World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Black Market Website

Locke returned to his room.

He returned to his bed and sat down cross-legged once more.

‘I can control three Battle Beasts, and I’ve already prepared two more as well.’

‘All that’s left is for the Chamber of Commerce to deliver the materials I’ve ordered.’

‘With these materials, I’ll be able to hatch another two rose gold Battle Beasts.’

‘I’m able to control three Battle Beasts even though I’m only a bronze-tier Beastmaster.’

‘Moreover, they’re all divine rank Battle Beasts. With this, my combat strength should far surpass anyone else’s.’

Locke was ruminating over his strengths.

Locke was in his third year of high school, and he had already gone through the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony.

The next big thing was the annual federal assessment.

The federal assessment was an event where all of humanity’s Beastmasters gathered, trained, and attended lessons together.

It was similar to a university.

There were a total of three top-tier universities within the Federation.

These three universities were places that everyone had yearned to enter.

Most students worked hard with the goal of attending these three universities.

Apart from the Federation’s three top universities, there were also a few other Battle Beast academies.

The Federation’s three best universities were:

“The Federation’s Advanced Beastmaster Academy.”

“The Alpha Federation University.”

“And the Advanced Military Academy.”

These three universities were the places where humanity’s best talents were nurtured.

For example, students like Locke who owned rose gold Battle Beasts would definitely be recruited by the Federation’s Advanced Beastmaster Academy.

As long as Locke was admitted to a top-tier academy, his future held limitless potential.

However, Locke had a certain mindset.

No matter how talented a person was, if they did not work hard, their future would be bleak, and as a result, they would be abandoned by society.

Locke had not been blinded by his talents.

Although it was good to be talented, it was more important to fully make his talent into his own strength.

That was the reason for Locke’s concern over his own strength.

“Open the Beastmaster System.”

A beautiful Beastmaster interface appeared before Locke’s eyes.

“Search for ways to cultivate a Beastmaster’s mana levels quickly.”

Locke said to the Beastmaster System in front of him.

One by one, information on how to increase a Beastmaster’s growth rate appeared before Locke’s eyes.

[ The first method ]

[ The host can choose to complete the missions issued by the System and earn Function Points. ]

[ Function Points can be used to increase the host’s mana level and the strength of the host’s Battle Beasts quickly. ]

[ The second method ]

[ The host can raise their Mana Meditation Technique to an advanced level. By doing so, the host can absorb the mana in the air and advance their mana levels quicker. ]

[ The third method ]

[ The host can use some precious treasures and medicinal herbs to increase their Beastmaster level quickly. ]

Looking at the few methods the System had introduced to Locke, he could not help but sigh.

Locke had gained an understanding on the ways to advance his levels.

However, no matter which method he used, he would have to work hard.

There were no quick methods in the world to begin with.

The only way to increase his strength was only through hard work, diligence, and a strong will.

Looking at these three methods, Locke began to form a plan.

“These three methods require a huge amount of wealth.”

“I need to own a huge amount of wealth to quickly improve my strength.”

No matter the time and place, money was always necessary.

This was something that Locke had already learned back on Earth.

Therefore, when he came to this planet, Locke’s first goal was to earn enough money.

Money could buy many natural treasures and meditation techniques.

These resources would allow him to quickly increase his strength.

On the topic of money, Locke thought of his batch of Beast Eggs.

Locke had auctioned off approximately ten Beast Eggs.

As such, Locke still had more than forty Beast Eggs on him.

“How can I sell these Beast Eggs at a high price?”

“I can’t sell these Beast Eggs in an auction anymore.”

“Those people aren’t fools. After being fooled once, I doubt they’ll be fooled again. Moreover, the efficiency of this method is very slow.”

Locke said to himself.


Locke had an idea.

He had thought of a great idea.

It was an idea that would allow him to quickly sell off all his Beast Eggs, and earn him a large sum of money at the same time.

That was the nature of his plan.

Since he was able to use the System to identify the ranks of the unhatched Beast Eggs, he thought to himself, ‘Why don’t I set up my own sales website in the black market?’

The content would be something like this:

“Buy Beast Eggs from me. You can choose the rank of the Beast Egg you wish to purchase.”

“As long as you’ve paid and informed me of the Beast Egg you wish to obtain, I’ll hand the Beast Egg to you, regardless of their type or rarity.”

Locke was a go-getter.

Upon forming his plan, Locke immediately picked up his laptop, entered the black market’s website, and established his own sales platform.

He immediately placed all of his Beast Eggs on sale.

He also clearly marked the price of each type of Beast Egg.

“The Beast Eggs that contain green Battle Beasts will cost 700 thousand federal coins.”

“The Beast Eggs that contain blue Battle Beasts will cost 1.18 million federal coins.”

“The Beast Eggs that contain purple Battle Beasts will cost 18 million federal coins.”

“The Beast Eggs that contain orange Battle Beasts will cost 160 million federal coins.”

Worried that no one would believe him, Locke put on a mask and and recorded a video.

The content of the video was very simple.

It showed the process of Locke hatching an egg. In it, Locke claimed that the Battle Beast was blue, and when he hatched it, the Battle Beast was indeed of blue quality.

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