Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 13: Treatment

WDQK Chapter 13: Treatment

In the next few days, Lin Dong’s lifestyle resumed its usual pace. In the day, he would franticly train his body, and once he was unable to endure the exhaustion, he would slip into the rock pool. Barely half an hour later, he would run out of the pool feeling refreshed and full of energy. Subsequently, sets of Penetrating Fists were vividly executed, causing a series of crisps echoes to continuously reverberate around the forest.

Among the younger generation in Lin Family, there was probably no one else who could maintain this intensive regime. After all, the effects of the rock pool were arguably better than that of a Grade 3 elixir. Furthermore, as the red-liquid was diluted, it became mild and gentle. Therefore, it would not hurt one’s body at all. In fact, this was most suitable for someone in the initial training phase like Lin Dong.

During the night, Lin Dong would once again enter into the darkness of the Spiritual Domain. In there, he would tirelessly repeat set after set of his increasingly familiar Penetrating Fist. As he drilled without rest or food, his mastery of Penetrating Fist greatly improved until Lin Dong could now easily generate nine echoes! With regards to the tenth echo, Lin Dong was also gradually gaining a better understanding of it. Though he had yet to successfully master it, he knew that it was only a matter of time.

Furthermore, perhaps it was due to the strength that Lin Dong displayed at their previous encounter, Lin Shan, who previously loved to cause trouble for him, had stopped appearing before him. The latter probably understood that he would only be digging his own grave if he dared to cause trouble for Lin Dong again.

Therefore, right now, Lin Dong was able to peacefully dedicate all his energy into his training.

In a blink of an eye, a week passed amidst the peace and tranquility.

Within this week, Lin Dong had actively looking for opportunities to feed the red-liquid from the stone talisman to Lin Xiao. However, during this period, Lin Xiao was constantly away, hence Lin Dong had little opportunity to do so and thus had no choice but to temporarily suppressed the thought.

This situation continued on till the eighth day, until Lin Dong finally could no longer endure it any further. This was because Lin Xiao was injured once again…

As he was training, Lin Dong heard Qing Tan’s anxious screams. Instantly he reacted and fled home. He barged into the room to see Lin Xiao lying on the bed, his face as pale as a sheet of paper. Drops of blood marking the ground below his sleeves.

“Father met a powerful beast when he went deep into the mountains to look for elixirs…” Qing Tan softly muttered from behind Lin Dong, her eyes red with grief.

Upon hearing these words, a wave of guilt gushed out from Lin Dong’s heart as tears dropped from his eyes.

“Men should not cry. Its just a small injury”. As Lin Xiao saw Lin Dong standing by the door, he attempted to lift his body up. Just as he attempted to display a stern expression, a sharp pain emerged from his wounds, causing his expression to twist up in agony.

“Why are you still trying to put on a brave front now. Here, let me boil this elixir for you.” Liu Yan glared at Lin Xiao before she picked up a stalk of light-green herb by her side.

“Hey, that is for Dong-er!” Lin Xiao hastily said, upon witnessing this scene.

“Mother, let me boil this elixir. You and Qing Tan should take care of Father.” Before Lin Xiao’s words could fade away, Lin Dong dashed forward and snatched the elixir from Liu Yan’s hands. Without saying another word, he ran out of the room.

“This brat…”

As he watched Lin Dong’s slip away even faster than a rabbit, Lin Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. He helplessly shook his head, a warmth bubbling in his heart.

Shortly after Lin Dong left, he came back holding a green porcelain bowl in his hand. The bowl was filled to the brim with a dark green medicine with a medicinal fragrance that could be smelt even from a distance away.

“Father, please drink this medicine.” Lin Dong smiled as he brought the medicine over.

“*Sigh*, you cheeky boy.” Lin Xiao helpless shook his head. Even though his heart was aching, he could only receive the bowl. Without a word, he gulped down the medicine.

As he saw Lin Xiao finish the medicine, an eager expression surfaced on Lin Dong’s eyes.He had naturally added a few drops of red-liquid from the stone talisman into that bowl of medicine. However, he did not know how much aid it would provide to Lin Xiao’s injuries.


Upon finishing the medicine, Lin Xiao placed the bowl down and stared at Lin Dong, who was intently looking at his father’s face. Just as Lin Xiao was to put on a stern look, he suddenly felt his cheeks turn red as though a fire had been lit within his body.


Witnessing the change occurring to Lin Xiao, Qing Tan who was standing to one side turned pale.

“Cough, cough!”

As Qing Tan and Liu Yan turned white with fear, Lin Xiao’s body temperature continued to rise as his face became even redder. A split second later, he suddenly opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of filthy black blood.

“Xiao-ge, are you alright?” As she saw Lin Xiao unexpectedly vomit blood, Liu Yan hurriedly rushed over with tears in her eyes. Lin Xiao was the backbone of this family, if something happened to him, what would happen to her and the children?

As Lin Xiao gasped for air, the redness in his cheeks swiftly retreated. In place of it, a healthy reddish glow surfaced.

“My injuries….”

As Lin Xiao stared in disbelief at his palms. All of a sudden, he could feel that all the injuries that have been accumulated over the years in his body, had mostly been swept away.

The feeling of his channels once again free from any obstruction refreshed him and all his internal organs surged once again with power and vigour. This sensation was something he had not experienced for a long time.

“Liu Yan, my injuries, my injures…” Lin Xiao trembled with excitement as he grabbed tightly onto Liu Yan’s hands. A wide smile of delight filled his usually stern face.

Liu Yan’s regained her wits as she witnessed the emotion in Lin Xiao’s eyes. A look of disbelief surfaced on her face as she asked: “Have you recovered?”

“Yes, Yes, almost, almost…”

Liu Xiao had become so emotional that he lost the ability to string words together. In the end, he could resist no longer and he tightly hugged Liu Yan while letting out a joyous, heartfelt laughter. Contained within his laughter were sounds of relief after the long years of torment. During these years, his progress has stagnated due to his internal injuries. Even though he pretended to give a strong front on the outside, anyone could tell that the person who was once the most impressive member of the Lin Family, was gradually replaced by a rotting husk.

However, if there is a will, there is a way! After all these years, his injuries which had hindered him to no end and showed no signs of recovery were finally going away!

As he looked at his jubilant parents, Lin Dong rubbed at the corners of his eyes, a wide smile forming on his face. The effects of the stone talisman had vastly exceeded his expectations. He knew that if Father drunk the medicine a few more times in the future, eradicating the injuries and making a full recovery was no longer an impossible dream.

And when his injuries have healed and recovered completely, Lin Xiao’s strength will increase by leaps and bounds!

As Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, he pulled Qing Tan, who was smiling joyously as well, and slowly left the room.


As he gently closed the door, a smile floated on Lin Dong’s face. He softly murmured to himself: “Father, rest assured. You will definitely become the pillar of support for the Lin Family once again!”

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