World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Hidden Evolution Path, Divine Rank Evolution!

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Logically speaking, as long as humans input their own mana and interact with the Beast Egg, they would be able to determine the quality of the baby beast from the light that radiated off of it.

This was also the reason for Tony’s shock.

After all, Locke’s current purple glow meant that the baby beast had a chance of being purple quality.

The glow lasted only for a few seconds, and this was equivalent to a 5% chance of the Battle Beast being purple!

If the time was a little longer, his odds would be even higher.

Humans channeling mana into the Beast Egg was akin to an activation process. Once activated, the corresponding Beast Egg would hatch within a short period of time.

Therefore, not many would use this method to check the quality of the Battle Beast.

Once hatched, the Battle Beasts would be bounded to an owner.

Trading it away will become very difficult after that.

As such, in order to maximize profits, Beast Eggs would usually not come into contact with human mana beforehand.

In a sense, hatching a Beast Egg was like opening a mystery chest.

Once activated, the activator would need to bear the consequences.

No more gossip.

Let us return to Locke’s thoughts…

He was completely immersed in hatching his Beast Egg.

With the aid of the System, Locke was able to inspect the Beast Egg.

Within the Beast Egg, laid a small snake. Its pure white color made it look extremely delicate.

Soon, a panel appeared in front of Locke.

[ System name: All Beasts’ Hidden Evolution System ]

[ Battle Beast name: White Snake ]

[ Battle Beast quality: Green ]

[ Battle Beast type: Skill-based ]

[ Battle Beast attribute: Water-type ]

[ Battle Beast level: Level 1, Stage 1]

[ Battle Beast growth progress: 100% (about to hatch)]

[ Battle Beast talent: None ]

[ Battle Beast skill: None ]

Hidden Evolution Path 1: Strength-oriented evolution. Next form, [ Graystone Scorched Earth Snake ]. Possesses strong biting power and entanglement-based skills. It can evolve to purple rare rank at most!

Hidden Evolution Path 2: Magic-oriented evolution. Next form, [ Twin-headed White Jade Snake ]. Each head has its own attribute of magic. It can evolve to rose gold divine rank at most.

In Locke’s perspective, his White Snake was at the very least, already a purple rare Battle Beast!

Due to the presence of Hidden Evolution Paths, his White Snake could still emit purple light even though it was only green quality.

Especially worth noting, however, was the second path, as it would enable his White Snake to reach the rose gold quality.

That was the legendary divine rank!

“The System is really amazing! To think that a small snake of the lowest quality actually has the potential to evolve to the divine rank!”

“My guess was right. Any Battle Beast that ends up in my care will have their potential unlocked!”

“I can completely change the fate of Battle Beasts!”

Locke was shocked.

Naturally, he was also beyond ecstatic.

Nevertheless, Locke calmed down after a while.

He carefully went through the requirements for the second Hidden Evolution Path, and a whole slew of information popped up on his interface.

Hidden Evolution Condition 1: Battle Beast must be close to hatching!

Hidden Evolution Condition 2: Lesser Light Magic Crystal x 3!

Hidden Evolution Condition 3: Lesser Dark Magic Crystal x 3!

Hidden Evolution Condition 4: Breathing Grass x 2!

Upon reading the words on the interface, Locke could not help but frown.


It was due to the materials needed for the evolution.

They were absurdly expensive!

Despite being of lesser quality, the Light Magic Crystals and Dark Magic Crystals were extremely rare!

What about Fire and Ice Magic Crystals, you ask? These kinds of elemental crystals were very common. Although the price was also on the higher end, they were nowhere close to the Light and Dark crystals.

A normal Lesser Fire Magic Crystal costs 10,000 yuan per crystal.

As for Lesser Dark and Light Magic Crystals, they cost 500,000 yuan per crystal.

They were 50 times more expensive!

Moreover, his White Snake required six of these crystals!

Adding on the price of two strands of Breathing Grass which would cost at least 1 million yuan, he would rack up 4 million yuan in costs!

That was too expensive!

It was not a price that Locke could afford.

However, a notification popped up on the interface.

“Ding Dong! Changing the physique of a green Battle Beast requires a large amount of herbs. As such, high costs are to be expected!”

“At the same time, due to this being the host’s first time using the evolution function, all the materials required for this evolution will be provided for free!”


In the System’s dimensional backpack, three golden magic crystals, three black magic crystals, and two verdant strands of grasses appeared!

“Ding Dong! Do you choose to evolve?”


Since the system had given him free upgrade materials, there was no reason to hesitate. Locke immediately chose to evolve.

Soon after…

The materials in the system’s dimensional backpack shattered. Then, they combined and turned into a small pill. Soon, it appeared beside the little snake’s mouth.

The snake was confused at the sight. It eyed the pill curiously.

After communicating with Locke telepathically, the White Snake ate the magical pill.

With a flash of light, the snake’s body changed and so too did the interface.

[ Battle Beast Name: Twin-headed White Jade Snake ]

[ Battle Beast Quality: Hidden Rose Gold Divine rank ]

[ Battle Beast type: Skill-based]

[ Battle Beast attributes: Hidden Water, Light, Dark ]

[ Battle Beast level: Level 1, Stage 3]

[ Battle Beast growth progress: Hatched ]

[ Battle Beast talent: Intuitive Gaze ]

[ Battle Beast Skills: Dark Flash, Frostfall, Spatial Movement ]

It immediately evolved into the rose gold quality!

Although Locke already knew that the little White Snake had become a Battle Beast of the highest quality, he was still dumbfounded by its immense potential!

Locke was overjoyed.

The White Snake had evolved.

The most noticeable change was that it now had two heads, both of which were spitting out their tongues.

Moreover, a small horn protruded from the side of each head, one black and one white!

At this moment…

Back in the classroom, after a purple light flashed, a rose gold light was emitted from Locke’s Beast Egg.

The class immediately became lively. In just a few seconds, Locke was surrounded by his classmates.

“It can’t be true! To think that it actually radiated a rose gold light!”

“Could it be that Locke’s Battle Beast is of rose gold quality?”

Under everyone’s gaze, the Beast Egg in front of Locke was emitting a unique rose gold light!

The one who felt the most uncomfortable was Mondo. This was because all five of his Beast Eggs had already hatched, and only a blue quality Battle Beast had appeared.

It was also the Beast Egg that the Federal Government had issued.

The four million yuan he had spent on them had completely gone down the drain!

Furthermore, the fact that Locke could obtain a rose gold beast had driven Mondo downright jealous!

On the other end, the homeroom teacher who had noticed the situation immediately trotted over.

“Quickly let me see what kind of war beast this is!”

The middle-aged homeroom teacher was very excited. He excitedly raised his wrist and pointed the Battle Beast detection bracelet at the Beast Egg glowing with a rose gold light.

All that was left was for the Battle Beast to break out of its shell.

Then, he would be able to know what quality this Battle Beast was!

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