins was as good as free.

Therefore, the middle-aged man followed Locke’s instructions and placed 45 million on the table. Then, he hatched the Beast Egg.

Locke grinned. Everything was within his calculations.

The people below the stage, including Gerardo, widened their eyes in anticipation. They were curious if the Battle Beast would end up like what Locke had predicted.


The sound of the Beast Egg’s shell cracking could be heard.

Not long after, the Beast Egg completely cracked open. Under the influence of the middle-aged man’s mana, a Battle Beast was born!

The light that enveloped them was a shade of regal purple!

“Purple quality, congratulations!”

Without waiting for the crowd to react, Locke waved his hand and collected the 45 million federal coins on the table.

Including the 67 million he had earned previously, Locke had now exceeded 100 million federal coins in earnings, reaching a terrifying 112 million federal coins.

This was a huge sum of money!

“No! This is impossible!”

Everyone knew that it was a purple quality Battle Beast and could not help but exclaim in surprise.

This was a purple-grade rare-grade Battle Beast. Many people had never seen such a noble Battle Beast in their entire lives.

Especially Gerardo, whose expression looked as awful as if he had tasted dog crap.

He had missed his chance to obtain a purple Battle Beast. He did not know when he would get the chance to enter the inner city again!

The man who had obtained the Purple Battle Beast was very unhappy. Since he was the one to hatch the egg, the Battle Beast was partially bound to him, and it effectively meant that he was the only one who could use it.

Of the 45 million he had bade previously, 31 million of it was borrowed.

There was no doubt that he would face a huge amount of debt in the future.

To give an analogy, It was like borrowing money to purchase a luxury sports car. After the initial thrill, the rest of days would be spent repaying the absurd debt.

Obviously, he had no desire to do so!

“Kid, I will return this purple Battle Beast to you. Return my money to me!”

“What are you talking about? This is a gamble. You should accept your defeat!”

“No, you’d better return my money. Otherwise, you won’t be able to leave this place!”

Locke had already lost his patience with the man. He quickly summoned his rose gold grade Battle Beast, the Twin-headed White Jade snake. “Hehe, you can try to stop me. I think it’s normal for someone to die in a bar, right?”

The next second, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake suddenly enlarged, and like a huge python, it coiled around the stage.

The Twin-headed White Jade snake stuck out its tongue, and its misty white eyes stared disdainfully at the little purple beast that had just hatched.

The appearance of a rose gold divine Battle Beast was not something the little purple beast could withstand.

It hid at the side, shivering.

Seeing this scene, the middle-aged man was immediately dumbfounded.

What kind of joke was this, the opponent was a divine Battle Beast!

The rose gold light enveloped the entire bar. It was clearly a divine rank Battle Beast!

At this moment, everyone remembered.

That day, when Locke stopped the invasion of the Poison Wasp Swarm, it was this divine rank Battle Beast that did all the work!

This was the Battle Beast had defeated the Poison Wasp Swarm!

Everyone was so shocked that they were speechless.

They truly had not expect the giant snake to be a divine Battle Beast. It would not be long before the news of the appearance of the rose gold Battle Beast to spread.

When that time came, the information about this young man would be exposed.

When they saw this scene, everyone instantly fell silent. After all, some people had planned to teach Locke a lesson once he left the bar.

Locke had so much money on him, after all, and it was something that many would never be able to get in their lifetimes.

Now that they had seen Locke’s divine rank Battle Beast, they instantly canceled their plans. They could only watch as Locke walked out of the bar unperturbed!

With the auction over, Locke’s plan was already half completed!

After leaving the bar, Locke revealed a malicious smile.

He could clearly feel two people following him.

One was the girl, Taylor.

The other was the man, Gerardo.

The man who had failed in the auction.

Locke grinned.

It seemed that the day was not yet over!

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