World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Saving Lina

Locke walked deeper into the ancient battlegrounds.

Along the way, his Twin-headed White Jade Snake had killed a large number of Daemons[1].

Locke was looking for his next target, when suddenly, he heard a human’s cry for help in the distance.

He looked in the direction of the cry.

However, due to the thick mist that enveloped the forest battlefield, his vision was severely obstructed.

He was unable to see far.

It was all he could do to rush to the direction of the voice.

His Twin-headed White Jade Snake followed closely behind.


The cries of help gradually became clearer.

He picked up his pace.

Upon arrival, he spotted a large group of Lion Daemons surrounding a human.

This human was Lina, his classmate who he had met earlier.

Lina’s Battle Beast was nowhere to be found.

It was obvious that Lina had been drained of her mana and she could no longer summon her Battle Beast to fight.

Locke shouted, “Hey, you useless beasts, look here!”

Locke’s voice instantly alerted the distant Daemons.

Lina seemed to have heard Locke’s voice and looked in his direction.

When Lina saw Locke, her face instantly revealed an expression of relief.

Lina had already succumbed to despair.

She was even prepared to be killed.

She was well aware that even though she was in a man-made training facility, there were no safety measures implemented.

The only way she could ensure her safety was if she was accompanied by her teacher or an adult.

However, Lina stubbornly thought that with her strength, she would be able to completely sweep through the bronze-level training area. However, she had not expected to be surrounded by a group of Lion Daemons.

Her Battle Beast had been incapacitated in the fight against the lions. Moreover, due to the large number of lions present, she had to expend her mana at a great rate. As a result, she had soon lost her ability to summon her Battle Beast.

Just as Lina had accepted her death, however…

Locke came to her rescue.

Upon noticing Locke’s figure, Lina felt as if she had stumbled upon the Savior.

Excitement, regret, and all sorts of complicated emotions surged in her heart.


The System’s chime rang out again.

[ Quest issued: kill all the Lion Daemons and save your classmate Lina. You will receive 30 Function Points. ]

Upon reading the quest issued, Locke was instantly motivated.

He commanded his Twin-headed White Jade Snake to charge into the center of the group of Lion Daemons.

The group of Lion Daemons were not an easy bunch to deal with. They surrounded the Twin-headed White Jade Snake from all directions.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake launched its Flash Bomb to disorientate the Lion Daemons.

Before they had a chance to recover, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake had already rushed in one of the directions using Spatial Movement.

In an instant, it arrived behind three Lion Daemons. Using its powerful body, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake wrapped around the Daemons and strangled them.

Its body continuously tightened, and a moment later, it had exterminated three enemies.

At the same time, the other Daemons had also recovered.

They waved their claws and charged towards the Twin-headed White Jade Snake in an aggressive manner.

Locke ordered his Twin-headed White Jade Snake to use Frostfall.

Heeding its master’s orders, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake and unleashed a condensed spike of ice towards the enemies.

Three Daemons were instantly killed.

A moment later, the five Daemons closest to the Twin-headed White Jade Snake had already rushed to its side. With a powerful swing of its tail, the snake sent the five Daemons that were charging at it flying. Upon retaliating its enemies, the Twin-headed White Jade Snake unleashed Frostfall once again.

The five Daemons that were sent flying could not react at all. They were directly hit by the Frostfall and immediately perished.

All that was left at this point was the leader of the pack and its two guards.

The leader was very smart. It realized that Locke was not an enemy it could beat.

It turned around and ran into the distance.

However, why would Locke let it have its way?

If it ran away, Locke would not be able to claim his 30 Function Points.

He commanded his Twin-headed White Jade Snake to use Spatial Movement.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s figure instantly disappeared from where it was and directly appeared in front of the fleeing leader.

It expanded its bloody maw and chomped down at the leader.

It died instantly.

Following that, the two Lion Daemons were crushed by Frostfall.

The entire battle was very short.

The Twin-headed White Jade Snake’s combat ability was off the charts.

Without any hesitation, it had swiftly dealt with the enemies around it.

Meanwhile, Lina, who was watching from afar, was also stunned by the battle scene before her.

She looked at everything before her in disbelief.

Was this really the strength that a bronze-tier Beastmaster should have?

Locke had dealt with the Daemons easily, it was as if he was drinking water.

She had already exhausted all her methods, but in the end, she was still forced into a desperate situation by the Daemons.

Meanwhile, Locke had dealt with these magical beasts with ease.

It was undoubtedly a heavy blow to Lina.

Since she was young, she had been labeled as a genius.

However, after seeing Locke’s powerful talent, her self-esteem suffered a blow.

Locke was really too powerful, and his divine Battle Beast was even more ridiculously powerful.


The system sounded again.

[ Congratulations to the host for completing the quest. You have obtained 30 Function Points. ]

Locke looked at the news brought by the system and could not help but smile.

Lina, who was far away, also walked towards Locke.

“Thank you so much, Locke. If it wasn’t for you, I would already be the food for those Daemons.”

Lina’s face was filled with gratitude as she said this to Locke.

Locke only waved his hand.

He said to Lina,

“You’re welcome. After all, we are classmates. It’s only right for us to help each other.”

“I believe that if I were to encounter danger, you would also come and save me.”

Lina smiled gratefully at Locke.

“Is this your Battle Beast? It’s so strong!”

“As expected of a divine Battle Beast. Its combat strength is really unparalleled.”

When Locke smiled slightly in response.

Without the System’s powerful ability, he would probably not even be able to compare to Lina.

Locke said to Lina, “My training has ended. I’m going to leave this place. Do you want to leave together?”

When Lina heard that Locke had invited her to come along, she agreed very readily.

After all, accidents could happen at any time in the ancient battlefield.

Moreover, Lina had not yet recovered enough mana to summon her Battle Beast.

As such, when Locke offered to lead her to the exit, how could she not be happy?

The entire journey was silent.

On the way back, the route was unusually calm.

On the way back, they did not encounter a single Daemon.

They left the ancient battlefield.

Lina suddenly asked Locke,

“Seeing as you have a rose gold divine Battle Beast. You’ve probably already been offered to join the Federation’s Advanced Beastmaster Academy.”

“Which school are you planning to go to?”

Lina’s question might seem laughable to a normal person.

Everyone else was trying their best to squeeze into the top three universities. However, she had asked Locke which university he wished to enter.

It was a laughable question.

[1] This refers to the beasts that roam the training ground, as well as the foreign beasts that appear from rifts. These two terms will be used interchangeably depending on whichever is deemed more appropriate.

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