Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 19 - Awakening Of Wisdom

Chapter 19 - Awakening Of Wisdom

Ye Changge had just returned to Reclining Firewood Peak when he heard a notification from the system.

[ Mission completed. Congratulations, host, for obtaining a reward: Treading Star Divine Art. ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining a Disciple Grand Gift Pack. ]

[ Open the gift pack. ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the Heavenly Divine Mystic Origin Technique. ]

[ Congratulations, host, for obtaining the divine artifact, 'Fu Guang Candle'. ]

"Special Reward, Awakening Wisdom Pill."

"Special reward?" Ye Changge had never received such a reward before, so he started to look at it curiously.

"Awakening the wisdom of the Heavens and comprehending a sliver of the true meaning of reincarnation."

So that was how it was. It seemed like this was a pill prepared for the little girl.

After entering the hall, Ye Changge said, "Get up, little girl."

"The matter has already been resolved. This little girl can stay here with me. You guys can go and settle down in Elegant City. You can come here to take a look after some time."

Ye Changge had originally planned to have someone stay behind to take care of Yu Tianxing. Now that he had the Juehui Pill, he would be able to let her remember her identity as an emperor and she could take care of herself.

The members of the Yu family, who had been thoroughly convinced by the incident earlier, did not have any objections. They reluctantly hugged Yu Tianxing and left the mountain.

Li Shiyi went over to send them off and also informed his family and the members of the Yu family to cooperate with each other.

Yu Tianxing, who stayed behind, was not afraid at all. She went to Ye Changge's side and hugged one of his legs. She raised her head to look at him.

Her eyes were filled with confusion as she gazed at Ye Changge.

When he suddenly saw this, Ye Changge was taken aback by this little girl's cuteness.

He smiled and carried her. "Let's go. Master will give you a great gift as a disciple."

After bringing Yu Tianxing to the bamboo house, Ye Changge handed over the medicinal pills.

"Master, is this for me?" Yu Tianxing asked.

"Yes, eat it. After you eat it, you can take care of yourself. It will also make your parents feel at ease."

Yu Tianxing sniffed the pill and ate it curiously.

Her small body was lifted up by a strange force and she floated in the air.

A strange light appeared on her face. A powerful pressure began to spread out. The furniture in the house sank to the ground.

Ye Changge waved his hand to stop the pressure from rippling outwards.

After a long while, Yu Tianxing opened her eyes and said in a dignified manner, "I'm back!"

Ye Changge raised his hand and patted Yu Tianxing's head lightly. "How arrogant. Is that how you speak when you talk to me? Change your tone."

Yu Tianxing was stunned for a moment before looking at him in shock.

"What? You don't want to acknowledge me as your master after awakening your memories of being an emperor?"

Yu Tianxing was once again shocked. "You knew that I was the reincarnation of an emperor long ago? Is that why you came to my house to accept me as your disciple?"

The moment she said those words, Yu Tianxing came to her senses and hurriedly bowed. "Master!"

Knowing that she had reincarnated, she had come ahead of time to accept him as her disciple.

He had easily dealt with the killing intent of the Heavenly Dao.

He had also used a strange pill to awaken her wisdom and magnify her rebirth, allowing her to comprehend a sliver of the true meaning of reincarnation.

Such an almighty figure was something that even when she was at her peak in her previous life, she could not compare to.

One had to know that she sat at the peak of the Great Emperor Realm, dominating her entire life and was unrivalled in her generation. Something that even she could not do, her master seemed to have done very easily.

"This is your master's gift, please accept it," Ye Changge said.

Yu Tianxing flipped through it curiously and raised her head in shock. "What level is this cultivation technique? It's even more profound and powerful than the Emperor Scripture!"

Ye Changge didn't answer and pointed at the Fu Guang Candle.

After Yu Tianxing finished refining it, she could no longer speak.

She originally thought that her master had a motive for taking her in as a disciple after figuring out that she was an emperor. Now that she saw this secret manual and this magic treasure, she completely dispelled this thought.

A person who could take out a treasure of this level was probably not worthy of the emperor's attention.

"Master, what realm are you at?"

"The Entry Saint Realm."

"Impossible. How could a Entry Saint Realm cultivator easily resist the heavenly punishment? How could he take out a treasure of this level?"

"You're talking about an ordinary Entry Saint Realm cultivator. I'm not an ordinary person."

Yu Tianxing was speechless when he said something that was not ordinary in a calm tone.

"So, as my disciple, you have to become an extraordinary great emperor, not an ordinary great emperor like you were in your previous life. Do you understand?"

Ordinary Great Emperor?

In her previous life, she was already at the peak of the Great Emperor Realm. She had touched the threshold of the next great realm.

She was even about to head to an even wider world. She had obtained the recognition of the Giant Pillar and was qualified to see its stele!

She could only be considered an ordinary emperor?

However, when she looked at Ye Changge again, Yu Tianxing could not find any words to refute him.

The next day, Li Shiyi returned to the mountain. Ye Changge called him and Yu Tianxing to the study room.

"You should pay your respects again. This is your second older brother, Li Shiyi. He is the son of the Li family in Faya City. He was born with the Green Lotus Sword Bone and has the potential to become an emperor."

After saying that, he pointed at Yu Tianxing who was floating in the air and said, "Your younger sister, Yu Tianxing, is the reincarnation of an emperor. If I'm not around, you can ask her if you have any cultivation problems."

After Ye Changge introduced him, Li Shiyi, who was still feeling good about himself, became stunned.

'Reincarnation of an emperor? I have some cultivation problems, so why don't I ask my younger sister for advice?'

Yu Tianxing, who had been shocked by Ye Changge yesterday, did not have any contempt for him. To be accepted as Ye Changge's disciple, Li Shiyi must be extraordinary.

"Greetings, older brother."

Although her memories had been awakened, her figure was still that of a girl. She floated in the air and bowed earnestly. Her voice was childish and adorable.

"Younger sister!" Li Shiyi, who had come to his senses, returned the greeting in a panic.

"I called you here today because I want to help you speed up your cultivation. After all, cultivation is the foundation of a person's life. Follow me."

Ye Changge waved his hand, and Li Shiyi and Yu Tianxing were suspended in his hands.

With a flash, he arrived at Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven and released his two disciples.

The two of them, who were dizzy, saw a flash of light and shadow, and they arrived at a place with abundant spiritual energy.

There were lofty mountains, waterfalls, and all kinds of spiritual plants and holy trees.

"Master, where is this place? Are we going to cultivate here in the future?" Li Shiyi asked excitedly.

Yu Tianxing, who was scanning the surrounding environment, was also surprised. What shocked Yu Tianxing the most was that she saw a broken stele in the distance!

The Heavenly Mortal stele!

Even though it was broken, Yu Tianxing, who had studied this stele before, recognized it at a glance.

"Master, could that be the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet?"

"If you know it, then go and greet it."

After receiving the reply, Yu Tianxing's eyes lit up. She walked in front of the stone tablet and bowed respectfully, "I, a young human, greet the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet!"


Feeling the strange fluctuations, Yu Tianxing was stunned.

"I am the Heavenly Mortal Pillar, not the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet. The stone tablet is only a part of me. You can not say 'Greets Master' to your master."

She had never thought that the Heavenly Mortal Pillar could also joke.

When she was comprehending the stone tablet previously, other than her own comprehension, she had not received a response from the Heavenly Mortal Pillar. The records left behind by the other emperors who had comprehended it were the same.

Master was indeed extraordinary. Even the Heavenly Mortal Pillar treated him differently because of this.

With this thought in mind, Yu Tianxing returned to Ye Changge's side and waited for his guidance.

After Li Shiyi also went up to pay his respects, Ye Changge began to introduce them to the situation here.

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