Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 14 - News Of The New Disciple

Chapter 14 - News Of The New Disciple

After a few days, Ye Changge stood on the summit of Reclining Firewood Peak and gazed at the clouds before him.

"System, check in!"

"Congratulations, host. You have obtained 400 years of cultivation!"

"Congratulations, host. You have obtained information on the reincarnation of a divine artifact. Do you wish to check?"

Unexpectedly, there was another surprise. Ye Changge immediately said, "Check."

"The reincarnation of the divine artifact, the Heavenly Star Mirror. Previously, the divine artifact became sentient. It assumed the name, Liang Yueyin and became the great empress of a generation, establishing the Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty. After suffering a calamity, it regenerated into the Heavenly Star Mirror to recuperate."

"Now that it has sufficient energy, it has descended into the mortal world once again."

Hearing this explanation, Ye Changge secretly scoffed.

It was beating around the bush. Did he not just find another good disciple to take in? It was an old routine.

Thus, he found Li Shiyi and said, "I have a feeling that I'll need to go out on a trip. You should build a bamboo house in the mountains."

"Master, is there anyone who wants to live here? Do you have any requests?"

"It should be a newborn girl. I'm afraid that her family will come to live here from time to time. You should make it more spacious." With that, he left.

Li Shiyi was left suspended in admiration. "Master, you are indeed extraordinary. You can actually calculate the fate between a newborn girl and yourself."

What he didn't know was that his third younger sister had not been born yet.


Following the aura given by the system, Ye Changge arrived at a place in the eastern region near the eastern sea.

There was a small city here called Zishan City.

Zishan City was near the sea, and there was a bustling port around it.

Ye Changge changed his appearance and pretended to be an ordinary young man to investigate the situation.

In front of a mansion, Ye Changge raised his head.

According to his investigation, there was a faint divine light ten thousand meters in the sky.

Although it was daytime, with Ye Changge's eyesight, he could still see the Starlight in the sky.

The gatekeepers and guards in front of the Jade Mansion looked at the young man who kept raising and lowering his head. They did not know what he was trying to do.

If it was not for the simple and humble manner of the Yu family, they might have chased him away.

"SSS grade genius detected."

[ Name ] : None

[ Age ] : Not yet born

[ Innate Bone ] : SSS grade

[ Aptitude ] : SSS grade

[ Cultivation ] : None

[ Innate Talent ] : God equipment body, stars fall.

[ Faction ] : Star Dynasty

[ Remark ] : Star Mirror Reincarnation body.

[Ding! Mission: Accept disciple.'

['Reward: Star God walking technique.'

['Mission duration: Half a year.']

Seeing this notification, Ye Changge once again felt that the system was peculiar.

It was able to find out without reincarnation, and it even displayed something as if it were real. Name, none, age, none.

Furthermore, the mission duration was half a year, and the people in this world were also pregnant for ten months. Did the system expect that this third disciple who had yet to enter the sect would give birth prematurely?

"However, with the body of a divine artifact, I believe that this disciple's life force will be very strong. The reincarnation of an emperor is probably even stronger than Li Shiyi."

"The fall of the stars sounds like the innate ability of a divine artifact. After it turns into a human, it becomes an innate ability."

"Most importantly, if she takes me as her master, her future will be even more limitless."

Having made up his mind, he walked over and said to the Jade Mansion's gatekeeper, "I am a cultivator from the Hidden Edge Sect's Reclining Firewood Peak. I passed by your mansion and discovered that the auspicious star is shining brightly, and that the heavenly star has descended. I believe that your mansion will have a newborn girl who is fated to be my master and disciple. I am here to take in a disciple."

The Jade Mansion's gatekeeper was stunned by these words and instinctively did not believe them.

However, he saw that Ye Changge's expression was serious and did not have the slightest humor. Moreover, the Jade Mansion was a prominent local clan. Not many people would dare to come and tell untruths. For a moment, he did not know what to do.

Seeing that there was no response, Ye Changge said, "Please go back and report to your family's manager. Tell him that Ye Changge of the Hidden Edge Sect's Reclining Firewood Peak, has come to take in a disciple."

The gatekeeper hesitated for a moment before a guard beside him whispered in his ear, "It's better to go in and report. If it's a swindler, just chase him out. If It's true, then please go in."

The gatekeeper nodded and asked Ye Changge to wait for a moment before turning around and running into the Jade Mansion.

In the dining hall of the Jade Mansion, the head of the Yu family, Yu Shoushan, his son, Yu Chao, and his daughter-in-law, Dong Linglong, were having a family chat after finishing their meal.

"I don't know why, but I've been dreaming of a beautiful star streaking across the sky at night. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse," Dong Linglong said.

Yu Chao hurriedly comforted her. "Don't panic, my wife. Our family, the Yu family is strict and has been doing good deeds for many generations. With the protection of the Jade Wave Sect and the Vast Sea Pavilion, there won't be any evil intruders."

"Tomorrow, when we hand over the goods with the Green Wave Sect, Chao'er, you can go and ask for two spirit talismans. Just in case."

While they were chatting, the gatekeeper came to ask for an audience, "Master, a young master came from outside. He claimed to be a cultivator from the Hidden Edge Sect's Reclining Firewood Peak. He said that he passed by the Yu residence and found that the lucky star was shining brightly and the heavenly star had descended. There will be a new young lady who will be his master and disciple."

Yu Chao frowned. "Linglong gave birth to Xiu Zhu two years ago, and the eldest son, Xiu Song, is also a boy. Now that Linglong is not pregnant, how can there be a young lady in My Yu Family?"

It was Yu Shoushan who recalled what his daughter-in-law had just said and asked, "The auspicious star shone brightly? The heavenly star has descended? Is this related to the meteor dream that Linglong had just mentioned?"

"How can it be so magical? Father, I'm afraid that he is some swindler in the pugilistic world. Just give him some money and he will be satisfied."

Without coming to a conclusion, he thought about how his family was protected by the Green Wave Sect and the Vast Ocean Pavilion. Even if there was a heavenly star descending, he would still have to join these two sects.

Thus, he asked the gatekeeper to take out some silver and send Ye Changge away.

Ye Changge, who was treated as a swindler, was not angry. He smiled faintly, turned around, and stayed in an inn not far from the Jade Mansion.

According to the system's notification, the Heavenly Star Mirror would descend in half a year at most.

He had left an impression on the Jade Mansion long ago, so he would take the rest of the time slowly.

In the next few months, Ye Changge would sit at the tea stall at the entrance of the inn and drink tea in his free time.

He would size up the people of the Jade Mansion when they went out, but in actuality, he made an impression on the people of the Jade Mansion.

What was even more surprising to the people from the Jade Mansion was that not long after Ye Changge paid a visit, Dong Linglong became pregnant.

This made the people from the Jade Mansion no longer dare to treat Ye Changge as a swindler in the pugilistic world. Of course, they also did not dare to completely believe what he said.

Three months passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Changge once again paid a visit to the Jade Mansion.

He did not force anyone to see him. He only left behind a bottle of medicinal pills.

"I've done some calculations. I'm afraid that the daughter of your mansion will give birth prematurely, in three months. Just in case, I'll leave behind this bottle of medicinal pills. It can ensure the safety of the mother and son."

"Whether your mansion believes it or not, it's fine for me to leave behind this bottle of medicinal pills just in case, right?"

Although the people of the Jade Mansion did not know what medicine Ye Changge was selling, after some discussion, they ended up leaving behind that bottle of medicinal pills.

Ye Changge, who had done something shameless again, quietly waited for the moment the Heavenly Star Mirror would descend.

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