Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 12 - Sword Spirit, The Giant Pillar Of The Heavenly Mortal World

Chapter 12 - Sword Spirit, The Giant Pillar Of The Heavenly Mortal World

Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

The day-to-day life on Reclining Firewood Peak was extremely peaceful. There were no internal or external problems. Ye Changge signed in every day, and his two disciples cultivated daily as well. In the midst of the peace, their overall strength had indeed risen by leaps and bounds.

On this day, Li Shiyi was practicing his sword techniques at the entrance of Reclining Firewood Peak's main hall.

He held his sword with one hand and formed a seal with his left hand. In an instant, six smaller light shadows split off from the sword and revolved around him.

Li Shiyi's body turned into streaks of white light too. Immediately after, the white shadows, sword light, and green qi intersected and reflected off of each other. The shadows were blurry, appearing beautiful and full of killing intent.

"Not bad, not bad. Your talent in swordsmanship is so terrifying that even your natural sword bone is starting to display its power. Your revenge is just around the corner."

"Master?" Li Shiyi, who had stopped, turned his head around.

"How is your cultivation going? Does the Grand Purity Truth Sword suit you?"

Hearing the question, Li Jianyi nodded. "Master, your Truth Sword is really mysterious and unusual. Every time I see it, I gain something new. Now, not only have I recovered all my strength, but I have also advanced halfway into the third level.

"As for swordsmanship cultivation, I have made much more progress than before. I have already comprehended sword intent!"

Ye Changge smiled faintly. "That's right. Since you've already comprehended sword intent, the next step is to comprehend sword spirit."

"Sword spirit? Master, what's that?"Li Jianyi had never heard of this term before, so he asked in puzzlement.

"Sword Dao cultivation is transparent and thorough. Only with it can one comprehend Supreme Sword Dao. You have to understand the deepest conviction in your heart. You have to understand why you practice the sword and what the sword represents to you.

"Some people practice the sword to protect themselves, some people practice it for money, and some people just like sword techniques. What about you?"

Hearing Ye Changge's question, Li Shiyi began to ponder.

As a top-notch genius, he had once stood at the peak amongst the younger generation, and he used to be fearless.

Later on, his family had threatened and suppressed him, causing his heart to be filled with resentment.

"I, I like swords, but I also have other beliefs. This disciple thinks that he is a reasonable person, and practicing swordsmanship is to reason with others.

"If someone is stubborn and unreasonable, I will beat him until he becomes reasonable!"

After Ye Changge had completed the mission for the reward and obtained the Brilliant Sword Spirit, his cultivation in the path of the sword had also become extraordinary. When he heard the disciple's words, he nodded happily.

His heart was moved, and he said, "Seek the truth with your sword! Seek the truth!" At the same time, the Brilliant Sword Spirit sensed something, and a brilliant aura rose from Ye Changge's body.

Li Shiyi found that when Ye Changge's aura rose, his sword intent was completely suppressed.

He sensed a condensed but sharp aura from Ye Changge's body. Even though it was not aggressive, it was piercing. Compared with it, his sword intent seemed so weak.

"Is this sword spirit?"Li Shiyi was in extreme awe. "As expected of the master who can write the 'True Understanding of the Grand Purity Truth Sword'. His cultivation of the sword principle is indeed unparalleled.

"I'm afraid only part of the master's strength is displayed in order to let me understand the sword spirit. I really don't know how powerful the master is at full strength and how powerful his sword light is."

With longing in his heart, Li Shiyi faintly felt that he had gained some enlightenment, and his comprehension of sword intent had truly advanced a bit.

Ye Changge, who routinely portrayed a dignified master in front of his disciple, was suddenly drawn to something. He sensed that someone had entered the Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven.

Frowning, Ye Changge said, "Continue cultivating. I sense that someone has broken in. I'll go and take a look at the situation." With that, he disappeared in a flash.

At that moment, five thousand meters below Reclining Firewood Peak, an ancient, mysterious, and ancient aura materialized vaguely.

In the hazy halo, one could faintly see that it was half a stone tablet.

The space there distorted slightly, and Ye Changge appeared a distance away from the stone tablet before he scrutinized it.


"The remains of the Heavenly Mortal World's Giant Pillar have been discovered!"

"I suggest that the host communicates with it!"

Ye Changge was shocked. "The Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World?"

Ancient myths about the Heavenly Mortal World described that when the world was born, an ancient existence was born along with it. It was the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World.

It grew with the world and opened up heaven and earth. Before the Heavenly Mortal World was fully formed, the Giant Pillar acted as the world's pillar.

Later, once the Heavenly Mortal World was formed, the Giant Pillar turned into a holy spirit and hid in an unknown place.

It was said that when there were emperors in the Heavenly Mortal World, they would ascend to a higher level and see the heavenly Giant Pillar during their pursuit of Eternal Dao.

There was a giant stone tablet at the top of the Giant Pillar with mysterious inscriptions on it. When an emperor left the world, he would be given a chance to see the stone tablet.

However, these were all ancient legends. After so many years, not even quasi-emperors had appeared. Naturally, no one had seen the Heavenly Mortal World's Giant Pillar for a long time.

Ye Changge never thought that he would actually see it here. His heart was in shock.

On top of that, the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World had actually shattered? How inconceivable was that? What kind of powerful attack had it endured?

Thinking of the system's suggestion, he extended his divine senses and slowly made contact with the stone tablet.

"Senior?" Ye Changge asked.

Buzz! A strange transmission traveled over, and Ye Changge instantly understood the cause and effect.

The Heavenly Mortal World had once suffered a calamity from the Heavenly Dao. In order to stop the calamity, the world's Giant Pillar had helped to stop it, and in the end, it had broken apart.

A portion of the remains was sleeping underground, and they could feel the rich spiritual energy in the cave heaven. Hence, they were drawn toward it.

Experiencing this arcane method of communication, Ye Changge found it very mystical.

The message was even more unbelievable. Just what kind of calamity had it been that even the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World had broken apart?

It seemed that this world was indeed very dangerous. Without sufficient strength, it was better not to leave the mountain casually.

Once again, he determined his own path. Ye Changge made a decision and pondered for a moment. At the end of the day, he was on one of the legendary top ten blessed cave heavens. Even the Heavenly Mortal World might not be enough to take it down in a state of complete victory, let alone the Giant Pillar.

As long as it was in the cave heaven, he was not afraid of it having any ulterior motives.

If it was only absorbing spiritual energy to heal its injuries, he might as well do it a favor.

Perhaps he would be able to comprehend the stone tablet that even the great emperor only had one chance to see.

"Senior, this Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven was obtained by chance. It indeed has powerful spiritual energy, and as the cave heaven develops, it will become increasingly stronger. Senior, if you would like to recover your strength, you may enter the cave heaven."

Buzz! The stone tablet sent out some ripples again.

Hearing the reply, Ye Changge raised his hand and waved at it. Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven revealed itself slightly and completely accepted the heavenly stone tablet.

Rumble! Rumble!

The cave heaven and the mountain promptly shook as waves of mysterious ripples spread out.

As the cave heaven's master, Ye Changge instantly understood what had happened.

Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven was a cave heaven that was currently growing. As the Giant Pillar grew together with the Heavenly Mortal World, it naturally had the ability to accelerate the evolution and formation of heaven as well as the earth. The two were unexpectedly complementary.

In a short period of time, the cave heaven's formation speed had increased greatly, leading the changes in the cave heaven to be so huge that they could no longer be concealed.

A stream of purple gas soared into the sky from the cave heaven. The members of the Hidden Edge Sect could only feel a strange mist rapidly pass through the sky.

Following that, dark clouds covered the sky, thunder clouds rolled, and violent winds howled.

"What's going on? Is this another heavenly punishment?"

"What's been happening to our sect recently? Why has a heavenly punishment appeared again so soon? Plus, judging from the situation, doesn't it seem much more powerful than the last one?"

"The heavenly punishment didn't come down the last time. Could it be that the heavenly punishment been accumulating strength, and it chose this time to descend upon us again?"

"Nonsense, how could the heavenly punishment change?"

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