World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Battle Beast Treasure Tower Chamber of Commerce!

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As soon as Locke left, Gerardo started sizing up his newly hatched Battle Beast.

The Battle Beast was his key to moving into the inner city.

Under normal circumstances, everyone had the right to enter the inner city, however, it was forbidden to spend the night in there.

8 pm.

In the inner city.

The Universal Building Complex was already flashing with neon lights.

It was a 53-story building, a landmark of Atlanta, and also a gathering place for Beastmasters.

The building took up an extremely large area. It was built on several levels, and its interior contained various functions.

For example, it contained exchange halls, auctions, hotels, restaurants, and other facilities.

In terms of specifications, it was the most luxurious building in all of Atlanta!

According to the official data…

Just the transaction volume of this building alone had accounted for half of the entire economy of Atlanta!

It was easy to imagine.

After all, this was the kind of status that Beastmasters possessed in this world!

This huge building…

Was the largest money-swallowing beast in all of Atlanta!

It was constantly swindling money.

At this moment…

On the 20th floor of the building…

Laid a black market that operated in broad daylight. Since the economy brought by Beastmasters was too huge, some transactions involved too much money, and as a result, they were unable to obtain official business licenses. However, Beastmasters were the noble profession in the world. Naturally, there were some things that were above the law.

This black market was one of them.

The black market operated in broad daylight. It was a business that was officially recognized by the authorities.

Locke had arrived there. The black market was filled with a variety of goods, and they were all related to Beastmasters.

Regarding rare materials…

The authorities had provided a lot of information. Many Battle Beasts had a fixed leveling path. As long as these materials were collected, and the Battle Beasts had reached the necessary level, the Battle Beasts would be able to advance to a higher stage.

These materials were all extremely valuable.

Only powerful Beastmasters could afford to consume them.

Other than the path provided by the authorities, the other evolution paths would be left to each Beastmaster to explore on their own. As such, the amount of materials consumed was also massive.

Therefore, there was a need for the black markets to exist. Through the cheap prices the black market offered, many Beastmasters had hoped to experiment with several levelling materials!

Upon his arrival, Locke directly entered a shop that looked well-decorated.

The shop was called the Battle Beast Treasure Tower Chamber of Commerce. It was also known as the materials shop, and it had an abundant supply of materials.

Regarding this, Locke had specially looked it up on the internet.

After all, obtaining this information would aid him greatly in the future.

Not long after.

Locke spotted some common materials among them.

The rose gold Battle Beast, Fire Elemental’s evolution conditions appeared in Locke’s mind.

Hidden Evolution Condition 1: It must be about to hatch!

Hidden Evolution Condition 2: High Temperature Flame Crystal x 3!

Hidden Evolution Condition 3: Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeball x 1!

Hidden Evolution Condition 4: Scorching Lava Spirit x 1!

At the same time, the rose gold Battle Beast, Child of the Storm’s evolution conditions also appeared.

Hidden Evolution Condition 1: It must be about to hatch!

Hidden Evolution Condition 2: Wind Liquid x 3ml!

Hidden Evolution Condition 3: Advanced Magic Cube Crystal x 1!

Hidden Evolution Condition 4: Windward Grass Root x 3!

High Temperature Flame Crystal x 3, Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeball x 1, Scorching Lava Spirit x 1!

Water of wind x 3 ml, Advanced Magic Cube Crystal x 1, Windward Grass Root x 3!

There were a total of six materials, but the quantity required was different. Locke wondered if he was able to find them in the shop.

Locke was greeted by a middle-aged man sat atop a chair.

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open, the middle-aged man raised his head, and a professional smile quickly appeared on his face. “Hello, sir! Do you have any treasures that you want to buy or sell?”


Locke nodded and took two steps forward.

Then, he took out a piece of paper from his backpack and placed it on the table.

On it, listed the materials needed this time. The Hidden Evolution Paths were specific to each Battle Beast. If it was another Battle Beast, the required materials would be completely different. After messing up the order, Locke inquired about the materials’ availability.

There was nothing to consider.

The items on it were the materials that he needed in the near future.

“What’s this?” The middle-aged man carefully picked up the list.

Looking at the number of high grade materials, the middle-aged man could not help but be shocked.

The high-grade materials recorded in this list were priceless. Even the stores did not have them in stock.

Some even needed to be transferred from the New York Chamber of Commerce.

Among them, the Advanced Magic Cube Crystal and the Scorching Lava Spirits were especially rare materials.

Each of them had cost more than 30 million coins!

Moreover, that was only when there was ample supply.

It was worth noting that it was not easy to obtain those two items. Sometimes, it was even required for high level Beastmasters to obtain them.

Furthermore, the journey was extremely dangerous.

As such, not only were the materials extremely rare, their prices were also exorbitantly expensive!

A moment later.

His expression changed slightly, and the middle-aged man looked at Locke once more.

With a serious expression, he asked, “Do you need all of these? This transaction is estimated to be close to 100 million federation coins!”

“That’s right.”

Locke nodded.

The middle-aged man inspected Locke closely. He did not look even close to 20 years old, and yet, his list was so luxurious.

Although the middle-aged man was still skeptical, upon noticing Locke’s calm expression, he could only serve him well, and try to pry some information about him later.

The customers were always right!

Thus, the middle-aged man made gestured towards Locke. “Sir, this way please!”

Not long after.

Locke followed the middle-aged man to a private room.

“Sir, please wait a moment. Our treasurer is coming over.”

In less than a minute, an old man wearing glasses rushed over.

Locke scanned the old man’s body, and finally stopped at his chest.

A purple Beastmaster badge was pinned on there, and it shone with a noble glow.

“Sir, this is the Chamber of Commerce’s Master Kakroni. He’s a 5-star silver Beastmaster! At the same time, he’s also a Bio-identification master!”

“I’m sure I’ll give you a satisfactory suggestion!”

At this moment, the middle-aged man’s authority had been completely handed over to the bespectacled old man.

Looking at the materials on the paper, every single one of them was worth a fortune.

“Mr. Locke, our chamber of Commerce doesn’t have any Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeball and Scorching Lava Spirit in stock. We’ll need to order the Volcanic Dragon’s Eyeballs from the New York branch. It’ll take about three days to obtain it. As for the Scorching Lava Spirit, we’re completely out of stock.”

Locke could afford to wait for three days.

The power of the Battle Beast Treasure Tower’s Chamber of Commerce was extremely huge. It basically represent the whole of Atlanta. If they said that they did not have the goods, then there was no way it could be found in the other branches.

If they did, the Battle Beast Treasure Tower’s branch would transport the goods from the other branches.

Therefore, Locke had to locate the Scorching Lava Spirit by himself.

After thinking for a moment, Locke raised his head to look at the 5-star elder.

“Time is not a problem. Other than the Scorching Lava Spirit, how much federation coins do you need for all the other materials?”

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