Xianxia: My Disciples Are Insane!

Chapter 3 - He Xiuxing Is In Harmony With Nature

Chapter 3 - He Xiuxing Is In Harmony With Nature

He Xiuxing, who was left at his village entrance by the Sword Whisper Sect disciple, had an expression full of loneliness. He was also very tired.

He did not expect to fail this time despite all his efforts. Although he had passed the trial, he was unable to pass through the Sword Whisper Sect's Mountain Gate.

In his heart, he lamented the Heavenly Dao's unfairness. However, in order to not let his family worry, he still composed himself and returned home.

When he had arrived at the village entrance, He Xiuxing's father and mother had seen his expression change. From his appearance, they knew that he did not meet the requirements for the discipleship.

Thus, they adjusted their mood and came over to comfort him. "Ax, you must be tired. If you're fatigued, go ahead and have a good rest. Mother will make you some chicken soup."

Hearing his nickname, He Xiuxing also responded to his parents.

When the villagers nearby saw the scene, they started to gossip in low voices.

"Sigh, it looks like Ax has also failed. I wonder how far he got."

"Of course. He must have been eliminated at the Mountain Gate. After all, based on our understanding, that trial requires someone to be beyond the basic Body Tempering Stage before he can pass. Ax is just an ordinary person, so how can he succeed?"

"I even advised him previously to not be too ambitious. It would be better if he just stayed in his hometown and cultivated the land. Things like immortal cultivation are not suitable for him."

However, there were also people who spoke up for He Xiuxing. "Brother Ax is such a strong person. No matter how hard it is to walk the trial road, he can still walk on it with his strength."

Immediately, someone retorted, "Do you think that it's like our mountain path? That is the path of an immortal sect. How can it be done with just brute strength? Our village still needs to see Scholar Lu's son, at the west end of the village, enter the sect and learn how to be an immortal."

"Right, right, right. Xiao Lu has at least surpassed the Body Tempering Stage and reached the second level of the Qi Storage Stage. Sigh, I wonder if my daughter will be able to marry into the Lu family if I take a walk over there."

The expression of He Xiuxing's father changed. That person had often visited the He family previously and vaguely revealed the same intention. He did not expect him to change his tune so quickly.

Although He Xiuxing's father did not want that man's daughter to be his daughter-in-law, such a situation still made him uncomfortable.

He Xiuxing's mother then pulled him and his father back home in a hurry.

In the next few days, He Xiuxing began to live his life as a farmer again. Even so, from time to time, he would still inquire about the disciples of other sects. It was clear that he had not given up.

Unfortunately, apart from discovering that the Lu family's son had been accepted as an outer sect disciple in the Sword Whisper Sect, there was no other news.

As the sun rose and the moon set, Ye Changge, who had been following his progress, became increasingly surprised. The more he observed, the more satisfied he felt.

Every day at sunrise, He Xiuxing would bring his hoe up the mountain to work on the terraced fields. While he farmed, he would sing a folk song, and although it was not loud enough, many birds would still come over to harmonize with him.

The birds did not peck at the half-ripe rice. They only surrounded He Xiuxing and followed his rhythm from afar. Whenever He Xiuxing ate, he would share the crumbs with the birds.

In the afternoon, He Xiuxing would chop firewood on his way home, and it was as if he could identify a tree's condition.

The branches that he chopped with his ax would be almost dried and on the verge of falling. The branches that were still alive would not be damaged at all.

Whenever he returned home and cooked for the elders, he would chop firewood next to his house.

Each strike of his ax was clean and neat, as though he was chopping on the lines of the firewood.

Right before the sun set, He Xiuxing would go to work at the pond, feeding the fishes and ducks. He would stand very steadily on a small boat and follow the waves, which undulated as if they were in tune with the rhythm of the wind.

All these signs surprised Ye Changge. Sure enough, the system had a very powerful function. This person looked ordinary on the surface, but in reality, his performance was truly remarkable.

However, if he had not followed him like he did, he might not have noticed how exceptional He Xiuxing's cultivation was.

Having made up his mind, Ye Changge took advantage of He Xiuxing's climb up the mountain to activate his sword light and descend from the sky, appearing before He Xiuxing.

"May I know what you are here for, Immortal Master?"

Looking at the shocked He Xiuxing in front of him, Ye Changge said, "I am the chief disciple of the Hidden Edge Sect's Reclining Firewood Peak.

"I have followed you all the way here and checked on your situation. I have some questions to ask you."

Hearing that it was actually the chief disciple of one of the Eastern Region's ten great sects, He Xiuxing was even more surprised.

He bowed respectfully. "I wonder what you have to ask me, Immortal Master. I will definitely tell you anything I know."

"Let me ask you, why did you enter an immortal sect?"

"In our village, everyone experiences birth, old age, illness, and death. Human death always makes me very sad. I already feel bad enough when I see others die, and when I think of my own death, I feel even sadder. I want to live forever!"

"What can you pay for this? What can you do?"

"I will do whatever that needs to be done!"

"Oh? Does that mean there are things that cannot be done?"

Without hesitation, He Xiuxing replied, "My parents should be taken care of, my teachers and elders should be respected, and there are many other things that I can't go against or do."

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Ye Changge waved his hand, and a colorful fog enveloped He Xiuxing.

In the fog, He Xiuxing saw all kinds of strange scenes. There were some people living in luxury and some with many wives as well as concubines. There were depictions of more than ten thousand people.

Some people were using evil techniques to kill people and extract their blood. As they refined the evil treasures they had obtained, their strength skyrocketed, and they killed the people and Buddhas who were in their way.

Some people were refining top-grade magic treasures and possessing them to control them. Their power was powerful, and it was difficult to harm them even with ten thousand calamities.

There were also people who were continuously pointing at He Xiuxing, and their faces were full of mockery. Although he did not know what they were talking about, He Xiuxing felt uncomfortable from the bottom of his heart.

Ye Changge's voice then rang out. "Those who enter our sect need to have a prophet. The great path of immortality is fraught with difficulties and obstacles. It is extremely torturous to remain steadfast on the path and not be tempted by external things.

"Only one in a thousand can break through the void and ascend past the mysteries of life and death. It has been a long time since anyone has been able to live without decay and calamity in this world.

"If you want to live forever, you need to surpass the top monks of this world at the very least."

"It is often painful to do so. You will need to accumulate unimaginable power to improve your cultivation and break through the barrier. You will have to endure unbearable pain.

"Some have died by the side of the road without anyone else knowing, and it is highly possible for you to be lonely. However, you must not be seduced by men and women. You must not waste time. Just keep practicing.

"Nevertheless, you can not blindly increase your strength and practice evil techniques that are not suitable for you."

"There are external techniques that allow you to possess magic treasures. These treasures can help to preserve you and make it difficult for heaven and earth to harm you. Despite that, such an existence is only false immortality."

"Can you resist these temptations and persist in your heart?"

While Ye Changge's words left his mouth, He Xiuxing's heart was extremely shaken. His assumption of the path of immortality had been too simple. He thought that he had a chance of achieving immortality just by joining the Sword Whisper Sect.

This time, however, he knew that there were even more difficulties and obstacles waiting for him.

Be that as it may, upon hearing the words of the immortal before him, it was as if he could see the path of immortality. This was definitely a better choice for him.

With a firm belief, he nodded heavily. "I will adhere to my original intentions and wholeheartedly pursue growth as a disciple. I will not be tempted by external things!"

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