World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Three Great Battle Beasts, Advancement To Silver-tier

After experiencing actual combat in the ancient battlefield,.

Locke’s understanding towards Beastmasters had become much clearer.

He had already realized his weakness. Although war beasts were very strong, he had no skills to protect himself.

Thus, he needed the other two Battle Beasts to make up for his weaknesses in this aspect.

Locke had already thought of the other two types of Battle Beasts he wanted.

Two days later…

‘The Chamber of Commerce has probably already received my materials.’

He called the Chamber of Commerce of the Battle Beast Treasure Tower.

Before long, the call had connected.

Locke asked the staff on the other end of the call, “May I know whether the materials I ordered three days ago are ready?”

The staff member on the other side of the phone said to Locke, “Alright sir, please tell me your name, receipt number, or Your VIP card number. I’ll check it for you here.”

Locke quickly told the staff member on the other side of the phone.

Very soon.

The staff member said to Locke,

“Sir, the materials you ordered are all here. Would you like to come to pick them up or should we send them to you?”

Locke thought about it carefully.

“I’ll go pick them up myself.”

The staff member replied:

“Yes, sir. You can come here to pick them up at any time. Goodbye. I wish you a happy day.”

Locke hung up the phone.

He said to his parents.

“I’m going out for a while.”

With that, he stepped out of the house.

Before the Battle Beast Treasure Tower’s Chamber of Commerce…

The staff member who had answered Locke’s call was waiting for Locke’s arrival.

Upon noticing Locke.

The attendant quickly walked over to Locke.

“You’re here, sir.”

“We’ve already prepared the materials you need.”

“How about I bring you to them?”?

The staff was enthusiastic, and so too was Locke.

After all, upon obtaining the materials, he would be able to possess two divine rank Battle Beasts.

Just thinking about it had made him excited.

Very soon, Locke entered a sealed room.

The staff member told Locke, “This is the safest room in our chamber of Commerce.”

“All high-value transactions are conducted in this room.”

“It’s very safe.”


Locke had received the materials he purchased.

After getting them, Locke left the Chamber of Commerce happily.

Even though the staff member wanted to introduce some goods to Locke, Locke was not in the mood to listen.

He hurriedly ran home.

Back in Locke’s room.

Locke could not wait to take out the materials needed for evolution.

He brought up the System’s interface.

Following that, he took out two Beast Eggs from the cabinet beside his bed.

Locke stared at the two Beast Eggs without blinking.

He was unable to clam his emotions for quite some time.

Following the steps given by the system, Locke fused the materials into the Beast Eggs.

Locke that infused his mana into the Beast Eggs.

Not long after.

Two pink-gold rays of light were emanated.

Two divine rank Battle Beasts appeared in front of Locke.

The Wings of the Sky and the Infinite Fire Element[1].


“Check the information of these two Battle Beasts.”

Very soon.

The basic information of the two divine Battle Beasts appeared in the System.

[ Battle Beast Name: Wings of the Sky ]

[ Battle Beast Quality: Rose Gold Divine Rank ]

[ Battle Beast Attribute: Wind ]

[ Battle Beast Type: Skill-based Battle Beast ]

[ Battle Beast’s Skills: Windy Haste, Strangle ]

[ Battle Beast Level: Level 1, Stage 1 ]

[ Battle Beast Name: Infinite Fire Element ]

[ Battle Beast Quality: Rose Gold Divine Rank ]

[ Battle Beast Attribute: Fire ]

[ Battle Beast Type: Weapon[2] Battle Beast ]

[ Battle Beast’s Skills: Fire Spear ]

[ Battle Beast Level: Level 1, Stage 1 ]

Locke quickly finished reading the stats of the two Battle Beasts.

He had a plan in mind.

“Wings of the Sky possesses Windy Haste and Strangle as its skills.”

“Windy Haste can be used to increase its mobility. The system also said that Windy Haste can be upgraded to Wings of the Wind.”

After upgrading it to Wings of the Wind, Locke would be able to fly.

“Infinite Fire Element can transform into a long spear, and it would provide Locke with the ability to fight on his own.”

The skill of the Infinite Fire Element, Fire Spear, had a high attack power.

Locke immediately signed a contract with the two Battle Beasts.

With that, the two Battle Beasts disappeared from their original spots, and entered Locke’s dimensional inventory.


Locke felt that his mana core was already overflowing.

He could advance to the silver-tier at any time.

Locke immediately sat cross-legged on his bed.

He could feel the power of the mana core in his body.

The mana core emitted a dazzling light, and its radiance intensified as Locke scrutinized it.

It changed from its original bronze color to a silver color.

This meant that Locke was now a silver-tier Beastmaster.

It also meant that he had become a true Beastmaster.

From that moment onwards, Locke had also stepped into the ranks of the strong.

Feeling the power in his body, Locke became even more excited.

He could clearly feel the energy he possessed.

He was confident that he could defeat all the Beastmasters below silver-tier, and even some powerful silver-tier Daemons.

He was excited to go to the Federation’s Comprehensive Training Center’s silver-tier ancient battlefield for training.

Locke immediately put on his clothes and quickly left his house.

20 minutes later.

Locke arrived at the registration area in front of the silver-ranked ancient battlefield.

Locke quickly walked towards the old man who was in charge of the registration.

He said to the old man, “I want to enter the silver-tier ancient battlefield.”

The old man looked at Locke in surprise.

It was obvious that he thought Locke was very young, and the old man doubted that Locke had the ability to go to the silver-tier ancient battlefield for training.

He said to Locke, “The silver-tier ancient battlefield is very dangerous. Even a silver-tier beastmaster might die if they enter it.”

“Even an adult would have qualms to enter the silver-tier ancient battlefield, much less a child like you.”

“You’d better go to the bronze-tier ancient battlefield over there.”

Locke looked helplessly at the old man in front of him.

After giving it some thought, he understood.

After all, he was really very young. No one would easily believe that such a young Locke would possess the strength of a silver-tier Beastmaster.

If it were not for the existence of Locke’s Beastmaster System, he would not have believed such a thing as well.

It was not easy to become a silver-tier Beastmaster.

For example, some geniuses would only be able to break through the bronze-tier and enter the ranks of silver-tier Beastmasters after attending higher education.

Locke, on the other hand, looked way too young.

[1] The author switched the name of the Equipment Battle Beast from ‘Skyfire Illusion’ to ‘Infinite Fire Element’

[2] Treat it as the same as Equipment Battle Beasts, the author seems to use the term interchangeably.

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