Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 11 - The Fight For The First Seat

Chapter 11 - The Fight For The First Seat

The elder of the acceptance hall stood up and announced, "Everyone, congratulations on passing the trial of our sect."

"Next, it's time for each peak to choose their disciples. The main branch will choose first according to the order."

Sect Master Ding went straight to the point and directly said to Li Shiyi, "Li Shiyi, I would like to take you in as my disciple. From now on, you will be the disciple of the main branch of the Hidden Edge Sect. Are you willing?"

The other chief seats saw Sect Leader Ding directly asking about Li Shiyi and knew that there was nothing for them to do, so they could only turn their eyes to others.

"I am most honored, and you have my utmost gratitude, Sect Leader. However, I have someone else in mind as my master. Please forgive me, Sect Leader!"

Ding Xingbo was an elder. He had only asked his question in such a manner out of pleasantry. He never expected to be rejected like so.

This was beyond his expectations. He looked Li Shiyi straight in the eye and said, "Are you really not willing to take me as your master?"

"The Sect Leader is busy with affairs and has profound cultivation. I am clumsy and rough around the edges, I do not wish to give you any more trouble."

Having heard the flat rejection, Sect leader Ding was stunned. He had never expected to be turned down.

The eyes of the other chief monks lit up. He already had someone else in mind as his Master? Could it be him?

They quickly tried to mediate the situation.

Daoist Qing Cang, the Chief Priest of Shaoyang, stood up and bowed to the sect leader.

"Sect leader, I think he is right. You are busy with your cultivation and have sect affairs to deal with. Why don't have this ingrate join my Shaoyang Branch? My hands have been idle lately."

"Nonsense. You are also an external elder. Are your hands so idle to the point where you can teach disciples? Why don't I take this disciple?"

"No, no, no. I think I'm more suitable. This kid has sword Qi. It's just right. Among the masters, my sword cultivation is the highest, so it's most suitable for him to take me as his master."

"Your sword cultivation is the highest? Who said that?"

"If you're not convinced, go out and spar me!"

These old foxes were usually calm, composed and poised. They all maintained such similar appearances.

But when it came to such a disciple, they lost all dignity and started squabbling with one another.

Li Shiyi looked on as the masters argued. Only Ye Changge remained sitting firmly on Mount Tai. He couldn't help but feel anxious.

"Could it be that this grandmaster doesn't like me?"

"Yes, how could such a grandmaster take the initiative to fight for me as his disciple? I'm afraid that my sword cultivation is not worth mentioning in his eyes."

After all, the Green Lotus sword bone was not easy to detect. On the surface, he was just a sword cultivator with a shallow cultivation and some sword qi.

Li Shiyi hurriedly took a step forward and bowed directly to Ye Changge. "I, Li Shiyi, am willing to acknowledge you as my master!"

For a moment, one could hear a pin drop in the hall.

No one expected that the out of the highly-respected gray-haired leaders of the various lineages, Ye Changge would be sought-after.

Daoist Qingcang was quick-witted. He thought, "Could this kid be mistakenly thinking that Ye Changge has a cultivation high enough to have restored his youth?"

Thus, he began to explain Ye Changge's identity. "This is the stand-in Chief of Reclining Firewood Peak, Ye Changge, a disciple of Chief Buyi who is not here so he will temporarily represent Reclining Firewood Peak."

Li Shiyi immediately knelt down and kowtowed. "Master, Ye Changge. I, Li Shiyi, truly wish to be your disciple. Please grant my wish, Master!"

Daoist Qing Cang was stunned.

Ye Changge could not understand why Li Shiyi was hounding him either, but he was too lazy to be bothered.

"Why don't we do this instead. My master, Immortal Buyi left some guidelines for the assessment procedure of Reclining Firewood Peak. If you can pass the assessment, I'll take you in as a disciple."

Then, he stood up and bowed to the Sect Master. "Sect Master, I'll bring Li Jianyi back to participate in my branch's trial now."

Unable to find an excuse for a moment, Sect Master Ding could only smile bitterly in his heart. He pretended to be magnanimous and waved his hand.

In his heart, he secretly decided that in the future, he would definitely poach Li Shiyi.

After all, Ye Changge's cultivation was mediocre, and he was merely a senior disciple. How could he teach a disciple well? It would be better not to waste this unpolished jade.

Back at Reclining Firewood Peak, Ye Changge asked Li Shiyi, "Why didn't you choose the other masters and insisted on me?"

Li Shiyi had long been prepared in his heart. He decided to tell him everything.

"When I was 16, I bade farewell to my parents and went to the central region on horseback."

"My aptitude was half decent and the cultivation method I learned was suitable for me. I was considered above average among the younger generation of my time."

"When I went to the central region, I even entered one of the best academies in the Central Region, the Heavenly Dao Academy."

"After that, I continuously participated in the Academy's advancement trials and swept past countless geniuses within two years. No Saint child or Saintess child from any Sacred Place could stand before me. Even the inherited disciples from ancient sects could not hope to be my match."

"In the end, the academy made an exception and promoted me to the Academy's Inner Court to study. In just two years, I entered the Heavenly Dao Academy's Inner Court. Such a thing was unheard of and unprecedented until then."

Although he knew that what Li Shiyi said had to be the truth, the guy looked too haggard and rundown to be the same person in his story. He seemed to be boasting empty words. Ye Changge had a strange feeling in his heart.

"Unfortunately, the academy's motto of the Heavenly Dao Academy is that a gentleman should strive for self-improvement. He is not afraid of authority but is willing to be virtuous. He is loyal to righteousness and does not stand on ceremony."

"However, because of the conflict of interests between a Saint child, a Saintess child and a commoner genius, the top forces which were the Heaven and Earth Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty joined hands to interfere with the trial of the Heavenly Dao Academy. They wanted to suppress that commoner genius named Lu Ming."

"I was divided into a group with him to participate in the trial of the Academy."

"I was also implicated in this action of suppression. In indignance, I drew my sword."

"Unfortunately, although I could easily suppress the footsoldiers of the two forces, the elders go the better of me. In the end, my cultivation was sealed."

At that point, Li Shiyi's face was full of sorrow.

"Because the elders of the Academy had sealed me, I am certain that I have been sealed by a forbidden seal, the Death Lock, and not a mere Five Elements Suppression technique."

Looking at Li Shiyi in front of him, Ye Changge sighed in his heart.

This was the reason why he didn't want to go out and provoke karma.

The cultivation world was really dangerous. There were all kinds of forces, and they all had their own trump cards. No one knew if some old, powerful guy would turn up from any force.

Thinking of this, Ye Changge asked, "Do you regret it?"

"Regret? I don't regret it."Li Shiyi shook his head resolutely.

"If it weren't for the fear of affecting the family, I wouldn't have compromised. The Sword is by my side, by my waist, in my hand. If I encounter injustice, my sword would not agree to me standing idle."

"The sword is by my side, and the sword is by my waist." Ye Changge nodded. As expected of a natural sword bone. The Sword Qi in his body was fierce, and he wasn't willing to part ways with it so easily.

"My cultivation has been sealed, and I've been looking for a way to break it. I was born with a green lotus sword bone, and this might be the only trump card I can rely on."

After mentioning the Green Lotus sword bone, Li Shiyi looked at Ye Changge and found him unsurprised.

He couldn't help but sigh in his heart. No wonder he was a sword grandmaster. His Green Lotus Sword Bone didn't surprise him at all.

"To trigger the reaction of the Green Lotus sword body, I definitely need the help of a grandmaster in the way of the sword."

"I heard that a grandmaster in the Hidden Edge Sect killed an expert in the Crossing Calamity Realm, so I specifically came here to acknowledge you as my master."

"When I saw you just now, My Green Lotus Sword body responded. I am sure that you are the grandmaster in the way of the sword that drew me here."

After saying this, he turned his head and bowed again. "Please accept me as your disciple! Please save me!"

"I know of you. Do you still remember what I said before? My Master, Immortal Buyi, left behind the assessment test. Since you want to acknowledge me as your master, you naturally have to participate in the test."

"Since you've been sealed, I'll adjust the assessment accordingly."Ye Changge smiled faintly. "Do you know the nickname of the five elements suppression method?"

After thinking for a while.., li Jianyi replied, "Hidden Dragon Lock. It's said that if you're a hidden dragon, you have enough aptitude and temperament to break through the suppression of the Five Elements Suppression technique. It will cleanse your state of mind and physique, and you'll gain even stronger potential. Your future will be brighter than ever."

"Do you believe in yourself? Are you willing to give it a try?"

Li Shiyi suddenly looked at Ye Changge. There was something hidden along those lines, but he could not put his finger to it. Ye Changge's expression remained indifferent.

He thought of the anger in his heart, the disgruntlement, and his faith.

He thought of the hard work he had put in to find a grandmaster of swordsmanship, the decadence after disappointment, and the ecstasy of regaining his old strength.

Li Jieyi made up his mind and nodded resolutely.

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