Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 20 - Unsure If He Should Make A Move

Chapter 20 - Unsure If He Should Make A Move

"Master, what exactly is this place? Why is there so much spiritual energy here? There are almost just as many spiritual herbs."

"This is the foundation of the Cave heaven blessed land under my possession. I planted it in the Hidden Edge Sect, our base camp. When it fully develops, we will have a world as our base."

"Cave heaven blessed land? Master, what is a cave heaven blessed land?"

Ye Changge replied, "Heaven, earth, water, and even humans are all separated by qi. The Fairyland also originates from qi. They are interconnected and form a three-dimensional network that interweaves."

"But due to the difference in temperament, there are differences between the top and bottom. The top is the cave heaven, and the bottom is the blessed land."

"This is a ranked tenth cave heaven, Chengdeyin cave heaven."

"By cultivating here, you will be able to receive the greatest amount of spiritual energy, allowing you to better comprehend the Heavenly Dao Laws."

As he listened to these instructions, Li Shiyi could not help but ask, "Master, you are clearly so powerful, why has your name never appeared in the outside world?"

"If it wasn't for me coming here to look for a sword path grandmaster, I wouldn't have known that the Hidden Edge Sect had an existence as powerful as you."

"How shallow," Ye Changge replied. "What's the point of being famous? If you're not a saint, you're just an ant. Focus on your cultivation and pursue the peak of the Great Dao. That's the only thing to do."

"Moreover, it's not that I don't want to make a move, but I won't make any move so flippantly."

"Then under what circumstances would you make a move?"

"When I'm 100% sure. For example, if I can kill that Tribulation Transcendent with one sword strike, then I'm 100% sure."

Li Shiyi fell speechless and found it difficult to breathe.

"When you talk of killing tribulation transcenders like slaughtering dogs, you're 100% sure that you can kill anyone."

"Nonsense. There are so many experts in this world. No one knows what kind of existence is lurking around. In fact, I have a vague feeling that there are hidden experts in this world, perhaps only slightly weaker than the Great Emperor."

"There are experts only slightly weaker than the emperor? Then why haven't they come out?"

Ye Changge replied with a raised eyebrow, "How would I know? But just in case, I don't want to attract their attention now."

"If you came out now, or if these existences become your enemies, how confident are you in suppressing them?"

Ye Changge thought seriously about it for a moment. "95% confidence."

Li Shiyi suddenly did not feel like speaking.

Seeing Li Shiyi like this, Ye Changge decided to elaborate.

"How do you know if other people have hidden trump cards? How do you know if other people have the power to turn the tables?"

"Even if your opponent doesn't have these, how do you know there won't be any accidents? What if when I'm fighting against those existences, there are other levels of existences lying in ambush?"

"Disciple, this world is too dangerous. Without 100% confidence, we should cultivate properly. Cultivation is the foundation of our generation!"

Yu Tianxing's focus wasn't here. Seeing that Li Shiyi was no longer willing to speak, she asked, "Master, what was the realm of the saint that you mentioned just now? Is it the Saint Rudiment Realm?"

Upon hearing this question, Ye Changge's eyes lit up and he began to explain to his disciple.

"One who has attained the origin of chaos is a saint. He rules the universe and can go through all kinds of tribulations without being worn down. He can stay untainted by karma."

"He is always present with the heavens and coexists with the Dao."

"The saint is almost omniscient and omnipotent. The saint is the 'Dao'."

"The saint is clear about everything and the greater world."

"Looking at the past, present, and future, the palm of your hand is the space-time, life and death, and reincarnation."

"With a single thought, the Heavenly Dao will change. It is boundless and has no life and death. It returns to the void and can be gathered or dispersed. It can not be born or destroyed, and it can not be worn down by all calamities."

"It transcends space-time, and karma does not touch it. It swims outside of things and does not use the space-time reincarnation as its foundation. It will exist forever."

Hearing this series of explanations, Yu Tianxing and Li Shiyi felt suffocated.

So this was master's pursuit? This was master's goal?

Li Shiyi felt very ashamed.

Compared to his master, his desire to defeat the experts of the sacred land paled in comparison.

No wonder his master never cared about his trivial worries and only wanted him to cultivate well.

From his master's point of view, it was like a child playing house.

Yu Tianxing looked at the broken sky-bearing stone tablet and thought to himself, 'even the sky-bearing pillar isn't such an existence. Master's ambition is truly great. Just how strong is he now?'

Even the sky-bearing pillar in the distance began to calculate in his heart, 'If I take this human as my master now, would he take me in?'

He didn't know that with Ye Changge's character, if it wasn't for the system mission, he wouldn't even bother taking in a disciple.


How could it be more important than signing up for cultivation?

"Because becoming a saint is a distant goal, we must ensure our own safety during the process."

"Regardless of whether it's rising above the tribulations or facing the enemy, we must be safe."

"Without 100% confidence, how can we rise above the tribulations? How can we kill the enemy?"

"That's why I'm giving you so many comprehensive cultivation techniques and the heavenly passage resources here."

"Why do you want to take in disciples? Because you'll be my helpers too. What if something happens to me when I fight other people in the future?"

"You're one of the ways to make up for this accident!"

As Ye Changge was teaching the two disciples.

In Faya City, a group of people from Wan Xiang sect arrived.

A young man in golden clothes and a jade pendant on his waist was trying to curry favor with a woman next to him.

"Fairy Shen, Your Wan Xiang Sect's visit to check on the heavenly tribulation coincides with our Qian Kun Pavilion."

"With you and me, there's no need for Wan Xiang Sect's elders to come out. In this small eastern region, it's not difficult for us to succeed."

The woman's name was Shen Yan. Her face was cold, and her white clothes were as white as snow. She was one of the Wanxiang Sect's younger generation.

Although the Wanxiang Sect and the Qiankun Pavilion were both sacred grounds, and the elders of the sect didn't reject this Qiankun Pavilion's Wang Meng's companion out of respect, Shen Yan only felt that he was noisy and wanted to strike a blow at him.

"So young hero Wang thinks that his strength is outstanding enough to suppress the younger generation of Foya City?"

Upon receiving the beauty's reply, Wang Meng felt proud in her heart. "Not to mention the younger generation, the vast majority of cultivators in Faya City have ordinary aptitudes. I can even suppress them."

"After all, even the most famous sect here, the Hidden Edge Sect's master, is only in the Immortal Soul Realm. He's only one level higher than me."

"And how powerful can the immortal soul of such an ordinary sect be? I'm not afraid of him even if it's one level lower. So, let alone being young, even Faya City isn't enough."

"Oh?" Hearing this, Shen Yan curled her lips. "I heard that the Green Lotus swordsman was from Faya City. I wonder if young hero Wang has fought against him before?"

"I wonder who will win or lose?"

These words were like a sharp knife, cutting off what Wang Meng wanted to say next.

They had no choice. Even the saint son of the Qiankun Pavilion had been suppressed by Li Shiyi.

Not only that, the current Saintess of the Hongwu Holy Dynasty and the holy son of the Heaven and Earth Pavilion hadn't gained any benefits either.

Seeing that Wang Meng had stopped talking, Shen Yu curled her lips slightly.

After pausing for a while, Wang Meng said, trying to save some face, "After all, he is someone from a small city in the mountains. How capable can he be?"

"In the path of cultivation, you don't just rely on your own strength. The backing behind you is just as important."

"As an enemy of our holy land, he should be suppressed. If the people from the Heavenly Dao Academy had not appeared back then, he would have died long ago."

"Even if he is fine, he is at most a trash in the foundation realm now. Could it be that he could break through the suppression of the Five-Star Suppression Technique?"

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