Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 15 - Sign-In In The Sect's Forbidden Area

Chapter 15 - Sign-In In The Sect's Forbidden Area

Several months had passed since the last heavenly punishment.

Previously, the tombstones in the ancestral mausoleum shook slightly, the top of the library lit up with a little green light, and the lake at the back of the mountain rippled.

These places aroused Ye Changge's interest.

Signing in at different places could get him different rewards.

After signing in at Reclining Firewood Peak for so long, it was time to go to other places to have a look.

Transforming into a shadow, Ye Changge arrived at the library first.

As an important place to the Hidden Edge Sect, it was guarded by a free array.

Unfortunately, it did not have any effects on the current Ye Changge.

Ye Changge quickly skimmed through the rows of bookshelves, looking for information on unique locations.

Before his powerful spiritual sense, the secrets of the library were revealed.

On the top floor, there was a sleeping spirit of a book.

The spirit of a book was a strange existence. Fortunately, blessed lands, cultivation methods, and inheritances were all indispensable.

It would take at least literature and calligraphy worth tens of thousands of years for a book spirit to be born.

As he contemplated, he realized that the Hidden Edge Sect's heritage ran much deeper than what he knew.

With that thought in mind, Ye Changge made his way to the top floor of the library.

"System, sign in."


"Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in. You have obtained the Ethereal Song technique."

Song technique? It was the first time he had obtained such an item. With curiosity in his heart, Ye Changge began to examine it.

The Ethereal Song technique had the effect of cleansing one's soul, washing away the impurities in one's body, and increasing one's comprehension ability.

It was indeed a good item. It could help increase one's level of understanding and greatly aid one's cultivation.

As for cleansing his soul, Ye Changge himself did not need it. However, he had a disciple, and it could be of use. In fact, he could even use it now.

After checking out the Ethereal Song technique, Ye Changge looked at the bookcase in front of him.

The bookcase seemed to be a vital place for the Hidden Edge Sect to store secret techniques. There were more than ten books of different variations inside, emitting distinct auras.

Their auras were similarly powerful.

[The Sky Demon Destruction Scripture], [The Demon Sealing War Dragon Portrait], [The Creation Heaven Scripture], [The Forbidden Imperial Scripture...]

They were not ordinary titles.

The bookcase seemed to have a powerful sealing formation, and Ye Changge could only sense the strangeness of the books by standing in front of the bookcase.

Based on his perception, the spirit of the book was a small paper figurine that was sleeping in the bookcase.

Half of its body was already dyed with mixed colors.

It had probably been sealing the forbidden techniques, but it had been eroded by opposing forces over the long years.

Ye Changge, who was interested in these techniques, wanted to take a good look at the secret manuals. As a reward, he would help the spirit of the book.

Ye Changge circulated his magic power and let out a long cry.

The Ethereal Song technique was activated, and waves of harmony came from the top of the library.

The voices were loud, yet the people of the Hidden Edge Sect did not notice the singing.

They only felt that their thoughts and minds were clear tonight. The states of their mind cultivation were actually showing signs of strengthening.

However, the forces that were far away from the Hidden Edge Sect had a completely different feeling.

Over in the Illusory Sword Sect, the first elder stood atop the Waterfall Sword Tower in shock and looked at the Hidden Edge Sect from afar.

"What's happening over there? Why is there such loud and clear singing? And this voice is ethereal and seemingly mysterious with a strange pressure."

In the Emerald Moon Tower, the tower master was nervously guarding the heavenly note bell.

The heavenly note bell shook violently. The bell hammer hit the bell wall crazily, but no sound came out.

"I didn't expect that after the appearance of a top-tier sword master last time, there would be another change in the Hidden Edge Sect. What's with this music? Why has the heavenly note bell reacted in such a way?"

"Why does the Hidden Edge Sect still have the inheritance of the path of music? As expected, the sect is as its name suggests. There are crouching tigers and hidden dragons within. We can't easily provoke them."

Meanwhile, inside the library, the bookcase trembled violently.

A powerful fluctuation exploded, and the books within the books collectively resisted the ethereal song technique.

As the confrontation became more intense, the entire library began to tremble.

The array formation of the library was fully activated, and the guards surrounding the library were all pushed dozens of meters away by the powerful fluctuation.

Colorful lights burst out from the library.

Soon, besides the guards at the key positions, almost all the elders were present.

"What happened? Why is there a problem in the library?"

"Be careful!"The sect leader said, "The library is one of the foundations of our sect. There are powerful existences guarding it, so there won't be any problems."

"We just need to wait quietly!"

Ye Changge increased his mana output and a powerful aura erupted.

The elders floating in the air outside were all heavily pressured and fell to the ground.

Apart from a dozen or so people with profound cultivation, the rest all sat on the ground.

Everyone looked at the scripture depository in shock.

The sect leader was no longer as calm as before. He secretly turned the thumb ring on his thumb.

Following his actions, the Great Lake at the back of the mountain rippled once again.

Bang! Along with a loud bang, the array formation of the entire scripture depository had basically reached its limit and stopped operating.

The taboo books in the bookcase were suppressed by Ye Changge.

The body of the book spirit had completely recovered to a snow-white color. There were black runes circulating on it, making it extremely beautiful.

It opened its eyes and looked curiously at Ye Changge.

Then, it raised a hand and picked up a rune that was flowing into its hand.

"Is this for me?" Ye Changge asked.

The little paper man nodded.

Ye Changge took the rune, and the system notification rang out.

"Congratulations, host, you have obtained the Great Dao Seal of the Origin (incomplete) ."

Although it was an incomplete thing, it must be extraordinary. With the system in hand, Ye Changge felt that he would one day be able to collect all of it, so there was no need to be anxious.

When the people outside were about to enter, Ye Changge said, "Don't leak the information."Then, he used a spell to simulate the aura of the forbidden scripture and made a few forgeries. Then, he took away all the books in the bookcase.

Seeing that Ye Changge had disappeared, the spirit of the book blinked. The bookcase emitted a light that covered it entirely. Outsiders could not see what was going on inside.

When everyone entered, they only saw the bookcase emitting a strong light.

The entire top floor of the Scripture depository still had a powerful aura remaining.

Everyone's magical treasures, whether it was the spirit sword, the treasured clothes, or other spirit weapons, all trembled.

Not sensing any losses, the sect leader, who was already used to the recent series of changes, calmly gave the order.

The energy supply spirit stones for the array of the scripture depository were strengthened, and more people were sent to patrol.

Then, he returned to a few secret rooms as usual and reported the situation to the few old elders of the Hidden Edge Sect who were still awake.

"Four forefathers, there is a strange movement in the library today. There is a powerful aura colliding in the library. The exact situation is unknown."

An old man whose eyebrows reached the ground opened his mouth and asked, "Is there any loss?"

"The array formation has suffered a great loss. I have replenished spirit stones. I have replenished spirit stones."

"According to the feedback from the formation, the spirit of the book seems to have awakened, and its strength has become even stronger."

"Really?" The few old men sitting cross-legged on the praying mats all stood up in shock.

They hadn't even seen the spirit of the book. They had only heard word of mouth that the library pavilion had such a peculiar existence guarding it.

"It's a time of trouble, and the five regions aren't at peace. Previously, Tribulation Transcendent experts came to spy on us, but now there's a bit more protection."

"Now that the spirit of the book has awakened, it is truly a heart-strengthening drug."

After the sect leader left, the four of them began to talk. "Why have there been so many strange phenomena in the sect recently, both heavenly tribulations and immortal pills?"

"Also, we still haven't figured out who the previous grandmaster of the way of the sword was."

"Our Hidden Edge Sect lives up to its name. It is not strange for us to have a grandmaster of the way of the sword. However, not everyone can refine that immortal pill. We don't have the inheritance of the way of the pill."

"Maybe it's the hidden power of the sect. From the looks of it, it's a good thing. There's no need to delve into it. Sooner or later, they'll come out and meet us."

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