World of Beasts: I Can See Their Hidden Stats!

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Divine Rank Twin-headed White Jade Snake!

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A small two-headed snake appeared in everyone’s view.

The little snake’s body was pure white, just like porcelain. It looked pure and flawless!

At the same time, there were two small diamond-like horns on the little snake’s head. One was black and the other was white, and both emitted a faint light.

The little snake’s body was only half a meter long. It stuck out its tongue and quickly wound itself around Locke’s arm. It constantly rubbed its head against Locke’s arm, and it appeared to be very fond of him.

The little snake seems to be thanking me?

Well, I was the one who allowed it to evolve to the highest quality after all.

Seeing this scene, a wave of emotions washed over Locke’s heart.

The middle-aged homeroom teacher was visibly excited. After scanning the beast, some information was displayed in front of everyone.

[ Battle Beast name: ? ? ? ]

[ Battle Beast quality: Rose Gold Divine Rank ]

[ Battle Beast type: Skill-based ]

[ Battle Beast attribute: ? ? ? ]

[ Battle beast level: Level 1, Stage 3]

[ Battle Beast talent: ? ? ? ]

[ Battle Beast skill: ? ? ? ]

“Damn it, it really is a rose gold Battle Beast!”

“F*ck! As expected, it’s a rose gold divine rank Battle Beast! Its information is all hidden!”

“I can’t see anything, but it feels very powerful!”

“Locke has hit the jackpot this time, it’s smooth sailing from now on!”

The classroom was abuzz with discussion, and the students’ eyes were filled with uncontrollable envy.

“Is it really a rose gold Battle Beast?”

No longer fearful of his homeroom teacher, Mondo instantly stood up from his seat and walked straight over to Locke, his eyes fixed on the white two-headed snake.

The other students also stood up, and one by one, they all gathered in front of Locke and surrounded him.

“F*ck! Even teacher’s Battle Beast detection bracelet couldn’t detect any information. What kind of Battle Beast is this?”

“I’ve seen the hatching of a divine rank Battle Beast with my own two eyes!”

“This dazzling rose gold light is too beautiful. It’s blinding my eyes!”

“I thought it was a rare purple quality Battle Beast. I didn’t expect it to be a rose gold one!”

“Why?! Why is Locke able to summon a divine rank Battle Beast? He’s really lucky!”

Upon hatching the small snake, the atmosphere of the Beast Egg Hatching Ceremony completely changed.

Some students did not even hatch their own Beast Eggs. Instead, they surrounded Locke, hoping to catch a glimpse of the divine rank Battle Beast’s glory!

Unfortunately, there were only a few pieces of information available. They did not even know the name of the two-headed white snake.

Not to mention they were also clueless about the type of Battle Beast it was, and the kind of skills it had!

The students had different thoughts, and some were jealous. They were hoping for the Battle Beast to be weak, but there was nothing for them to see.

Some were purely there to sate their curiosity, they only wanted to witness the little beast with their own two eyes.

“I am satisfied just by the fact that I’ve witnessed a rose gold Battle Beast within my lifetime!”

“Oh my God! This is insane!”

What kind of existence was a rose gold Battle Beast, you ask?

It was something that Atlanta city had not seen in decades. The probability of it appearing was not just small, it was so small that it made one’s hair stand on end! The odds were astronomically low!

In that instant, a rose gold divine rank Battle Beast was coiled around Locke’s hand, right before them.

Noticing his excited classmates, Mondo silently returned to his seat, and shrunk his presence as much as he could.

Locke did not need to wait until they were grown up. If he were to issue the order right then, there would be plenty of people who would be willing to help Locke teach Mondo a lesson.

At this moment…

The homeroom teacher shouted, and it was so loud that it alarmed the class next door.

“It really is a rose gold divine rank battle beast! My eyes did not deceive me!”

“Step aside, step aside! Locke, follow me to the principal’s office immediately!”

“My detection bracelet cannot accurately gauge this divine beast. We need the principal to personally apply for access to the Federal Government’s database!”

Without paying heed to the other students, the homeroom teacher grabbed Locke’s hand and went straight to the principal’s office.

Noticing that the homeroom teacher had left, the students who had been abandoned looked at each other and became noisy once again.

9 minutes later…

Knock knock!

There was a knock on the principal’s office door.

“Come in!”

Hearing this, the two of them pushed the door open and entered. When they entered, they saw a white-bearded old man who was at least 80 years old. He was reading a book at his desk.

Puzzled, the principal asked, “The ceremony hasn’t ended yet, right? Why have you come to my office?”

When he raised his head and saw the homeroom teacher who had entered, the principal was confused.

Then, he saw Locke, who was standing at the teacher’s side. After a brief pause, he laughed happily.

“Wait a moment!”

“Let me guess!”

“Did an epic rank Battle Beast appear in this ceremony?”

“Hehe, otherwise, you wouldn’t have looked for me in such a hurry!”

“Hahaha, Great!”

“I didn’t expect that one out of the two or three epic-level beasts that usually hatched during Atlanta City’s egg hatching ceremony to appear in our school!”

The principal said cheerfully, and the more he spoke, the happier he got.

His mouth was threatening to split open from his smile, and his beard had gone stiff.

“No, not that!”

The homeroom teacher hurriedly explained.

Seeing the principal’s reaction, the homeroom teacher was stunned momentarily. However, he soon snapped back to his senses and exclaimed.

“It’s not epic rank?”

“Since it’s not epic-level, then why are you here?!”

The principal’s smile immediately turned cold. He felt as if he had been pranked, and he immediately turned sour.

Regarding this, the homeroom teacher was also at a loss of words, but he still managed to get the words out.

“It’s not epic rank! Principal, it’s of the divine rank!!!”

“What did you just say? It’s a divine rank battle beast? Are you sure you’re not toying with me?”

The principal was a little skeptical. No, refused to believe it from the bottom of his heart.

“The class is still in the midst of the ceremony. Why would I come here just to prank you!”

“Moreover, I came here to ask you to seek permission to access the divine rank database, Principal!”

Even though those were his words…

The whole situation still felt surreal to the homeroom teacher.

“Wait… Let me catch a breath!”

The principal’s mood had risen and fallen sharply.

It was a little too much for the old man to handle.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of water and taking a few pills, he stroked his beard…

After a good ten minutes, the principal finally recovered.

“What type of divine rank Battle Beast is it?!”

“It’s from the Forest Series, but I don’t know what kind of Battle Beast it is. I only know that it’s a small two-headed snake!”

The principal directed his enthusiastic gaze over to Locke.

Locke did not bother to hide it. He directly summoned the small snake, and very quickly, a rosy-gold light burst forth.

Seeing this scene, the old principal gasped deeply. All his doubts have been cleared.

“The database of divine rank Battle Beasts is highly encrypted. Plus, this beast is a Forest Series beast. There’s no need to request the Federal Government’s permission. My wristband can inspect it properly.”

“Locke, right? Come over here, I’ll inspect your little snake…”

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