World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: First Quest, Complete!

Locke quickly uploaded everything he had set up onto the website.

After that, he left the room.

Locke arrived at a large building complex.

Locke observed the buildings in the distance. Various Battle Beasts that were nurtured by humans were contained within the buildings. These Battle Beasts were used to train students and fledgling Beastmasters.

The Battle Beasts there consisted of various types and abilities.

Those who went in for training could choose the type of Battle Beast they wanted to fight based on their own strength.

By fighting the Battle Beasts within, the trainees would be able to hone their actual combat abilities.

Locke quickly walked towards the training center.

He arrived in front of the huge building.

Upon arrival, he was greeted by a huge plaque.

“The Federation’s comprehensive training center.”

This training center was not just used for combat training. There were also other types of training areas.

For example, there was a fitness are that was used to train the Beastmasters’ physical fitness, and there were even some video-viewing areas that showed the previous records of powerful Beastmasters.

Through the video-viewing areas, trainees were able to learn how powerful Beastmasters fought.

There were also various other training areas.

The building complex was built with the singular goal to nurture as many powerful Beastmasters as possible.

While approaching the entrance, Locke was suddenly stopped by a guard.

The guard shouted at Locke, “This is the Federation’s Comprehensive Training Center. Nobodies are not allowed here, please leave the premises.”

Locke was stunned.

‘You’re calling me a nobody? Big brother, are you joking? I’m a genius Beastmaster!’

Locke complained mentally, but he kept it to himself

After all, it would be disrespectful if he were to say it out aloud.

Locke calmly said to the guard in front of him, “Hello, I’m a bronze-tier Beastmaster in the third year of City High School.”

“I’m here to train.”

“So, Big Brother Guard, can you let me in?”

When the guard heard Locke’s words, he mentally exclaimed, ‘A Beastmaster at such a young age? He has a promising future ahead!’

The guard hurriedly apologized to Locke.

“I’m sorry, esteemed Beastmaster. I had acted rashly. Please enter.”

Upon entering the training center, Locke sighed to himself, ‘As expected, Beastmasters are truly the greatest profession in this world.’

‘No matter where you go, you’ll always be respected.’

Locke quickly arrived at the ancient battlefield training area.

In this training area, trainees were able to experience actual combat once they had chosen their battlefield.

Locke walked deeper into the training area.

He arrived at the personnel registration office.

A staff member asked Locke,

“Are you here for training?”

“If you wish to fight actual monsters, you will need to pay a training fee of 10 thousand federal coins.”

Locke was stunned.

He did not expect to pay for his training.

However, upon giving it more thought, he understood their reasoning.

The Federation’s Comprehensive Training Center had incurred a huge cost to capture these monsters. If everyone came to hunt and kill the monsters unconditionally, the Comprehensive Training Center would probably cease its operations.

Locke handed 10,000 federal coins to the staff.

Following that, the staff gave him a number plate.

The number plate was Locke’s ticket to enter the bronze-tier training area.

After ten or so minutes…

Locke had arrived at the entrance of the ancient battlefield.

He raised his head and peered forward.

What laid before him was an empty wilderness surrounded by a faint mist.

He could vaguely see figures appearing and disappearing in the distance.

Locke was observing the surroundings, when suddenly, he was interrupted by a noise.

“Ding, quest issued.”

[ First Combat Quest: Kill ten Grass-treading Beasts. You will receive ten Function Points if you complete the quest. ]

“Function Points?”

Locke was wondering what it was for when he suddenly recalled.

“Oh right, the System said that Function Points can be used to increase my mana level.”

‘So, that’s how I earn Function Points!’

While he was deep in thought, a slightly surprised voice rang out behind him.


Lina had brought her Battle Beasts over for training.

The university admission tests were fast-approaching.

By improving her abilities, she would gain a better chance in getting enrolled.

However, with her strength, she was already more or less certain to enter the Federation’s Advanced Beastmaster Academy.

However, had gone beyond university enrollment.

She was more concerned about the class placement assessments.

She needed to ace the placement assessments to secure her spot in a good class.

To her surprise, however, she did not expect to meet a familiar face in the training area.

“Locke, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Locke heard a voice.

Upon turning around, Locke saw a pretty, well-proportioned girl staring at him in surprise.

Locke recognized the girl.

It was his classmate, Lina.

“What a coincidence.”

Locke casually greeted her.

Lina could not help but ask,

“Are you here to gain experience as well?”

Locke casually replied, “Yes, I’m here to gain experience.”

“I heard that you hatched a rose gold divine rank Battle Beast.”

Lina asked in a skeptical tone.

Locke merely nodded his head indifferently.

Seeing that Locke had admitted it, Lina could not help but feel envious.

“I wished I had a divine rank Battle Beast as well.”

Locke ignored Lina.

He quickly walked to the other side.

While leaving, he added, “I’m going there to train. Take care of yourself.”

As Locke’s silhouette faded into the distance, a maelstrom of emotions erupted within her heart.

Locke arrived at one of the battlefields.

Together with his Battle Beast, he took a brisk stroll in the gloomy wilderness.

His surroundings were enveloped in fog.

Not long after.

Locke found the first Grass-treading Beast’s nest.

Immediately after, Locke ordered his Twin-headed White Jade Snake to activate its power of light and space.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s appearance was accompanied by a thick air of killing intent.

“Go!” Locke ordered.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake rushed towards the nest of the enemy beasts.

A Flash Bomb hurtled forward, killing three Grass-treading Beasts in an instant.

It then followed up its initial attack with a Frostfall, killing another Grass-treading Beast in the process.

In a blink of an eye, nine Grass-treading Beasts had been killed by Locke’s Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

All that was left was a single Grass-treading Beast.

It quickly fled into the distance.

“Use Spatial Movement, don’t let it escape.”

Locke ordered his Twin-headed White Jade Snake.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s body instantly vanished.

A moment later, it reappeared in front of the fleeing Grass-treading Beast.

With a single bite, the Grass-treading Beast had lost its life.


The familiar chime rang out again.

The System’s interface appeared in front of Locke.

[ The first combat quest has been successfully completed. The host will receive a reward of 10 Function Points. ]

[ The host can choose to use the points to advance their mana level or to use it on their Battle Beast. ]

Locke’s mood was greatly improved by the rewards provided by the quest.

He marched onwards with renewed vigor.

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