World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: A Total Of 155 Million Federal Coins!

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“Why did you follow along, Mr. Gerardo?”

Taylor saw Gerardo rushing over and asked politely.

Taylor had cherished the hot milk that Gerardo had given her.

It was a recognition of her hard work.

So, although Gerardo was a rich person with a certain contempt for others, he had a clear sense of right and wrong.

After learning about the auction from Taylor, he realized that it would change his fate, so he was very grateful to Taylor for providing him with this information.

“I want to talk to that young man. You know him, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have delivered the message for him!”

“Well, let’s hurry up and follow him! I also have something to ask him!”

Taylor was not going to chase after Locke for a reward.

After all, they did not establish a relationship beforehand.

She was just curious about Locke. It was as if he had a fatal attraction that made Taylor want to rely on him.

On the other side.

Locke slowed down and stopped at one side.

He looked at the two people who were rushing over.

He would definitely give a reward to Taylor, but he had not thought about it yet.

After all, the other party was a little girl. He needed to give her a reward that she could protect.

Otherwise, it would not be a reward, and it would spell trouble instead.

“Hello, young man. My name is Gerardo. I would like to ask you something.”

Locke looked at Gerardo with interest, indicating for him to continue.

In Locke’s heart, he had already guessed that the man in front of him needed a purple Battle Beast, and coincidentally, he had one in his inventory.

He had already received information about him before, and Locke had also included Gerardo in his plan to maximize profits.

Without a doubt, this was his chance.

Due to this, he had deliberately left behind a purple Battle Beast, all so he could respond to Gerardo if he were to approach him.

“So this is the situation. I need a purple quality Battle Beast. If you have any more purple Battle Beasts, feel free to contact me! I wish to purchase one!”

“I have a purple-quality Battle Beast right here!”

After saying that, a brand new magical beast egg appeared in Locke’s hand. At the same time, he added, “However, it depends on what price you’re willing to pay!”

“What? This Beast Egg can hatch a purple quality Battle Beast?”

Gerardo had a look of disbelief on his face as he carefully sized up the green-colored Beast Egg. At the same time, his eyes were filled with astonishment. Even through close inspection, he was unable to tell the Battle Beast’s quality.

At the same time, a thought shook him to the core.

Could this youth tell the quality of Beast Eggs?

However, Gerardo decided not to delve any deeper into it. He knew that everyone had their own secrets, and the other party was a Beastmaster with a divine rank Battle Beast. He was not someone he could afford to offend.

If Gerardo had harbored any ill intentions towards Locke…

Then there was no need for the young man to make a move on Gerardo by himself. After all, he was able to annihilate Gerardo in just a single breath.

Thus, Gerardo did not think too much about it. Instead, he asked, “What’s the price?”

Locke did not hesitate.

This was the last deal of the day.

Moreover, the purple Battle Beast was not worth much to Locke.

Therefore, it would be perfect if he could get rid of it. If he managed to sell it, his profits for the day would be huge.

“43 million. You can hatch it on the spot. If it’s not purple quality, I’ll give it to you for free.”

Sure enough, he used the same rules as the auction.

Gerardo had thought of such an outcome before, and he was willing to accept it.

43 million was all the money he had on him. He had just enough to buy it.

At the same time, he did not have any doubts. Seeing the confidence on the youth’s face, there was no way he was lying.

As for Locke, it was not as if he did not want to maximize his profits.

For example, if he followed Gerardo to his house, Locke was certain that he would obtain even higher profits. He knew that Gerardo had only brought a limited amount of money on him, and there was an even huger amount of money in his house.

However, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble. 43 million coins had already far exceeded the value of a purple quality Battle Beast.

Thus, Locke decided to end it then and there.

After exchanging the money and the Beast Egg.

Both of them began to do their own things, and Gerardo had soon hatched the egg.

Seeing the purple light, Gerardo’s heart leapt with excitement, and he kept saying words of gratitude.

As for Locke, a total of 155 million federal coins had been obtained!

Locke had long disappeared into the alley!

Not long after, Locke and Taylor arrived at a restaurant and ordered many delicious dishes.

Seeing Taylor eating so much, Locke smiled.

This girl had suffered through a lot.

Locke wanted to help her.

Moreover, Taylor was a very smart girl. She was the kind of person that Locke could trust.

Until now, Taylor had not asked Locke a single question.

Soon, Locke took out a Beast Egg from his dimensional inventory.

This Beast Egg was blue in quality, but it could eventually evolve to orange quality. It was the most perfect magic beast egg this time, excluding the rose gold one.

However, other than Locke, no one else in the world knew about this information.

Therefore, no one knew about its value.

Although it could not compare to a rose gold divine Battle Beast, as long as it was properly nurtured, it was enough for Taylor to become a powerhouse.

Under Locke’s instructions, Taylor quickly hatched a Battle Beast.

The Battle Beast was a mouse-like creature. Its entire body shone a golden yellow, and it was very close to Taylor.

Even though it was only blue in quality, Taylor valued it deeply.

She trusted Locke completely.

Through his actions, she had inferred Locke’s ability to inspect the Beast Egg’s status. As such, Taylor decided not to question him.

She trusted that Locke would not harm her.

Moreover, a blue Battle Beast was already more than enough for a poor person like herself.

This was a Battle Beast that was worth at least 1.3 million coins!

Therefore, Taylor was very satisfied and her eyes were filled with gratitude.

After that, Locke also took out 50 thousand federal coins and handed it to Taylor.

50 thousand federal coins was not a lot, but to Taylor, who lived a difficult life, it was a huge sum of money.

It was enough for her to live for a few years!

This was the best reward Locke could think of. After all, giving her too much would end up harming her instead.

As for Taylor’s fate in the future, Locke had no intention of interfering.

The path he walked was different from most people’s. After mastering the All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution Path, Locke would become a unique existence in the world. As such, the path that he had to walk was completely different from the other people in the world.

After bidding goodbye to Taylor.

Locke headed to the inner city, to the Beastmaster’s exclusive store!

It was also known as the black market.

There were many materials circulating, and among them were the things Locke needed.

Locke had reaped a bountiful harvest this time. As such, he also wished to hatch two rose gold divine rank Battle Beasts at the same time.

With a heart filled with anticipation, Locke disappeared at the end of the street.

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