Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 14: Grade 5 Yin Energy

WDQK Chapter 14: Grade 5 Yin Energy

The red-liquid from the stone talisman was more effective than expected in treating Lin Xiao’s wounds. Within five days, the pale expression that had almost become a part of Lin Xiao’s normal look, had gradually faded. In it’s place was a strong vitality, which had once again surfaced within Lin Xiao’s body.

The fact that Lin Xiao injuries were gradually recovering was the most delightful news in their family. No matter what, Lin Xiao was the main pillar of support for the family, if he were to fall, the rest of them would definitely suffer.

As Lin Xiao’s injuries recovered, the long festering resentment in his heart also gradually disappeared. Radiant smiles began to spring up frequently on Lin Xiao’s usually stern face. Anyone could tell that his heart was also filled with many happy emotions.

Lin Dong was naturally delighted to witness the changes occurring in Lin Xiao, in turn, it caused him to feel more energetic when he trained.

Over this period of time, the red-liquid in the rock pool had also completely dissipated. As such, Lin Dong had to start dripping red-liquid back into the rock pool. Thankfully, each drop was able to sustain him for more than ten days. Combined with the fact that the stone talisman produced a drop of red-liquid every five days, he was still able to maintain his current training pace.

Thanks to the stone talisman and his own exceedingly hardworking nature, Lin Dong’s training progress was very rapid. Within these past few days, the itching pain from his bones became more and more intense. The sensation, was akin to having numerous tiny ants gnawing away at his bones.

Even though the sensation was horrible, this was definitely great news for Lin Dong. He understood that this only happened when one was about to complete Bone Refining. Therefore this clearly implied that his current stage of training had extended from his skin to his bones. When the itching pain finally reaches its climax, his bones would have achieved the initial level of strengthening, at which, he would have officially advanced to Tempered Body 5th Layer.

Of course, it took time to strengthen one’s body. Even with aid from the stone talisman, it would still be approximately a month before he could complete this step.

Even though time was running out, Lin Dong clearly enjoyed the feeling of the strength within his body increasing every day. At the same time, he also drilled to become more and more proficient at Penetrating Fist.

Thanks to guidance from the mysterious glowing shadow, the nine echoes Penetrating Fist has been brought to the point of perfection by the Lin Dong. When he executed the moves, it felt extremely natural and also gave him quite an imposing image.

As for the tenth echo, after the constant practise over these past few days, Lin Dong was gradually becoming better at it. At times, he could faintly hear the last echo sounding out from within his body. Even though it could not match up to the deep and low echo produced by the glowing shadow, it was still a pretty remarkable achievement.

“Pa Pa Pa…”

In the vast empty fields of the Lin Family, a shadow danced like an agile monkey, as a series of crisp clear echoes sounded out in the forests.

Six echoes. As he finished his moves, six echoes sounded out.

“Good, not bad at all.”

Lin Xiao nodded, satisfied with Lin Dong’s performance. The fact that he could generate six echoes within a month of training, was indeed a truly astonishing achievement.

“Heh heh”. Lin Dong cheekily smiled, yet in his heart he secretly mused: Would Lin Xiao faint instantly if he knew Lin Dong could actually produce nine or even ten echoes?

“Father, you seem well recently. Have you recovered from your injuries?” Lin Dong asked with a smile as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Hmm, almost there.” If Lin Dong had asked this question half a month ago, Lin Xiao’s face would darken immediately. However, right now he answered instantly with a merry look on his face.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong cheerily remarked: “So, Father should be able to return to Heavenly Yuan level soon?”

Lin Xiao shook his head, as he let out a sigh. With a pained smile on his face, he replied: “It’s not going to be so easy. After all, I have suffered from such serious injuries all these years. Even though my injuries have largely healed, there may still be some after-effects. Therefore, whether I can return to Heavenly Yuan level, still depends on luck.”

Even though he said these words, Lin Xiao had a fairly large amount of faith in himself. After all, he was once the man who was hailed as a genius in the Lin Family. All these years, his progress had stagnated only because of his injuries. Once his injuries were healed, there was no telling how far he could progress.

Lin Dong nodded his head in understanding. He knew that it would not be easy for his father to reclaim his place among the elites in Qingyang Town.

“Father, two days ago, I found this object in the woods. Can you tell me what it is?” Lin Dong inquired as he quickly took out a white bean-sized pearl and passed it to Lin Xiao.

At first, Lin Xiao did not pay much heed to this request as he casually took the item from Lin Dong and glanced at it. As he was about to dismiss his son’s find, he suddenly felt a stream of pure Yin Energy gushing from the pearl, causing his expression to change dramatically.

“Grade 5 Yin Energy?”

Lin Xiao foolishly stared at the seemingly ordinary white pearl as shock surfaced in his eyes.

“Grade 5 Yin Energy?” Lin Dong curiously asked. As he was still far from reaching Earthly Yuan level, he did not know much about Yin Energy.

“Where did you get this from?” Lin Xiao looked Lin Dong in the eye and asked him excitedly.

“I picked it up in the mountains.” Lin Dong muttered. Though he had complete faith in his Father, he had the feeling that if news of this miraculous stone talisman got out, it may lead to the destruction of his entire clan.

In response, Lin Xiao was shocked. Forcing a smile, he nodded his head. After all, he realized that it would be too greedy to ask for a large supply of this invaluable treasure.

“Father, what exactly is Grade 5 Yin Energy?” Lin Dong asked again.

“Between Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang Energy, can be classified into nine grades. Grade 1 being the lowest, while Grade 9 being the highest. For most Earthly Yuan practitioners, when they absorb Yin Energy from between Heaven and Earth, it is at best Grade 2 or Grade 3. In the past, the Yin Energy that I absorbed was merely Grade 3.” Lin Xiao replied as he tapped into his memories.

“Based on my judgement, the Yin Energy contained within this Yin Pearl should be at least Grade 5. For some Earthly Yuan practitioners, this pearl holds a highly seductive appeal.”

“Earthly Yuan practitioners absorb Yin Energy, while Heavenly Yuan practitioners absorb Yang Energy. When the Yin and Yang Energy synergize, a Yuan Dan will be formed.” Lin Xiao continued, as he licked his lips. “You might not know this, but even within the Yuan Dan stage, there are different ranks. To describe in detail, there are a total of nine different ranks, termed as the Nine Stars of Yuan Dan. A One Star Yuan Dan is the lowest level, whereas a Nine Star Yuan Dan…… I have never heard of anyone in the Great Yan Empire that possesses this quality of Yuan Dan. Of course, it might be because of my seclusion.”

“And the final quality of one’s Yuan Dan, will hinge upon the grade of Yin Yang Energy that one absorbs during the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan stages. Thus, the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan stages could be considered as building blocks of sorts for the Yuan Dan stage.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was stunned as he had never realized how important Yin Yang Energy was.

“If word of this Yin Pearl got out, it would definitely attract the attention of many Earthly Yuan practitioners. Heh, after all, Grade 5 Yin Energy is truly a rare find.” Lin Xiao remarked.

“Hehe, since Father is at Earthly Yuan level, please take that Yin Pearl and use it.” Lin Dong cheekily replied.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Xiao’s slightly aged face reddened. Letting out a dry cough, he immediately kept the Yin Pearl without acting coy. After all, the Yin Energy contained within was indeed very vital for him.

Lin Dong silently smiled as he saw Lin Xiao keep the Yin Pearl. Though soon after, his eyebrows knitted together. This Yin Pearl was condensed from the chilling cold that emerged from Qing Tan’s body. If the chilling cold that emerged was already at Grade 5, then how powerful was the chilling cold that resided within Qing Tan’s body?

“Such a terrifying chilling cold… exactly what is going on with Qing Tan’s body?”

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